Russian TDs Straight from Supertest

From Wargaming staff in the forums:

Next up for Supertest: big changes to the lesser-used Soviet TD Branch.

Details: Object 263 moves to Tier IX (with the same armor), SU-122-54 moves to Tier VIII, SU-101 – to Tier VII (we’ll take away its M62-C2 as it’s too powerful for Tier VII), and SU-101M1 will be removed altogether.

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Russian TDs Straight from Supertest

57 thoughts on “Russian TDs Straight from Supertest

    1. no surprise, they simply do not care for the US tech tree, it’s not only the turreted TD line but the whole TT that needs a rework in a way that allows for gameplay continuity of some sort, and there’s enough material for it as well as for adding new lines like they did to all the other starting nations

      I would like to see the T58 replacing the E4

  1. OeilBleu says:

    I don’t get it, these are completely different tanks, where did the mobility and dpm go? I have better reload on my wtpz4 at tier 9 for the same alpha, and it has a turret. I didn’t grind that tree for another 750 alpha td.

  2. Why not keep the SU-100M1 ? It’s the tank I’ve enjoyed the most from this line of TDs, why not have two tier 7 TDs, or two tier 10s ? I hate the idea of removing tanks from the game for not good reason.

  3. Hooli_Gun says:

    WG going full retard or what?
    Untill now,EVERY single tier 10 that was replaced was inferior to the replacement,plus they were not much fun to drive at their state at that time.
    Even the upcoming 430 replacement seems like a better and more fun tank,so i guess player feedback was positive….Why the F**K ruin this line with a tank that is apparently LESS fun than the 263,and inferior to it in every way?

      1. Antiless says:

        I guess he meant that there’s another 750 alpha TD, like most of them already get that dmg, 550dmg that current 263 gets along with its DPM adds nice variety.

  4. Anonymous says:

    WG Please stop making all my favorite tanks rubbish, Ru 251, AMX 30b, and now the 263, Ruining all the takes with decent guns :/, 0.3 accuracy to 0.45 is a huge nerf

    1. Hooli_Gun says:

      Yeah,funny how WG “buffed” Amx30b to a level where it is garbage and is actually played LESS by people right now.It was allready a rare tank to see,and its even worse now,it is like Loch-ness Nelly,people mention it but no one seen it.

  5. Tyrud says:

    While this is a cool change, I feel like Wargaming is really sort losing the plot as to what this line is supposed to be about, i.e. excellent mobility, accuracy, troll armor and great DPM instead of big alpha derp guns with garbage accuracy. If the changes go through, I might have to stop playing where I’m at honestly.

  6. Mudguts says:

    263 is still almost a novelty tank. We once ran a 263 blitz strat in clam warz game on Mountain Pass – 2 Bat scouts, 3 arty and 10 x 263’s up the ice road straight into their hard turtle. (it really was more lulz strat to combat tank locking)

    Out-DPM’d them while they got over the surprise and tried to remember where the weak spots are… which is laugh coz there are heaps, just that you so rarely see a 263 it threw them out.

    Really not interested in yet another 750 alpha derp TD – e3, e4, Grille, 268, Foch 155, Chinese thingy etc

    1. This relly isnt a bad Idea j and people it has good armour good speed (55 km/h is a pretty good speed for a lot of tanks) and has big guns and what is so wrong about big guns they are usually great (except for accuracy and pen) and the worst thing you guys are ranting about is something that can change they can give it a different gun or speed or change about everything from here though it would be nice if wg would put su 100 m1 at tier 6 but it becoming a prem is not bad it give people chances to get more credits and even they might even make a new line this news is pretty new and as wg says IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Many things can happen like a new line or even this doesnt happen ( I want it to happen but it is wgs opinion).

  7. Anonymous says:

    im really trying to understand why wg is replacing so many tier x tanks. Is it really necessary? The object 263 is unique, balanced, and fun… Y replace it?

    1. Morganator says:

      My Guess would be that after the Foch 155 replacement (or after the annoucement of it) they saw a nice increase in Gold and premium payments which then got them the idea to replace Tier 10s and let those who grind (or unlock it with free xp for that matter) them before the patch have them as reward vehicles. Easy Money for them greedy bitches

  8. And as I said before about it being a clone it isnt a copy it is an actual prototype before the actual the 268 came out the ather 268 we have is actually the sixth variant while this one was a blueprint and was considered
    But one thing it is not a copy

  9. Anonymous says:

    If the SU-100M1 is likely to become a special premium of it doesn’t get moved to another line.

    The Obj 263 is a fun and unique tank that I have fun in and do well in. I went the 263 line because they were fun to drive and because I didn’t want the derp.

    Please don’t let them ruin a fun and powerful tank that is different from just about every other tier 10 td out there. Stick the 268 version 4 as an offshoot to the Obj 704, like the WZ-111 5A is to the 113. Or give the 263 the 152 from the 262.

  10. Berto72 says:

    the nice side of this game was that any nations had own characteristics….. WG going to flattern playstyle, Obvius: differente tanks needs appropriate skills to be played, but this is the fun.

    Good players going to leave the game and playerbase is less and unskilled day by day…. so WG apply changhes to make every tank playable by noob.

    See Patton, changed because need good skills to be played, now with turret armor that any monkey can use it in safe.

    Bah……. 263 is very nice, fun, balanced and with unique TD playstyle…..

  11. Genone says:

    These changes with those stats are complete nonsense. Moving the tanks one tier lower won’t really make them any better, as the most crippling factor are the very restrictive gun traverse limits. Most people will still stop playin the line at the Su101, as the gun is so restricted that usable positions are very hard to find on most maps.
    At in the current incarnations they have some unique attributes with mobility and DPM, those new versions are just crap:
    – Su101: probably the best tank of this new line, but still inferior to a Jagdpanther in most aspects, and gun traverse limits still make it very challenging to play on most maps.
    – Su122: minor penetration advantage over the JP2, but inferior in all other aspects.
    – 263: more mobile than a JagdTiger, but complete trash in all other aspects
    – 268-4: somewhat better mobility+armor than the 268, but that reload and accuracy just kills it completely.

    Those versions just don’t have any selling points left (of course we’re still missing a lot of info, and some values are probably still placeholders).

    They should keep the tanks as they are, and just buff their survivability to compensate for the traverse limit handicap.

  12. Tim jones says:

    Don’t touch my fucking OBJ 263 I didn’t grind that tree out so you could start screwing with it I don’t want a Nerf tier 9 version of it I like the flexibility of hiding in a bush or pushing it on the front line like a heavy because it has better speed than most heavies

  13. Tim jones says:

    Don’t touch my OBJ 263 I didn’t grind that tree out so you could start screwing with it I don’t want a Nerf tier 9 version of it I like the flexibility of hiding in a bush or pushing it on the front line like a heavy because it has better speed than most heavies

  14. Hooli_Gun says:

    TO WG (If they read this and if they care):I spent a lot of FUC**NG time grinding to the 263,because i wanted to play the 263 and not a fuc**ng 268 clone.If you think theres a reason to change that line,do it as you have done with Foch or Fv215,pick this tier 10 replacement if you think,i dont really care about this garbage,BUT LEAVE 263 AT TIER FU**ING 10

  15. Rath says:

    Why remove the SU-100M1 but keep the SU-122-54?
    Leave the M1 as is at tier 7, 101 as is at tier 8, 263 as is at tier 9 and 268 V 4 at tier 10 (definitely pref to have 263 at tier 10)
    This makes more sense yeah? As the 122-54 is quite out of place not being a rear turreted TD. Simply MOVE the 122-54 to the ISU line as an alt tier 9.

  16. RAD FROOD 25 (Console) says:

    I dunno if we Console monkey’s are lucky or not seeing as Pain said he wasn’t going to replace any tank ever again after the FV 4202

  17. Gatsu says:

    This will make the tortoise almoat pointless… because its all about dpm. Well the 263 has very good dpm, DAMAGE PENETRATION, WORKING ARMOR AND IS WAY FASTER.

    In other words, dont make these changes. How about adding some swedish mediums, light tanks and 2nd td line? Or the 2nd american medium line (t95 mediums and m60a1)? British high tier light tanks, japanese tank destroyers??? Stop focusing on the USSSR and focus on other nations in terms of implementing new branches of tanks.

  18. Infernal969 says:

    Yeah, this game needs another 750 alpha TD.

    WG, stop with the vodka for a minute and think the fuck you are doing with this game.

  19. Mikosah says:

    Looking at this proposal as well as the one for the T-10 and the medium line, I think WG has gone insane over the pursuit of ‘consistency’. Tank lines don’t need to be consistent, its okay for them to have variation from one tier to another. And whatever benefit they think they’ll gain from it, it isn’t worth the drawbacks of having to remove tanks like the T-10, Obj 416, and SU-100m1. Just don’t do it, WG.

    As of these TDs themselves, if they’re so damn unpopular in the current meta, just buff them. Why is that so difficult or complicated?

  20. ManfredE3 says:

    Do any of the community contributors plan on telling WG to fix their game instead of going full retard? I know Harkonen insists they are fixing the game, but all of the removing good tanks and replacing tier 10 tanks just to earn the business in people purchasing free XP… And they still aren’t buffing the tanks that have suffered worst from power creep, and still are pumping out money grabbing $50 premiums…. “fixing the game”, more like making it a cash grab…. Putting my limited time and money into this game is a massive regret of mine.

  21. Anonymous says:

    yo war-gaming, that thing is ugly AF, im 100k xp away from my 263. Dont put that piece of shit into the game, its garbage and everyone knows it. Give the 263 a buff if you want it to be used more often, increase the fire rate or something, or let us keep a version as a reward tank. That prototype is just a Russian looking dickermax with a roof.

  22. Does anyone know if current SU-100M1 owners will be reimbursed in any fashion? I don’t think it’s necessary for that tank in particular, as it’s tier VII not X, but still curious.

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