Rheinmetal LT Stats & Screenshots

Stats for the announced Tier 10 light tank, the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen

Rheinmetall LT

Tier: 10

Hitpoints: 1600

Engine: 700 hp

Weight: 25 200

Power-to-weight: 27.78 hp/t

Maximum speed: 75/25 km/h

Hull traverse: 54 deg/s

Turret traverse: 45.9 deg/s

Terrain Resistance: 0,767/ 0,863/ 1,726

Viewrange: 440m

Radio range: 750m

Hull armor: 30/30/?

Turret armor: 20/20/?

Gun: 105 mm Kanone

Damage: 390/390/480

Penetration: 242/280/53

Gun: 90 mm Rheinmetall

Damage: 240/240/320

Penetration: 238/250/45mm

DPM: 2655.7

ROF: 6.81

Reload: 8.811s

Accuracy: 0.345

Aim: 1.82s

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Rheinmetal LT Stats & Screenshots

41 thoughts on “Rheinmetal LT Stats & Screenshots

    1. Rombat says:

      The new tier 10 lights are not being made to snipe enemy from the red line…so that they have crap accuracy and pen…234 is enough to pen the back armour of any tank.

    1. this is a fucking light tank it has insane mobility and accuracy, start using what’s left of your brain and F L A N K E N N E M I E S ! Fucking apes who cant play without penning everything frontaly are the only cancer of this game, not arty.

      1. CynicalDutchie says:

        The problem is that the gold shells are useless because of how HEAT shells work. 238 AP(CR) shells are always better than 250 HEAT shells. And you’re wrong about arty, it is the one true cancer.

      2. Enemy says:

        Enemies has just one “n.” Flamers who can’t spell are the herpes of the Internet. I hope you have a better day tomorrow so you can be in a better mood. Peace.

      3. Anonymous says:


        …and their counterpart which are TDs hiding too far back on open maps, outside of VR or draw distance to shoot anything being lit, lol. Neither are good.

    1. pixywing says:

      Max effective range is only 445, but 400 meter view range tanks can already get up to 577.90 m, 445 meters will now mean you are autospotted.

    1. pixywing says:

      You realize this now? Power Creep has been in the game when the Waffle was introduced and how tanks like the Ferdi became unplayable garbage. The Foch 155 is a joke as well.

  1. tango35 says:

    If you run this tank up as a pure scout with vents, binoc’s, maximum situational awareness, and chocolate; you may as well strip the foliage from every bush within 445 meters.

  2. Vlad Pomar says:

    With binocs + vents + BiA + food you would have close to 600m view range!!! You would basically spot *everything* but the stealthiest tanks at 445m.

  3. Qesarius says:

    The only thing the Leopard1 has over this mashine is slightly better accuracy and 20mm more pen on the apcr and even more on the heat, but thats it. Armor is garbage at both, the light has better Mobility, Aimtime, equal DpM and apsolutely Overpowered Viewrange. Rest in Pieces Leo1.

  4. banjoman150 says:

    So the wide, open maps are now going to be dominated by lighttanks instead of arty … where the difference? everything more than 400 base viewrange is overkill. Yess we need more maps and matches starting with a few tanks getting rekt right after start thats so much fun.
    If you want to introduce those tanks make maps 2×2 km in size first!

    1. pixywing says:

      No it will be even more dominated by arty as anything that is less than 15 meters behind heavy bushes gets instantly nuked by arty.

    1. pixywing says:

      Would love to see this game do 0.17 accuracy and make skill matter a lot more, as there is far too much RNG to make this game be competitive in any regard and this is before you have crew balance (skills should max out at 5 and be easier to grind so one team doesn’t have more skills than the other, again making skill the more important factor than 2k games played with that crew), as well fires and ammo racks kill competitive when one team wins a match only because they set the enemy on fire or ammo racked, this is what makes WoT unwatchable as an e-sport game and a joke in CW.

  5. Guts1000 says:

    If this is coming whit this stats , just forget heavy-medium Tanks and TD’s . Welcome to world of Light tanks . Okay , wargaming you can never start to Balance a game whit it strongest part of a game . Tier 10 Tank’s are the strongest in the game, and now you come whis this lighttanks . This lighttanks are so strong that no ohter tank have even a Chance. Pls , Start to rebalance the game from tier one and than go up . That is the only correct way to do it . And way because ad the moment we have allready to strong tier 10 tanks an all lower tiers already have a to hard time fighting them . And now , you bufft tier 8 prems ??? Alone this showed us ther is somethink frong in the game . And you startet buffing tanks armor agenst Gold shells ? Really ? You shuld nerf gold shells insted. I hope my englisch was not to bed 😀

  6. Anonymous says:

    How is it that people are complaining about this as overpowered, but they’ll defend autoloaders, TDs that do between 900 and 1900 damage and have enough pen to pen the turret of the strongest German heavy at 500m while also having enough armor to bounce those heavy tank shots at close range? I’m looking at you OBJ 268/OBJ ###, and 183.

    It has no armor (Unlike the Russian one that will probably bounce tier 10 shots consistently because “angles” and “curved armor” and “Russia strong”. This will also mean that 183’s with HESH will consistently one shot it, so will arty, and at 1600 HP it might not even survive 2 shots from a tier 9TD let alone a tier 10 one.

    The rate of fire sucks/will suck, the pen is sub par to fight anything you aren’t flanking, oh and it doesn’t have an autoloader like half of the top played tier 10s. This means that for the first half of every match you are still just going to be spotting things, while maybe shooting at medium tanks. But with the current meta, the medium tanks you’ll have to shoot at, the T-62 basically, good luck actually penning that at range.

    The T57, 50B, Czech tier 10, Batchat, the new Swedish heavy, these can all kill any of the light tanks in one drum while the lights might get 2 shots in. On the other hand, a Russian heavy like the IS-7 and IS-4 won’t even have to worry about it flanking them, 240ish pen won’t consistently pen the side of either of those unless they’re point blank and flat. The T110E5 has nothing to worry about frontally, period, and has the maneuverability and DPM to easily beat a flanking tier 10 light tank with these stats.

    If anything, besides view range and mobility, I’m disappointed in the German tier 10 light. It’s basically just a RU251 uptiered with a stronger cannon, same with the American one basically being an uptiered T49. The ones that are ACTUALLY strong are the Russian one (Because it has the frontal armor of a medium and very low profile) and the French one because it has an autoloader, but even the AMX has shit DPM with only a 3 round drum which makes it worse than the 13 90 IMO.

    These tanks are geared toward a playstyle that already exists and you can already take advantage of. The RU, T-54 Light, and WZ-132 already make AMAZING flanker tanks with their high DPM and mobility, but people don’t want light tank players to play flankers, they want them to just drive in circles and spot things so that they themselves can get damage. “Light tanks are scouts” mentality is why people think a light tank as a flanker is overpowered. I’ve been playing lights as fast mediums for years, I can’t wait for the tier 10s to come out.

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