Rhm Skorpion G Reviews


the reviews of the Rhm. Skorpion G are now out:



Sexy voice gRuMM3l



(This is what came on my feed)

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Rhm Skorpion G Reviews

26 thoughts on “Rhm Skorpion G Reviews

  1. Basicaly this is a tier 8 Grille15 : good mobility, good enough dpm and big gun ; but too big to hide, impossible to miss or bounce (theoricaly. But overmatch doesnt work in this game so it can still bounce sometimes) and magnet to rebalances from the sky.

    I think it’s balanced enough (by this tech tree’s standarts at least). Yes fast and accurate, more than borsig. But borsig can hide and can hope to be missed.

    I will get it, but I think it’s a risky move from WG to keep releasing new premiums (aka tank you get by paying real money) while working on global rebalance. This may result in people paying to get a tank, then seing the said tank completely changed a few months later. If they are not careful this may (and will) lead to a massive whining from premium tanks owners asking for refunds when global rebalance comes out. Just like when the SP got his big nerf some time ago.

  2. Pangzhu says:

    I for one would just hope they finally would give the option to buy those premium tanks for gold. I am sitting on a large amount of gold for ages now since before the time they started releasing special occasion tanks all the time that only can be bought from premium shop.
    back in the day they advertised gold as being useful for buying premium tanks… what if you have most of them and all the new tanks only can be bought for cash? really annoying.

    1. Thag O'Mizer says:

      Same here. I’m no longer buying ‘store’ tanks. If WG want more of my money, they can start moving the ‘store’ premiums into the ingame tech tables and let us buy with gold. I don’t need any more garage slots.

    2. Ultrasonic2 says:

      and that’s why they aren’t doing that cos they can’t make any money out of them if they let people use gold they have won in game to buy them

      1. Most tanks at this tier have a 750m radio range. So even with this 400m radio range it should always be in the range of someone.

        The only situations this could be a problem is during end of battles with only a few allies left and with eventualy damaged radio module/crew. This limits the tank’s carry potential I guess, but during regular gameplay it shouldnt matter too much.

  3. Crew is different from most 4-seat German TD’s: Commander-Driver-Gunner-Radio Op, with a Radio Op instead of a Loader. Going to make it difficult to use for training.

  4. From the wot console page: “Two new PvE maps join the event, and are set in the dunes of Tunisia (Skorpion Pass)”.

    This seems to explain why the late war TD has an desert camo for default of all things.

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