RSR Update: Back from the events lunacy and future


this one just arrived from TankFest 2016, had a tiring but wonderful time there, loved meeting so many of you and I cherish all the words of support you gave, thank you!

With Tankfest now over it also means that my schedule will be coming back to normal, June is by far the busiest of all months, I’ve gathered plenty of footage that will be working on in the next few weeks and also got to meet and create lots of new contacts around the “Tank World” to create/gather even more in the future.

I’m going to cover some questions you’ve been frequently asking and giving you an update, it’s been a long while since:

The elephant in the room, FV3805 Restoration Project


Well is hard to put it, the project is currently on stand-by. Basically, with Kickstarter failing (I was against using Kickstarter from the beginning because of the short period permitted to gather all the money but that wasn’t in my decision) it meant that we (Ed Francis & Co.) would have a smaller word on the project, Ed Francis was pretty much the one that was keeping things organised.

The owner of the museum lives in the US and he has 2 paid people running the museum for while he is gone, most of the lads there are volunteers who do their best to keep the vehicles running, these lads are mostly middle aged man that never cared or know much about “the Internets” and they had absolutely no idea how many of us exist out there that are interested in tanks due to games like WoT and AW, it was very interesting to see their reaction when +-100 of you appeared at the museum door volunteering (we all worked in shifts), they are fully committed and I know they can be counted on, the issue is with the 2 persons who are above them and running things while the owner is gone, they have been nearly impossible to reach an unreliable, the owner of the museum was finally made aware of this and we are currently trying to reach a consensus on how to proceed with the project with the right people on board.

The FV3805 “Baroness’s” sake is the sole reason I haven’t completely dropped out, if they get their stuff together I surely will be 100% on board just like before.


Tank Driving

Look mum! No hands!

The tank driving, for those unaware, it started due to the FV3805 Restoration, it was established that if the vehicle gets restored I will be its driver and taking with me a female only crew (no feminazi, we are just being sort of hipsters about it).

Every time I go around these vehicles, always make sure to take as much advantage of that time away from RSR and observe and learn as much as possible from their owners/crew and nowadays, I can drive most of the armoured vehicles out there and even can perform first parade (First parade means getting the vehicles ready to be run) and do some maintenance/mechanical work.

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen my first tank instructor at Juniper’s Leisure although I may pop over to catch up on them and then go for a pint altogether and with an RSR reader included, as I recently found out one of you worked there previously and knows the owner, Robbie, very well. Small world.

3 weeks ago, spent my weekend with my to-be tank instructor at Wicksteed at War, we already had met each other before but was invited to accompany him to know each other better and professionalism aside, we got along straight ahead and I can call him a friend, he also offered me to give the class H license for free and is already using every opportunity he can to teach me stuff on the matter.

So yeah, I will be taking tank driving license sooner than expected.

Oh! And I got to fire a 76 mm gun too and have Go-Pro footage of it for you!


Next events


Blame Billy.


Like I said, June is the craziest of months, but for now on most of the events I will be attending will be rather for personal reasons than official appearances and won’t be very often, I want to concentrate on RSR and Streaming as much as possible but you will be able to say hello at:


Side Projects


No dates given yet but I’ve agreed to host The Tank Museum’s Tank Chat video series and that’s pretty much it for now, deliberately keeping things as minimal as possible after this summer.


CK16, Co-Author


Nobody is perfect and pride is one of my biggest flaws but I finally accepted and acknowledge that I do need an extra pair of hands in RSR.

Status Report was an escape route from a very unpleasant life situation and I know that World of Tanks and this “fanatism” for tanks won’t be around forever so I need to focus on creating another escape route for when that day comes even if in years from now on, after the Tank and normal vehicle licenses are taken I most likely will be going back to studies and changing my area, from Visual Arts to Military History, while still running this page.

I chose CK16 because he is a really nice, smart and passionate guy who has done nothing but help me in the past and who doesn’t have any ulterior motives, someone who I can trust to not F* up while I’m not able to be present while studying, gathering footage for you or meeting you.

I’m very pleased to see that you welcomed him with open arms.




I’ve been cut off from the world since Thursday, this year decided to stay closer to The Tank Museum and the problem is that hotels around Bovington are bad, to put it mildly.

I couldn’t get wi-fi in my hotel room, there was wi-fi in the pub full of drunken sailors bellow, there was wi-fi in the floor above where my bloke friends were staying, but not on mine so all I’ve known the entire weekend is that UK voted to leave the EU union, just caught up with it last night and oh dear…

Many of you have been asking if I am going to be deported or will have to leave the UK, the answer? No.

And I’m not stressing over this…Even if the UK really leaves the EU Union, if emigrants could live here before the EU Visa came to existence and so will we be able to continue doing so, also, don’t forget I’m a self-employed young lass, the UK benefits from me, not the other way around and I have a great bunch that will do everything in their power to keep me in their country.

I’m in love with the UK and I want to stay here on the long road…Tanks, language, study and work opportunities, people, weather (I meant it), food, have I said tanks? I’m like a limpet now and nothing will take me away from this nice rock.

Oh… and Cameron is a pranny.


I hope this satisfied your questions if you have more feel free to ask and if you have any suggestions for RSR let me know as well.

Thank you, everyone, readers and Patrons for your continuous support.

Rita Sobral


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RSR Update: Back from the events lunacy and future

56 thoughts on “RSR Update: Back from the events lunacy and future

  1. TDMIllard says:

    Glad you had a good time at Bovvy, was nice briefly meeting you on the Sunday whilst I was sheeting down some of the vehicles. I shall warn you, however, that whilst helping Ed in the VCC he gave me permission to throw things at you *evil laughter*

  2. Reno Stefan says:

    As a fellow tank enthusiast and art student, i bid my good luck and gratitude for you Rita.

    I wonder if you could take a leisure drive around in a tank on a street after you have your license (and perhaps your very own tank, since i’ve saw some tanks for sale in UK)

    1. After I take my driving license will be buying a UMM Alter and get it in a proper military green to represent Portugal in events like the ones I’ve gone this summer, its my dream car (4×4 actually), an ugly bugger to most eyes but I find it gorgeous. :3

      Thank you for the kind words.

      1. vladceltroll says:

        You dream of buying a car, while a kid in the US got a real tank for his birthday.. *sigh*
        I really wish our tanks at the museum were working (especially our Ferdi).

      2. Anonymous says:

        Come on Rita, if you’re going to buy that just buy what they based it off of–a Jeep CJ or the modern version, a Wrangler.

      3. My family had one of these when I was little and made me really sad when they sold it for a pickup truck… since then been wanting to get an UMM Alter to cherish.

  3. Shrike58 says:

    Good times!

    I already posted this on the NA WoT forums but this whole Brexit thing is even more problematic than it looks:

    Keep in mind that the author is a socialist who would prefer an independent Scotland on the right terms.

    My prediction that a way to mumble past all this will be found; still a hell of a lot of trouble simply to get rid of a politician who wore out their welcome!

    If one was looking to do the hard thing vis-a-vis the Euro it would be more understandable; the common currency is a mistake that really should not have been made in the first place.

    1. vladceltroll says:

      The thing about the EU is that it ruins national curency. An example? Romania.
      Here, the ‘leu’ (our currency) has only dropped since we joined in 2006.
      Another thing that makes it bad (I mean, the EU) is this whole immigrants crysis. Basically, you’re forced into receiving them, and you’ve seen what they can do *looks at Germany*
      Besides all of this, you just can’t keep people of different cultures united. Poles and Germans hate each other as much as the US and Russia do. If you want to bring Turks in, then consider hanging yourself. It’s the worst idea ever (hell, even Chinese immigrants are better). If you want to have your country filled with kebab stores and possible ISIS members, then you shall be kicked to the Moon.
      Again, to put it on-spot: almost any sort of union sucks. You can’t bring peeps together without them killing each other.

      The Brexit was a very good idea. Let the € suffer a bit, and see how ‘beneficial’ it’s been for everyone in the union.

      1. I partially agree on the refugee subject (even though some subjects are massively overblown by the media. You’d think half of Europe has rape incidents on an almost daily basis, which really isn’t true). But let’s be honest here. Europe has to take responsibility (at least in part) for creating the whole situation in the first place. You can’t expect to destabilise an entire region and think there won’t be consequences…

      2. vladceltroll says:

        Sure, I agree on the fact that there will be heavy fluctuations of the euro, but I think it’s for the better to dissolve the union, but keep relations as they are (commercial, political, military etc.)

      3. I think so too, but this will probably mean some very bad news for some of the weaker EU nations, who have been leaning heavily on EU support for their ecnomy so far…

      4. Anonymous says:

        It is funny most Americans don’t hate Russia. I’m sure a few do but most don’t. In fact in the last year I don’t think Russia even came up once in a conversation.

  4. I don’t want to come across as a critic and I realise you’re not a smartphone person but… you go ghost on us when you’re at events and we really wonder what you’re up to. I sincerely suggest getting a cheap-ish smartphone for tweeting and FB. That way you can keep the brand alive and working while you are at places like Bovvy, Wicksteed etc.

      1. vladceltroll says:

        Join the Android Master Race, my kid!
        …Seriously, iPhone sucks. Don’t buy one, since it ain’t worth a single nickle. But, if you wanna waste some money then go ahead 🙂

      2. vladceltroll says:

        And, if you like to troll the living $#1* out of everyone’s cars, then buy a Nokia 3300. If a car drives over it, there is a 350000% chance his tires will go boop! and make him go on his feet the rest of the road 😛

      3. vladceltroll says:

        Samsung seems to be immortal too. I had mine striking the ground due to rage from WoT Blitz tomatoes more often than my brick whom I had owned for 2 years (since 4th grade lol).
        Only thing that was damaged on it was the frame. Other than that, phone was working fine (*cough* was charging it every night *cough*).

      4. wfschepel says:

        I can heartily recommend the xcover series. Durable, water and dust proof and still semi useful as smartphones.

      5. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        You should definitely look into Android phones. Apple and Android are the two biggest contenders in the market. Think of their competition like Sennheiser and Bose. Bose is all expensive and usually for label. Knowing you want a decent enough model, you can’t go wrong with Android’s selections. Like Sennheiser, they have models from both ends of the spectrum, and plenty more in the middle, too.

    1. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      @vladceltroll If you are throwing your phone on the floor and claiming Android is partially better because of that, then you need to rethink your attitude. Are iPhones invincible? Hell no but I guarantee you almost 99% of breaks are due to stupidity and the lack of appreciation of expensive technology. I like iPhones simply because I got used to their interface. Do I think they’re the best on the market? Not at all but it works. Also, if we wanted to buy it just for the label, so what? That’s the American way. American thinking is all about status and independence. So what if I want to buy a BMW 750i just to show off? If I can afford it, what does it matter to you?

      1. vladceltroll says:

        Well, it doesn’t. If you’re into wasting money, it ain’t a problem. I personally like durable stuff that’s of high quality. Looks and simplicity don’t have to be the best while it has exceptional performance.

  5. Pssst.. worst comes to the worst, we can start an underground railway and smuggle you from house to house along with any other tank loving comrades. Anyway fairly sure with that accent of yours you’ll pass for Welsh so better start practising saying “Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch” or more simply “twll din pob sais” careful with that last one though……. 😉

  6. Irelandmann says:

    Good to hear that you are back safe and sound, and it is also good to hear that you like living in this country! also good choice of photo for the next events part 😛

  7. LTKurt051 says:

    Lol I have never seen an UMM Alter until you said that and I’m even a huge car fan! That is truly a goofy looking vehicle but it certainly has it’s own character and can’t be mistaken for something else Lol

    1. Hehe true, on top of that they are not expensive at all, UMM no longer makes them but they still fabricate the parts and when it breaks its usually for not expensive things… win -win sort of deal

  8. Thag O'Mizer says:

    As someone who voted out, I want to highlight that it’s not because we hate foreigners. We wanted a better EU (one that didn’t think 50% youth unemployment is acceptable), but knew the EU wouldn’t reform without a huge smack. We still love our friends and neighbours, and we will still stand with you.

    1. I never seen it as a hate foreigner thing really… I have some friend who voted out. All Ive said is that whatever they vote, do it for what you think is best for the country, not because of revenge against Cameron or whatever. I only want what’s best for UK and I respect people’s decision although I’m seeing a lot of regret atm.

      1. Thag O'Mizer says:

        There’s no regret from anyone I know. We had a choice; give more power to bureaucrats who would rather destroy the futures of the young than accept they were wrong, or walk away.

        But at least we can still blow things up online ;). Good luck with the Duchess – as a caulkhead, I would have volunteered if I had the time.

  9. Rita, relax about us (the EU citizens) here. By the time the talks with the EU end, you will be eligible to pass the exam and become British citizen.
    And that if the EU exists in 2 years time..,…….

  10. TankYouVeryMuch says:

    Cameron stepping down was the best thing for him and for UK. Nobody wants to trigger article 50 now, he fucked himself but dragged boris and co. with him.

    1. It is more that Cameron too a stupid risk, ran the referendum after and not before asking for improved terms, and it came back to kick him. Boris did not get dragged into it, he ran into it, he was pro-EU a few months ago, pretty much until he realised Cameron was not planning to sit back as Wilson did in 1975, so Boris wouldnt be leading the ‘Remain’ capaign. He could however lead the ‘Leave’ campaign, as they had nobody really charsimatic, and didnt think they could win anyhow.

      Nobody wants to trigger Article 50 because it means there name will go down as the person to leave the EU, possibly wreck the UK’s progress for a decade, maybe even wreck the EU, not to mention see the Scots dissolve the Act of Union after 300 years! Not a legacy anyone wants, and none of the ‘Leave’ campaign have any plans for what to do now – that is why they have been hiding the last few days, trying to come up with instant plans! ‘They are making it up as they go along’ aptly describes Boris and Co now.

  11. just wondering is there any way you could ask about what plans wargaming has for the panzer 4 salmalturm as apart of a future rebalance or hd model. also do you know why the wz-111-5a never made it into the game? Do you think it could be brought back?

  12. Rita, I hate to be picky, but you called the EU (European Union) the EU Union, thus repeating the word union. Just saying.
    Also, well done on your tank driving! 🙂

    1. Thag O'Mizer says:

      Yeah, but only because the Englishman got fed up of being called a stingy bastard by everyone he bought a drink for, and no one else in the bar was willing to buy the Scotsman and Irishman a drink. 😉

  13. Silvio. I says:

    WHEN CAN WE SEE THE THE PHOTOS FROM THE TANK EVENT A COUPLE WEEKENDS A GO YOU WENT TO (Not Armor and embarkation but the one before it)

    1. I’m halfway selecting them, basically my camera ran out of battery so I went around using Go- Pro and have a lot of footage to filter and separately give to you.

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