Remembering the Great Battle: Midway

Seventy-eight years ago, in June of 1942, a tiny atoll northwest of the Hawaiian Islands was chosen as the stage for one of the most consequential naval engagements in the world’s history—the Battle of Midway. This tactically decisive and strategically influential naval battle had a significant impact on the tide of WWII, and will forever be considered as the turning point of events in the Pacific Theater.

The perseverance, sacrifice, and great skill of the U.S. Navy aviators cost Japan four irreplaceable fleet carriers. The base at Midway was brutally damaged by an aerial assault, but remained operational and later played a vital role in the American trans-Pacific offensive.

In honor of the great battle, starting June 5, you can complete a special mission chain called “Encounter at Point Luck” to obtain the Battle of Midway flag and a 1-day rental of VIII Kaga. Plus, all players will be added to a random draw with even more valuable in-game items as prizes.

How to Enter

  • Click the Participate button below.
  • As confirmation of your participation, one Sierra Mike signal flag will be added to your account.
  • Participants who complete all three missions and earn the Battle of Midway Flag and VIII Kaga rental will be put into a random draw with VIII Atago, a Commander with ten skill points, and a Port slot as prizes.
  • The winning players will be drawn at random. Any winning players that already own VIII Atago will receive compensation in the form of credits.
Starts: Fri. 05 Jun. 15:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Fri. 05 Jun. 14:00
Ends: Mon. 08 Jun. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Mon. 08 Jun. 06:00

Encounter at Point Luck


0801 clock

Starts: Fri. 05 Jun. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Fri. 05 Jun. 06:00
Ends: Mon. 08 Jun. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Mon. 08 Jun. 06:00

In battles, set enemy ships on fire six times.

Reward: 2x Type 21 expendable camouflages

Part 2

In battles, sink 10 enemy ships.

Reward: 2x MS-21 expendable camouflages

Part 3

In battles, hit enemy ships 500 times with your ship’s main or secondary battery guns.

Reward: 1x MS-21 expendable camouflage and 1x Type 21 expendable camouflage

Final reward: free-rental of aircraft carrier VIII Kaga for 1 day and a commemorative flag

Combat missions of the chain can be completed only in the specified sequence: you can start the next part only after all missions of the previous parts have been completed. You can complete these combat missions playing Tier V–X ships in Clan, Random, Ranked, and Co-op Battles.

The ship comes with a Commander without skill points, as well as a Port slot that will be removed from your account once the rental period expires. If you already have VIII Kaga in your Port, you’ll only get the commemorative flag.

Midway Prizes

Every Captain who clicks the “Participate” button and completes the “Encounter at Point Luck” chain of combat missions during the event will be entered into a random draw with VIII Atago as one of its prizes. Initially, there will be five ships available in the draw, but the number of ships up for grabs will increase as more Captains enter.

For every 3,000 battles, another VIII Atago will be added to the prize pool—up to a maximum total of 10 ships.

Participant Battle Count Prize Count
Less than 3,000 5
3,000 6
6,000 7
9,000 8
12,000 9
15,000 10

If you already have VIII Atago in your Port, you’ll receive compensation in the form of credits.

We wish you good luck and fair seas!

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Remembering the Great Battle: Midway

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