RSR Update: Back from the events lunacy and future


this one just arrived from TankFest 2016, had a tiring but wonderful time there, loved meeting so many of you and I cherish all the words of support you gave, thank you!

With Tankfest now over it also means that my schedule will be coming back to normal, June is by far the busiest of all months, I’ve gathered plenty of footage that will be working on in the next few weeks and also got to meet and create lots of new contacts around the “Tank World” to create/gather even more in the future.

I’m going to cover some questions you’ve been frequently asking and giving you an update, it’s been a long while since:

The elephant in the room, FV3805 Restoration Project


Well is hard to put it, the project is currently on stand-by. Basically, with Kickstarter failing (I was against using Kickstarter from the beginning because of the short period permitted to gather all the money but that wasn’t in my decision) it meant that we (Ed Francis & Co.) would have a smaller word on the project, Ed Francis was pretty much the one that was keeping things organised.

The owner of the museum lives in the US and he has 2 paid people running the museum for while he is gone, most of the lads there are volunteers who do their best to keep the vehicles running, these lads are mostly middle aged man that never cared or know much about “the Internets” and they had absolutely no idea how many of us exist out there that are interested in tanks due to games like WoT and AW, it was very interesting to see their reaction when +-100 of you appeared at the museum door volunteering (we all worked in shifts), they are fully committed and I know they can be counted on, the issue is with the 2 persons who are above them and running things while the owner is gone, they have been nearly impossible to reach an unreliable, the owner of the museum was finally made aware of this and we are currently trying to reach a consensus on how to proceed with the project with the right people on board.

The FV3805 “Baroness’s” sake is the sole reason I haven’t completely dropped out, if they get their stuff together I surely will be 100% on board just like before.


Tank Driving

Look mum! No hands!

The tank driving, for those unaware, it started due to the FV3805 Restoration, it was established that if the vehicle gets restored I will be its driver and taking with me a female only crew (no feminazi, we are just being sort of hipsters about it).

Every time I go around these vehicles, always make sure to take as much advantage of that time away from RSR and observe and learn as much as possible from their owners/crew and nowadays, I can drive most of the armoured vehicles out there and even can perform first parade (First parade means getting the vehicles ready to be run) and do some maintenance/mechanical work.

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen my first tank instructor at Juniper’s Leisure although I may pop over to catch up on them and then go for a pint altogether and with an RSR reader included, as I recently found out one of you worked there previously and knows the owner, Robbie, very well. Small world.

3 weeks ago, spent my weekend with my to-be tank instructor at Wicksteed at War, we already had met each other before but was invited to accompany him to know each other better and professionalism aside, we got along straight ahead and I can call him a friend, he also offered me to give the class H license for free and is already using every opportunity he can to teach me stuff on the matter.

So yeah, I will be taking tank driving license sooner than expected.

Oh! And I got to fire a 76 mm gun too and have Go-Pro footage of it for you!


Next events


Blame Billy.


Like I said, June is the craziest of months, but for now on most of the events I will be attending will be rather for personal reasons than official appearances and won’t be very often, I want to concentrate on RSR and Streaming as much as possible but you will be able to say hello at:


Side Projects


No dates given yet but I’ve agreed to host The Tank Museum’s Tank Chat video series and that’s pretty much it for now, deliberately keeping things as minimal as possible after this summer.


CK16, Co-Author


Nobody is perfect and pride is one of my biggest flaws but I finally accepted and acknowledge that I do need an extra pair of hands in RSR.

Status Report was an escape route from a very unpleasant life situation and I know that World of Tanks and this “fanatism” for tanks won’t be around forever so I need to focus on creating another escape route for when that day comes even if in years from now on, after the Tank and normal vehicle licenses are taken I most likely will be going back to studies and changing my area, from Visual Arts to Military History, while still running this page.

I chose CK16 because he is a really nice, smart and passionate guy who has done nothing but help me in the past and who doesn’t have any ulterior motives, someone who I can trust to not F* up while I’m not able to be present while studying, gathering footage for you or meeting you.

I’m very pleased to see that you welcomed him with open arms.




I’ve been cut off from the world since Thursday, this year decided to stay closer to The Tank Museum and the problem is that hotels around Bovington are bad, to put it mildly.

I couldn’t get wi-fi in my hotel room, there was wi-fi in the pub full of drunken sailors bellow, there was wi-fi in the floor above where my bloke friends were staying, but not on mine so all I’ve known the entire weekend is that UK voted to leave the EU union, just caught up with it last night and oh dear…

Many of you have been asking if I am going to be deported or will have to leave the UK, the answer? No.

And I’m not stressing over this…Even if the UK really leaves the EU Union, if emigrants could live here before the EU Visa came to existence and so will we be able to continue doing so, also, don’t forget I’m a self-employed young lass, the UK benefits from me, not the other way around and I have a great bunch that will do everything in their power to keep me in their country.

I’m in love with the UK and I want to stay here on the long road…Tanks, language, study and work opportunities, people, weather (I meant it), food, have I said tanks? I’m like a limpet now and nothing will take me away from this nice rock.

Oh… and Cameron is a pranny.


I hope this satisfied your questions if you have more feel free to ask and if you have any suggestions for RSR let me know as well.

Thank you, everyone, readers and Patrons for your continuous support.

Rita Sobral


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