RU Testing- Tank Trade Ins

Good day everyone,

Interesting news from the RU server. From January 12th to the 23rd players are able to trade up select premium tanks. How this works is fairly simple: say you want to purchase a tank worth 10,000 gold, you then trade in a vehicle worth 5,000 gold. You’ll recieve half the value of the traded in vehicle, in this case 2,500, thereby reducing the price of your new purchase to 7,500.

So far this is only select vehicles, and trades can only go up (so a Tier 6 for Tier 7-8, but not a Tier 8 for a Tier 6) and only for Tiers 6 through 8.

Heres a list of eligable vehicles:

– Dicker Max
– Type 64
– Heavy Tank No. VI
– Škoda T 40
– Strv m / 42-57 Alt A.2
– SU-100Y
– AT 15A
– SU-122-44
– Lowe
– T26E4 SuperPershing
– FCM 50 t
– T-34-3
– IS-6
– T34
– Panther mit 8,8 cm L / 71
– AMX Chasseur de chars
– STA-2
– Т-54 (1945)
– M4A1 Revalorisé
– FV4202 (P)

No word on when or if this will be brought to EU or NA any time soon. Most likely waiting to see what issues arise first.

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RU Testing- Tank Trade Ins

21 thoughts on “RU Testing- Tank Trade Ins

  1. BuubyTrap says:

    I wonder, can you then proceed to use the Premium vehicle recovery system to “recycle” your traded-in vehicles? Or are they gone for good?

    1. Hmm wouldn’t be a bad idea for wargaming to allow a window of a couple days for a refund but then you’d throw away a couple thousand gold for a rental tank. So long as the tank trade price is high, the system of recycling probably can’t be abused.

      1. BuubyTrap says:

        Not really talking about a refund on the new tank. Referring to the ability to recover sold premium vehicles for credits. Short on gold, but have lots of creds and some slots? Trade in an old vehicle for gold discount on the new one, then recover the old one or credits, rinse and repeat. I’m sure they would recognize that loophole, or would close it very quickly, though.

  2. Vedrano says:

    Lol, at first this plan sounded like a good thing for the players, now i see you lose 50% of the value of your own tank, it pretty much sucks :/ only winner is WG AGAIN, because you will still need to buy more gold every time.

    1. Well, the system is probably more in place for people who bought a tank that they loathe because it wasn’t what they had expected. Would be silly if you could trade a T-34-3 for an IS-6 for cheap bucks because you were done training all your Chinese crews and wanted to move on. High prices for a trial system means the system can’t be abused and also means wargaming doesn’t have to make so many premium tanks to drain people’s pockets.

      btw, you play a video game and never think the developers win? You’re free content to them, companies like wargaming are always winning.

      1. Patata Caliente says:

        For the record: I don’t think your comment was mean, and the point you raised makes sense to me. Nice to see, though, that anybody goes the extra mile to make sure he’s not angering others without good reason. Wish there were more people like that, but alas! It’s the internet.

  3. Bricktop says:

    Is that time limited or am I wrong? Are these dates for RU server? I’d love to swap that retarded abomination is6 became for STA-2, CDC or ravioli.

  4. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    So what if I purshase a black edition tank for half its price since I already own the regular one which I also got on discount ; and then trade it for another tank ; is it still only 50 % reduction ?

    Because in that case the player wouldnt lose anything.
    Even tho I dont see any reason to purshase a tank specificaly to exchange it later on ; thats still possible.

  5. wolvenworks says:

    won’t work. most ppl have prems on that tier for actually using it. should drop the min to tier 5. that way i can trade in my rusting Churchie 3 and dicker in one go.

    then again not sure if i have the gold to buy a Lowe….

  6. poop says:

    Anyone knows if u can trade in tanks for gold only aswell. I would like to trade in a shitload of tanks which are useless due to powercreep, unfortunatly the interesting tanks can’t be bought for gold right now.

    My candidates for trade in:
    FCM 50t
    Panzer 58 Mutz
    Stug IV
    Dicker Max

    equals around 40k gold

  7. arthur wellsley says:

    Tier VI premiums I never play and should like to sell = Dicker Max, and TOG II. However, I did not buy them, but won them during marathons. Well I still get the discount on tier VIII premiums?

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