S-Tank behind the Scenes with Richard Cutland


Richard Cutland aka The_Challenger has made a “Inside the Tanks” behind the scenes  facebook livestream of the Swedish Stridsvagn 103 (S-Tank) on the move:

This was recorded at Försvarsfordonsmuseet Arsenalen.

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S-Tank behind the Scenes with Richard Cutland

18 thoughts on “S-Tank behind the Scenes with Richard Cutland

  1. tribun1211 says:

    why do they still work with this annoying, boring and uninspiring knownothing challenger….i bet every visitor of a museum would make a more interesting and proper researched review of a tank….

  2. Hiemfire says:

    Looks like “on the move” has a very different meaning in some places. While it is nice to see one still operational, I was hoping for a bit of a mobility demo instead of a photo-op with the tank slowly repositioning occasionally. It probably would have shredded the field though so I understand why they didn’t have the driver open up the throttle more, but I’m still disappointed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What happened to that theory that The Challenger had wrecked relations with some museums and wasn’t looking good for him cooperating with WG? I guess that was BS…

  4. Hiemfire says:

    Thanks for the link to the video S842.
    DZ Google has been acting up for me lately and when I have looked for videos of the S103 previously none of the search results were even close.

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