Russian police goes CSI for WoT Account


in Mother Russia, guys buys account, account gets stolen, thief is found selling account.

This even made it on Russian TV:

According to Dmitry Postnikov, the head of the Criminal Investigation Department from the Nizhny Novgorod region, last year the police received a report from a player that had his account, which he had bought for 70 thousand rubles, the equivalent of 880 Euros and 970 Us Dollars (give or take), had been stolen.

The criminal investigators found that the thief, who has on his record 2 other crimes in the online gaming field and 2 more on fraud,  was attempting on selling the account online.

This seems to be a growing recurrence, Postnikov said:

“Many people are now addicted to online games, spending on them, at times, large amounts of money. They buy accounts, get to play the tanks and planes.”

“(…) the tanks, of course, virtual, but the money paid for them is quite real “

“Last year, we had similar reports from 6 other citizens. I think that the number of crimes in this area will continue to grow “ (Don’t forget this is from one region only)

I wonder if the person who sent the report to the police still kept his account as its illegal to buy them.



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Russian police goes CSI for WoT Account

7 thoughts on “Russian police goes CSI for WoT Account

  1. ValerianHD says:

    “its illegal to buy them.”
    Come on Rita! Selling and buying accounts are perfectly legal – there is no law that forbids you to do it. However, selling/buying an acc violates the WG EULA (End User License Agreement) that you have accpeted. And since you are breaking their EULA, you can get banned.

    There is a big difference between illegal (breaking the law) and violating EULA.
    In this case, the acc was sold (it’s legal), but then it was stolen (stealing is illegal). So even if he gets “his” stolen acc back – he can be banned for breaking the EULA.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So 7 people in one region. I don’t know how many ‘regions’ there are in Russia but i’m guessing it doesn’t number in the hundreds. So how many people total are we talking about? In a country of 143 million. Doesn’t seem like much of a crime wave to me. If a theft of $900 is enough for the police to waste time on you are living in a relatively crime free country.

  3. malkowitch says:

    “I wonder if the person who sent the report to the police still kept his account as its illegal to buy them.” This is not illegal to buy them. This is against ToS (ToS is not law). New user owns the account. But as it is against ToS to sell/buy them Wargaming can ban the account. Buyer/seller did nothing wrong in the eyes of the law.

  4. What????

    There are crimes in Mother Russia?

    What Capitalist nonsense is this- more proof of the evils of the West and their corruption of the glorious Motherland!!!!

  5. About 3 or 4 years ago there were several articles in Polish newspapers about account and items thefts in Metin. Looks like it’s now time for Russian “public opinion” to learn about thefts in MMO games and seriousness of them.

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