Ranzar: Conspiracy Theory


Ranzar uploaded a new video which is my favourite so far:

Love the Storm and Serb animations. ­čśÇ

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Ranzar: Conspiracy Theory

16 thoughts on “Ranzar: Conspiracy Theory

  1. Phentarus says:

    True story – bc-25 bouncing 120mm shells like maus and gloating that he blockedd 3k dmg … Or Ru bouncing 128mm shell from borsig which costed a lost cw battle. Oh well, ‘rng’. I had my share of lucky bounces as well after all. It is more like faulty pseudo random number generation algorithm that tends to roll extremes too many times in a row way too often. Thats the problem, not the ‘rng %’.

  2. yeaaah, a tiger 1 bouncing off a 13-90 is just “working as intended”. Or a KV-4 bouncing off a SPIC. Or he shells landing outside the reticle after fully aimed ( cromwell, Chi Nu Kai, I don’t mention the KV-2, that’s a trollcannon aniway). Does anyone remember back about 2 years when the rumor was, WG admitted to be able to manipulate the aim, pen , armor, and dispersion manually , as a form of punishment for certain players?

  3. True! ­čÖé

    Fcm 50t (212 pen – 159 with the worst rng roll)) against fv304, amx 13-75, 13-90, 13 f3 am, bulldog, t37, and other various paper tanks and no ricochet, and they dont absorbed damage with track, just “we didnt penetrate their armor”.

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