Sanbox Server


Second Iteration.

The Server for part 1 is now offline and the Artillery test will be online soon.

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Sanbox Server

8 thoughts on “Sanbox Server

  1. Umm i’m sorry… what? They ended the first iteration after just the first test? Of all the ideas I saw on the sandbox forums they arent going to do any further testing to improve importance of armor and going straight to arty rework?

    Ok then…

    1. That’s because they just wanted to collect data. The game would be unplayable with such pen drop and accuracy nerfs, and I’m sure they know that. They tested an extreme case to see how does it influence armor effectiveness

      1. And in the first Sandbox they did about 5 tests to gather varying data across a wider spectrum of stats…

        Its the Sandbox so it doesnt matter if what’s there is “unplayable”, change the stats and go for rounds 2. That’s the whole point of the Sandbox. Stopping after the first gives them an insignificant amoun of data to use and wont change anything

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