Rheinmetall Skorpion G, leaked by WG NA Staff


On EU, everyone is following the guidelines and NDAs imposed, NDAs which are meant to be synced with all other regions to bring players an interesting surprise. But meanwhile, on NA and as it’s been usual, they are just doing whatever the f*ck they want!

I present you the Rheinmetall Skorpion G, leaked by WG NA’s staff:

Not only are they streaming and showing to the public a tank that is meant to be under NDA, but hey! Why not even give a retweet on their official WoT Twitter page too?


This tank’s naked version had been leaked slightly over a year ago, updated it for you:


The development of the second generation self-propelled guns based on the Panther chassis was started by the company Rheinmetall in January 1943. The drawing of the 12,8cm Skorpion is dated 2.4.1943. The vehicle was never actually built.


Tier: 8 TD
Hitpoints: 1150
Engine: 650 hp
Weight: 38,23 tons
Power-to-weight: 17 hp/t
Maximum speed: 60/20 km/h
Hull traverse: 30 deg/s
Turret traverse: 18,8 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,2/1,5/3
Viewrange: 360
Radio range: 400

Hull armor: 30/16/20

Gun: 12,8 cm Kanone 43 L/55
Damage: 490/490/630
Penetration: 246/311/65
ROF: 4,92
DPM: 2410.8
Reload: 12,2
Accuracy: 0,3
Aimtime: 2,1s
Depression: -5/+14

Crew: 4 (Commander, Radio Operator, Driver and Gunner)

Price: 10 900 Gold

Official screenshots (of naked version):

“G” Model:



You know what saddens me? It’s always EU (although EU is not perfect either) that ends up apologising for things like this that NA does…

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Rheinmetall Skorpion G, leaked by WG NA Staff

164 thoughts on “Rheinmetall Skorpion G, leaked by WG NA Staff

  1. Its the RhM B with less dpm and bigger hull but more speed and accuracy.
    Also QB did a review of it if I remember correctly.

    Looks good to me, I’d enjoy it. Hopefuly it is not part of a 1 day offer or anything like that…

    1. wait wait wait… didn’t they reveal in the last video something about a contest to win it? I think they mentioned the top 10 xp earners (in a single day) using the M41 90 GF would receive the Rhm Scorpion, that’s why they have been running the mission to rent the M41 90 for a while or did I mishear them and am totaly mistaken?

    2. Asghaad says:

      i dont think 11 hp/t effective p/w ratio on medium terrain looks any good – that is same p/w ratio as IS3 … a heavy …

      with paper for armor, sluggish acceleration, bad traverse, horrible viewrange its only saving grace would be the gun, except it has abhorrent depression and glacial reload time as compensation for alpha.

      its usable, barely, but i wouldnt pay more than 7k gold for it …

      1. ASGHAAD it’s a glass-cannon, it’s not supposed to be able to get away and it’s IRL development probably had that into account

        with waffentraggers you are supposed to find a position where you can give support without being overrun by the enemy since the vehicles aren’t expected to get you out of trouble

        I would suppose that IRL the crews were to abandon them if there was no chance of getting out of the enemy reach and that’s the mentality players need to have in WoT:

        set up>>>give as much support and score as much damage as possible>>>reposition to avoid being overrun>>>if overrun inflict as much damage as possible, make them think twice next time they do it

    3. wolvenworks says:

      or worse…..a $100 deal with the tank, garage slot, 100% crew, and a shit ton of large medpaks and repair kits

  2. :gasp: WG leaked WG stuff!

    On the other hand streamers / youtubers might want to ask for an NDA lfit on this thing, since WG themselves leaked basically everything that matters on it.

  3. qwertypresser says:

    Let the NA office gave their fun, because with the dying off of the NA player base, it’s only a matter of time before the NA staff is all fired, the NA servers shut down, and all the the NA players are rolled into another server.

    1. I really hope they follow through with the last part if that were to ever happen… part of me has a feeling that if the NA servers died, they wouldn’t bother moving the accounts over. Please, WG, if/when that ever happens, prove me wrong.

      1. RagnarokBazil says:

        If they merge the NA server with the EU server the pz2j will no longer be consittered rare anymore lol as we all know that EU sells that thing alot xD and lets not forget that su-76i will be the rarest tonk in wot cause you seen that meeting and EU ant stuiped enough to risk getting fired by RU lol

      2. While NA might be useless, EU is greedy as hell, TBH I prefer the first. Yes they do a lot of stupid stuff, but at least they are not sucking all the money possible out of their community and EU has been trying nothing but that for the last 2 years. (Which caused a MAJOR reduction in my playtime of the game)

    2. Glenn A says:

      If anything they would just merge the east and west NA servers as the population for NA has stagnated and slowly gone down if they merged both NA servers they would still have a sizable amount of players on one server.

      Worst case scenario NA population keeps declining and NA dies in the next two years while best case scenario is they merge both NA servers and start offering more events and incentives to keep playing.

      1. Xavier says:

        the ping would be so terrible. That would be like saying “Just get rid of all the EU servers and have everyone play on RU”

      2. Xavier : honestly idk, some eastern countries of europe still play on EU servers (located in paris or germany if I remember well), idk if it wouldnt be closer for them to play on some russian servers. Yet they dont seem to complain (and when I play CT versions my ping isnt terrible yet they’re all hosted in russia)

  4. Well, I often hear folks on the NA servers say they feel like WGEU doesn’t give a damn about the NA players, so maybe this was WGNA’s way of saying they don’t give a damn about WGEU. Just a thought.

      1. Note that I’m not saying it’s right, only that I’ve heard the sentiment more than once. As far as it goes, I have to wonder how much of the decline in NA numbers is due to that perception and how much of it is due to other issues of which there are too many for me to go into right now. All servers getting everything at the same time would do some good in dispelling the feelings of being second fiddles that many seem to feel. As for me, I’ll play until the NA servers go extinct from lack of players, which they hopefully won’t. I’ve too much time and money sunk into WoT to just walk away like so many of my friends have.

      2. nopelol says:

        You have no idea what you’re talking about – it sounds like you have a source in the form of a buttmad WG EU employee though. What you’re describing is actually NA cleaning up EU’s fuck-up of crediting promotional codes that were supposed to be EU only but marketing failed to denote that.

    1. Deano says:

      not when you compare it to other tier 8 tds im pretty sure its the same as the jp2 and t28 prot better than su101 isu 152 borsig charioteer and amx ac 48. i think only the t28 at15 and ferdi beat it.

    2. VladCelTroll says:

      The SU-101 does even worse (990 hp). The Rhm. Borsig has 1100, so this thing aim’t more different than the usual tier 8 TD in regards to its HP pool.

      1. VladCelTroll says:

        Armour and Ferdinand don’t go along. If we’re talking about the upper part (the casematte or whatever you wanna call it) then yes, it has some armour. The hull, however, it pretty weak for tier 8, especially when going against same tier or higher opponents.
        Plus, as one comment stated earlier, it’s slower than a snail and big as the Great Wall of China.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Like all WG stuff each region works as an individual entity. The premium shops are always different, if I remember rightly the EU servers got the Mutz months before the NA servers did.

  6. Deano says:

    these are the type of skinned vehicles i like. things like the rudy is2b cromwell b m46 kr and the mutz they are cool and have nice designs. its nice to see this is being added to that roster. i do still stand by my hating of the wgl camos because they look stupid to me. hey maybe with the introduction of this thing theyll put the kanjpz at tier 7 where it should have always been… not shoehorned in to tier 8 for shits and giggles to be id say level with the lowe in terms of bad premiums. (i hate the lowe because its armour doesnt work its got a worse hp/ton ratio than the maus its aim time is far too long and its rof is way too slow)

  7. legoguy3632 says:

    I think they did well with the colors with that more historical yellow color, but that Scorpion, I think it’s a target for killing the gunner…

      1. ApolloF117 says:

        tell em’ we want it , in person, im waiting for this shit since i saw this on test server 😀

  8. I’m not understanding the damage here… Isn’t this a blog that is (essentially) about leaked content? So, WGNA leaking this tank would be a good thing for this blog no? Is WGEU in trouble for WGNA leaking this tank? Is anyone getting a ban or punishment of any kind? No? I didn’t think so. What most likely happened, is WGEU decided they wanted to keep the tank a secret and WGNA decided they did not. Simple as that. WGNA is dying and its dying quickly. I remember when the NAWest server would have 10K people on a friday night. Last night, there was just over 4K. So even if WGNA was not supposed to leak the tank (Be it, miscommunication or whatever) its not like it will matter much, since its only a matter of time until the server is shut down do to inactivity.

  9. Kusa says:

    I highly doubt this was just a couple people on the NA side going “hey let’s leak this tank and get attention!”
    Wargaming as a whole would not approve. Other servers typically announce tanks first anyway.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Posts like this are why I don’t take your blog seriously. If you think you know more about the NDAs than WG staff does, you’re pretty full of yourself.

        There’s also a post on the NA portal about it going on sale at the end of the month and there is currently a contest going on to win the tank. It being show a few weeks before release is completely in line with how they advertise upcoming premium tanks.

        So what I’m wondering now is will you post a retraction of your latest attempt to make something out of nothing or will you just leave your sensationalist click bait up again?

  10. SkaerKrow says:

    The tank goes on sale on the 18th on NA (as announced on the website about a week ago), so this was a preview more than a leak.

  11. Xavier says:

    Rita they already told us it would be coming to the premium shop at the end of the month as part of the august “WE NEED PLAYERS BACK” specials

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well, on the plus side of buying one, it’s far cheaper then trying to go toe to toe in a drinking match with Rita and leaves no humongous hangover. :p

  13. Seeing all this between WGNA and WGEU and I’m just sitting down in Aus with a box of popcorn. I swear nothing ever concerns WGSEA. Seriously, we only got 9.15.1 three days ago, again we get an update a week after everyone…

    1. Anonymous says:

      Problem with SEA server is the latency from NZ is worse than US East

      NA west I get 175 (avg)
      NE East 230 avergae
      SEA 280+

  14. The lord your savior says:

    I like the design… and i BET 2500 gold… we soon get videos, of shots bouncing of it!
    Rain will penetrate it… a fist can punch trough…. but a 15cm shell, i bet will bounce xD

  15. Jerry says:

    Don’t know why everybody’s up in arms – we’ve known forever that the community side of WG are run independently from each other. And it should be that way – the gaming public in NA consumes games differently than the way they consume games in EU than the way they consume games in RU. Then you have China, and then rest of the world that everybody forgets about.

  16. TalonNail says:

    So much hate anymore from Rita to the NA server, I guess they did something in the past to personally offend her so she is making it her personal mission to try and burn the NA server to the ground.

  17. Think of it as a sponsored/approved leak Rita. NA’s servers need the numbers and I suppose that they have given away too many type 59’s ,too much gold ,too much tank rewards.com ,also there was going ot be a leak somewere and i suppose it should come from someone like meathead or wargamming themselves….WGEU appologizing for WGNA? that’s not their job its NA’s responsibility to get its act together(its been slacking-also even QB’s last livestream code ended up not working for NA-). The other ones with responsibility? Cyprus of course. If they remain silent or do nothing? Then it must have been intentional and known about previously.

    Sadly NA seems to be focused on gimmicks and quick videos rather than fixing anything crucial ,however, the things that are needed for WOTNA servers can only be changed by Munic and Cyprus
    Bigger(Maps),Badder(bad to the bone),louder(boisterous) ,respawn(cause most people have played COD,Battlefield,Halo,and all the AAA titles)…….its all very American and even most other countries(besides the US) can get their hands on a XBOX/PS4/phone…that is also probably were all the numbers have gone….

    It sometimes feels we are as different as the Chinese server. Not neglected but different.

    1. madogthefirst says:

      Their hands are died because everything needs be approved by Minks. NA has no say in anything nor can they make any changes.

  18. eagletroop says:

    Rita QB did a video on rheimetall skorpion and he is a EU player so I am not sure what you trying say about NA leaking it first. Here is a link for youhttps://youtu.be/_1zrhWTma6k

    So basically EU leaked it first.

      1. DZ says:

        Na, We all understand the point. but you worded it, and make it seem like he broke all sorts of rules, and then you basically made it seem like NA is below you, and should be crucified. maybe next time, try not to make it look so damn bias against NA and its WG streamer. its not our fault EU doesn’t share what everybody else seems to already know.

      2. DZ says:

        Also, try to stick with being a blogger, not some sheriff for WG looking to get anybody that might leak something, in trouble.

  19. Marcobelmont says:

    Only luckers in na, they won’t sell this tank in eu, just like they did with pz 3k…
    Wg should release content in all server at the SAME time…

  20. And the US premium TD line still only has that pos scorpion. Well, that and the T28 concept… but since I don’t play lights or arty I’ll never get my hands on one… sigh.

  21. Not LaceyLace says:

    Rita, you are aware that WG gave QuickyBaby this tank to play in its ALPHA state a bit under a year ago, right? At this point, the Skorpion is… 2 weeks away from release. ALL of its files have long been in the game and easily accessible, SuperTesters have had it for plenty of time as well. This is simple marketing hype prior to its release. Why are you getting your panties in a bunch over it?

    Please stop whining about “NA doing whatever the fuck they want”. What NA is doing, is called “good management”. They’re actually creating good policies and following them effectively, and being more transparent with the community. Don’t whine about what NA is doing, if you’re upset that EU isn’t doing things right.

      1. Xeroproject says:

        It seems more like you don’t understand how WGNA has been given authorization to preview tanks in the weeks before they go on sale. This is not a leak. They often will have employees and prominent NA streamers take the tank out into pub matches in the weeks before its release in the store. To give the upcoming tank some publicity, and as a way to give players a preview of the upcoming tank. There’s no NDA broken here and if you think you have better communication with Minsk than WGNA has, you’re sorely mistaken.

        They did this for the German Bulldog, the VK4503, the AC4 Experimental, the Turan III, and the AC1 Sentinel releases recently as well. They previewed the KV4 KTTS in the pubs with Minsk’s permission before it was decided that the tank characteristics needed to be reworked. The Rhein was announced it would go on sale mid August here: http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/22/august-overview/ and a contest to win it was just announced on Friday here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_2lRwV6Kq8 . Where was your article on either of those?

        There’s no point to your article if it doesn’t have any proof. The only point here is your continued campaign to attempt to smear WGNA for reasons unknown.

      2. AllHardAllTheTime says:

        Rita, can you explain to me what exactly is the point of this article? It seems to me this article is nothing but whining about the NA server.

      3. arentatano says:

        rita it seems like your whining without getting the point of them not breaking NDA, any more than RU is.
        theres an active contest going on to win it. its nothing new.
        a similar thing happened when super noodle reviewed the mutz prior to its release.

        WGNA did this, cause the higher ups at WG told them to.

        but hey, declare war on a server. see who stands on top in the end.

      4. Anonymous says:

        You going to the “read the article” argument is frustrating if people are interpreting your article as a rant against WGNA releasing a vehicle.
        If you could explain to us in greater detail so that way you can actually bring your point across many of us would actually appreciate that. From what I got out of this article is that you are just mad that WGNA is releasing the vehicle while WGEU is not, and you also have this assumption that WGNA has the same NDA policies/rules that you a “Community Contributor” on the EU server has.
        so please ENLIGHTEN US.

  22. Reno Stefan says:

    Ah so it indeed use a 12.8cm gun.. i noticed that when i checked the shell used in the same calibre gun at vk45 02b and jgpanther 2, the rhm skorpion and skorpion G are listed under the vehicle utilizing that particular shell..

  23. Brett says:

    I don’t get it Rita. Why are you bitching about NA “leaking” this tank. Corporate obviously doesn’t give a flying fuck that NA has done this since absolutely nothing has been done about this matter. Everyone points out to you that EU gave people such as QB access to this tank last year. Why no fuss about that? Oh yes. That’s right, they’re EU and they’re perfect angels. You tell us all “we’re missing the point”, well explain to me exactly what your point is to why the hell we should care that NA is showing a tank they’re giving players for free and gonna put on sale in a few weeks. What other instances are you referring to when you say this isn’t the first “stupid” thing NA has done? Can’t just slander some guys at NA for having some fun while you just sit all day with your cats doing nothing.

  24. wfschepel says:

    Fail much? Rita has a fair point. Even if you disagree with a woman, to bring her period into things is mysogynist and low. Grow up and try to argue without sexist comments.

    1. arentatano says:

      a fair point?
      theres a contest going on to win it. the tank is not new. and was shown by quickybaby already
      plus its on tanks.gg
      its being sold in 11 days.

      no “NDA” for the NA office.

      but no, she tries to say NA is always breaking the rules (when typically its EU customer support that gives us the laugh stories)

      and the period comment is from the poll that people made when she first posted this.

      also she attacked meathead first, so we responding for him as he can’t due to his place in WG.

  25. Domo says:

    why are you hating on NA servers? its getting rough here now. up until a few weeks ago i didnt even know you can’t wait longer then 5 min in a que before you have to reque… i hope they get more people to hop on board.

      1. arentatano says:

        is it?
        reread what you posted.
        “But meanwhile, on NA and as it’s been usual, they are just doing whatever the f*ck they want!”

        sounds alot like you mad at NA. or jealous?
        you saying NA breaks the rules all the time…..and yet no rule has been broken. NDA? nope.

      2. Why would I be jealous? That doesn’t make sense at all. And yes what I typed is correct, they are doing whatever the F* they want. I suggest you to pay attention to Mingles with Jingles today, will be posting it here when it comes out. Jingles will explain in more detail just some of the things that NA has been doing.

      3. Scouts_0ut says:

        why all this hate on the NA server? 2 articles in a row. Seriously MeatHead is one of the good guys and you try and destroy the most liked figure in the NA community, bad form.

      4. I like MeatHead very much actually… but this is not the first time it happens, he’s done it (now) but also others have done it (in the past) and that’s why I didn’t mentioned his name. I highly suggest you to listen to Mingles with Jingles today, he will explain better what has been going on and why this complaint from me was made.

        But to put it simple, like it says in the article, these NDAs are meant to be synced, the regions go under a great deal of effort to do it so but NA never respects them and that’s just one of the issues.

        We are not trying to destroy or hate on, we are doing this because is beneficial for everyone that things change. If we never speak things will never change.

      5. Anonymous says:

        Not “that” is ridiculous, your claims in the post are. Rita, that was a complete bunch of utter horseshit you farted out there. Shame on you, seriously.

      6. Rita, I think it is time to go for some drinks because all you are going to do is have a migraine trying to get these posters to understand that the issue is that the NDA was violated by WGs own employees in the NA office and there is no punishment.

  26. Colddawg says:

    Did she really just try to bash MeatheadMilitia, the greatest asset to WG North America?

    WTF, very professional trying to throw Meathead under the bus. Get off your horse.

  27. LegioCI says:

    Rita just jelly of based WGNA. We’re America, we do whatever we want because we’re Number One! *Que the F-16 flyover and fireworks.*


  28. HaliBURD says:

    This tank is going on sale in a short bit on NA. They aren`t doing anything wrong by doing this, it`s basically a free advert for wargaming to prep people for the tank coming out. I doubt WGNA seriously undermined the entire company by doing this. If this were my fishy like an employee going around in a super test account leaking information about, say the german Battleships statistics or Dunkirks statistics, in a really shady and questionable manor It would then justify that they are seriously undermining the operation. but that`s not what this is. It`s a teaser of a tank that is otherwise slated to be coming very soon and not to mention is one that has been known and around for a long time.
    Could they release the NDA on all people to show it off? Maybe, since it seems pretty kosher on release. But that`s wargamings HQs call, not NAs. And complaining about how EU needs NAs consent when giving out codes from a contest or whatever is rather moot. Seeing as how wargaming in general literally shot themselves in the foot by making codes locked to specific regions/servers is not solely on the fault of any department/branch. EU cannot simply just go into what is under the jurisdiction of NA and do things without their approval, they are seperate branches afterall. Could communication be worked on between the two? Yes, but it is in no way one specific parties fault.I`d rather them just scrap the regional code thing and do a universal, but that is wargamings call.

    I dunno why people complain about not getting the Pz 3k either… tank is utter trash and you`re practically being spared the torture of it. Lets not forget that other servers get things before others. Blame wargamings overall disjointedness.

    1. arentatano says:

      kanjpz with alpha and a turret =D
      though…kanjpz defenitly has the mobility blessing

      …..*repaints with american colors* excuse me…just taking my american prem TD for a walk *sneaks out of the room with rheinmetall skorpion*

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