Ranzar: Hybrid

Good day everyone,

This week’s tanktoon from Ranzar is out

Well, that was unexpected… Enjoy!

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Ranzar: Hybrid

13 thoughts on “Ranzar: Hybrid

  1. torturebear says:

    Interesting… somehow I always thought about this little incompetence breed of a plasma tank from the future. Please Ranzar… tell me the mod or the specific bug/key combination to activate this one.

    1. Anonymous says:

      First u’re gonna need a lot of gold. Then u’re gonna want to catch all 150 (+1) Pokemon. Then u can start the marathon missions. Once that’s complete u’ll get the U.S.S.R. veriant of the amx 40.

      1. torturebear says:

        Hmm… thats a long term thing I see now. I even gave up on the T55A missions… or the game itself in the process. 🙂 You did depress me. 🙂

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