Rocket Launchers in WoT?


WG was recently at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 and… wait a minute..?

Oh Hello!

I don’t know the full context of why this was shown but besides the fact that WG doesn’t just randomly puts things out at shows, especially when their CEO is around:

As recent as last week Murazor answered negatively to WoT following AW and WT footsteps by introducing  Rocket Launchers to the game with the response “Don’t you have enough arties?” but truth to be told, a lot that he says is a load of crap and ends up contradicting itself.

Also, WG’s staff has told me once IRL and right on my face that they weren’t paying attention to other games like AW (Never believed in such) and look now, in rebalance they are adding the Arty Stun charges which are a clear take from Armored Warfare.

Anything is possible…

I will talk with some of my insiders about this and see what I can tell you. 🙂

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