SandBox: 1.0.4 Patchnotes

Good morning!

There’s a new Sandbox update, these are the patchnotes:

“Based on player’s feedback and as part of SPG stun tuning, the duration of stun for all vehicles of this type was decreased by 25–30%.

We have implemented changes that are aimed at increasing the survivability of light tanks in battle, allowing them to combat Tier X vehicles more efficiently. The mobility of vehicles of this type is high; therefore, there is no need to change it. It is the increase in vehicle durability that will contribute to their better survivability in battle.



  • T-54 ltwt.
    • Durability changed from 1,250 HP to 1,450 HP.
  • T49:
    • Durability with the T49 turret changed from 1,000 HP to 1,100 HP.
    • Durability with the XM551 test bed turret changed from 1,100 HP to 1,200 HP.
  • Spähpanzer Ru 251:
    • Durability changed from 1,200 HP to 1,400 HP.
  • T92: according to the statistics, the T92 was causing a lot more damage in battle that any other SPG. A longer aiming time is meant to compensate for this difference.
    • Aiming time of the 240 mm Howitzer M1 for the T92 turret changed from 6,6 s to 6,9 s.
  • Centurion Action X: a decrease in aiming time is meant to increase the firing accuracy and reduce the time the vehicle stays under fire. This is made to increase the vehicle’s efficiency, as well as to emphasize the technical features, characteristic of fire support vehicles.
    • Aiming time of the 105 mm Gun L7A2 for the Centurion Action X turret changed from 2 s to 1,6 s.
  • FV215b: the collected statistics showed insufficient combat efficiency of the FV215b in its role of an assault vehicle. Increase of stabilization and decrease of aiming time will positively affect the vehicle’s firepower, while increase of durability will allow the vehicle to survive longer in battle.
    • Dispersion on the move with the FV215 suspension decreased by 25%.
    • Dispersion on hull traverse with the FV215 suspension decreased by 25%.
    • Aiming time changed from 2 s to 1,8 s.
    • Durability changed from 2,300 HP to 2,500 HP.
  • AMX 30 B: improvement of penetration with standard and Premium shells allows to increase the distance at which the vehicle can effectively engage enemy targets. In this way, the improved penetration will emphasize the vehicle’s role (firing at the second line of battle) and increase the vehicle’s combat effectiveness.
    • Penetration of the OCC-105-F1 shell for the 105 mm mle. F1 gun changed from 286 mm to 310 mm.
    • Penetration of the OFL-105-F1 shell for the 105 mm mle. F1 gun changed from 270 mm to 290 mm.
  • STB-1: this Japanese tank is an example of a fire-support vehicle with superior damage per minute and good mobility. The vehicle is designed for engagement of enemy targets at medium and close range, as well as for supporting allies. The changes to the STB-1’s gun stabilization will allow the vehicle to cause damage more effectively.
    • Dispersion on the move with the STB-1 suspension decreased by 25%.
    • Dispersion on hull traverse with the STB-1 suspension decreased by 25%.
    • Dispersion on turret traverse of the 105 mm Rifled Gun decreased by 33%.


Other changes

  • The animated icon displayed above a vehicle that is under the effect of stun changed to a spinning ring with stars.
  • The visual notification about the effect of stun is now orange instead of yellow.
  • Fixed the issue where the stun filter was still working after the vehicle was destroyed.
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SandBox: 1.0.4 Patchnotes

50 thoughts on “SandBox: 1.0.4 Patchnotes

    1. siralexice says:

      I think they also decreased severely the actual damage arty can make, their main purpose is now to stun the enemy and give a better chance to the team to finish it off.

      1. wolvenworks says:

        @royshein yeah i like their balance of damage and balance of aim time-accuracy, and none of this stunlock BS

    2. stop talking about something you have no idea about… arty in sandbox is much better than the live server. and the decreased stun time WAS asked for by testers.

      1. Anonymous says:

        The testers asked for the removal of the stun itself, not it´s reduction. The stun is an annoying function that hit´s players multiple times letting them loose control over the gameplay situation during a fight compared to the “so hated 1-shots” that are something that happens all 40-50 battles a single time.

    1. kilo_india_alpha says:

      It will reduce the damage per game and the statistics will show that. The question is whether this will make arta more enjoyable or not. And that is an easy one. High aim time will make you miss more shots which is bad for the arta player and unfun.
      On the other hand high alpha is doubleplusungood for all other active players because it encourages camping. You see that already at tier 10 today. Why does WG not simply reduce the damage per shot and makes arta more comfortably to play at the same time?

      1. You really don’t know if it will do that. Considering the amount of RNG in the game, chances are they do the same amount of damage regardless. If they are really worried about damage, why don’t they actually adjust the variable which causes the issue. Reduce damage.

  1. Anonymous says:

    And Wargaming continues to ride the dead sandbox-version horse while so many players ride on a wave against them…

    1. and those players that ride a wave against it have only seen the writen changes and never experienced them… IE their opinions are irrelevant and don’t provide accurate feedback

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes i play on SB Server, the real funny thing is see a lot of players from some clans… cough cough FAME cough cough cough L-FEW cough cough… complaining and cry about golds nerf and mediums tanks nerf.
    Now, without the overpower of “skill ammo”, they are mediocre players and cant statspad their WN8 😀
    I love SB

    1. Jack Kenyon says:

      Maybe because the SB changes are punishing the better p,ayers for being good? Increasing the role of passive armour and making mistakes less costly just means punishing players doing the right thing and rewarding those who don’t know how to play.

      1. estroop says:

        No, they are punishing gold shooters for shooting too many gold rounds. I remember some “skilled” player whining that his tier 6 medium can no longer penetrate IS-3’s front. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry about this…

      2. Nocomment says:

        As the comment was about gold ammo spam and nerfing op meds. Removing crutches like this should have little effect on genuinely good players and only impact gold spammers boosting their stats via easy mode.

    2. kilo_india_alpha says:

      If it is so easy just load gold and kick them off the map in CW and raid their stronghold. Show us your skills and post the results here.
      And to be honest a T10 financial unit and all the boni of CW and stuff allow me to buy everything I want in the game. That does not make me fire huge numbers of gold rounds but I have millions if credits lying around and no use for them.
      Why should better players with even more credits not use their fortune and waste it in randoms? WG made gold rounds plain better not FAME, OM, RSOP, …

    3. Brandon Chadney says:

      Well I agree with the gold ammo but mediums tank’s in SB are just horrible. I play mediums on live server and never use gold ammo because it’s just to damn expensive. Mediums are taking to big of a hit and are very ineffective in SB now. Especially NATO mediums. They had no armor to begin with so they had to rely on their speed and accuracy of their gun. Now they are too slow to do anything useful. I can only stand playing on SB for a few games because it is to slow and boring to play.

    4. The problem with mediums in SB now is that they can’t even pen a heavy’s side except for those with thin sides like the E5 and 215b from a safe distance. They have to get up close to a brawling distance with the heavy tanks to pen them. I mean Leo 1 with 270 pen drops to 232 at 250m, which isn’t a safe distance for the tank to safely engage a heavy which can just snapshot lolpen it. at 500m it became a measly 170mm pen (not like it can hit anything reliably at that range in this game anyway), meaning it’s around 200mm pen at 300-400 which is the usual safe distance. This coupled with -25%RNG it won’t be able to pen the side of an E100/maus. I mean the tier 10 mediums are MBTs ffs, they’re supposed to fire APDS. Another problem is the corridor and small sized maps, there’s not a lot of flanking to be done.

      I understand the gold ammo is a problem in live server and even the regular ammo penning HT front armor can be quite a problem, these can be solved by base pen nerf. give them 248-258 pen with decent gun handling, accuracy and aim time (like ones before that was canceled). With these they can still pen HT’s weakspots frontally but not as reliably as before, and can still pen the flanks. And nerf/change/remove gold rounds for tier 10 (and some tier 9s) mediums and TDs as well. (I mean why the heck does tier 10 TDs with 300mm pen still given prem rounds? WG logic)

      With that out of the way. Gold round doesn’t instantly make you “skilled”. You still needs armor layout knowledge, knowledge of game mechanics, situational and map awareness to be in position to deal a lot of damage to “statpad their wn8”. I’ve fought a lot of tomatoes spamming gold rounds only for them to bounce as they just shoot me while I’m sidescraping, or shooting my gun mantlet, or miss completely.

      The reason good players prefer medium tanks is because they can flex around the map, like a light tank, with a firepower close to a heavy tank. You can react to things happening in the battle, like switching flanks to support, retreating, defending the base, etc. Which you can’t really do very effectively in heavy tanks.

      1. NoComment says:

        170mm pen in the current game is enough to pen the side of an E100 (ok not a maus) as any decent Lt player can tell you.. So a Med reduced to 200 +- 25% at 300m-400m is still adequate to do the job and will still have a chance of putting shots into the lfp which is around 230mm on the German T10’s providing your shot hits. Presently gold ammo means a med can just pop out in front of something like an E100 and pen it through the front of the turret with little difficulty instead of actually having to aim at weakpoints. (taking time and exposing them to fire) making the game far easier.

        I do agree the maps are a major issue in allowing the changes to actually have a real impact on the game.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Try playing light tanks on open map like Prokhorovka or even Siegfried line and i think this is pretty good. e.g. If you are attacking from North on Prokhorovka then you can do some aggressive spotting on the hill which significantly exposes any TDs (and even arty) supporting those heavies from the south going up the hill. There are bound to be other opportunities to evolve the use of light tank well using the spotting advantage.

      The changes that are being tested out means you need to evolve your tactics and play style. Maybe worth experimenting with different classes of tanks in a different way to current? Maybe good use of light tanks will nerf arty more than you think…

      1. ApolloF117 says:

        yeah, but not in the current game, 1k max map range, while spotting range is 500m, no this is complet bullshit, when a unspotable light goest somewhere in the middle of the map and see everything, no , want to do something with lights? first do something with map sizes, then you can adjust shit to them, not fighting in cqb all the time, cos the current game meta is this, play with the actuall game before you say something

  3. malkowitch says:

    What the hell they are doing. Buffing tier VIII lights HP? So what with meds? Throw them out? Cause that way they are worse in every aspect.

    1. kilo_india_alpha says:

      They change the class without actually doing anything. Light tanks would need better maps without corridors that would enable players to play them to their strengths, but what do we expect?

    1. Bonesaw1o1 says:

      Arty damage on Sandbox is already reduced compared to the live server, so is their Pen values so you don’t get ConqGC putting a 310mm shell through the engine deck of your IS-7 anymore. its been like that since the sandbox launched so they don’t mention it in the change notes.

  4. Husky250 says:

    Yep, so you can now live for another .3 of a second before the T92 one shots you in your IS-7. Yeah, cause that is fair and if that does not happen then some wanker in a T8 light tank will finish you off anyway.

  5. -reducing aim time for arty. So yeah in the end they’re not trying to make it fun for anyone. Nobody will be happy as long as they get hit anyway so might as well make it fun for the ones who play it, and arty players cant play because of aim time and rng and reload time…

    -why drive a TD or load gold when a damn autoloader has 290mm base pen (ahem JpzE-100 has 258 I think ? And its a TD ? And it has 20s reload for 850 dmg ?)

    Revert back to previous version plz

  6. World of tanks will forever SUCKARSE because they buff and nerf exactly what is not needed……..if they put + 1- 1 MM the game would be great
    anyway…..matches now ends in less than 6 min

    SO……i give this pice of shit game called WOT……maxium 1 year and a half till they run out of money…….because no one will ever buy something from them again……


  7. Wolfhere says:

    I haven’t played in Sandbox yet, but I think they’re going about this all wrong. With the exception of Arty and Premium rounds, the game is fine as-is.

    1. Change the arty to a support class. I think they’re going in the right direction. Just lots of experimentation needed.
    2. Leave the penetration and damage alone. Change premium rounds to reduce accuracy and increase dispersion. If you have an accuracy of .34 with a normal round and switch to premium, it becomes .44, or something like that. People can use their premium rounds but will miss more often. Then when you load one you have a decision to make…Do I increase the chance of penetration or increase the chance to hit?

    1. Nocomment says:

      But seem incapable of doing what is asked for or providing a reasonable explanation as to why its not a good idea.

      Prem ammo plain and simple the best ammo type by a mile with no downsides = armour is of little use. So everything but prem ammo gets changed drastically and they don’t even put it into the sandbox as they intend it to be “bought” to see the effect.

      Giving back LT’s their role. Instead of more open or bigger maps… Globally decrease view range for all but Lt’s then keep the fighting distances at 50-100m in corridors.


  8. Major Rager says:

    AGAIN the “stun” nonsense is a stupid idea, Why the hell did they waste time with new sounds only to mute them later.
    Hey! lets record some cool ear candy for the players! Yeah! that sounds great but what would really be cool is to Mute them so they cannot hear it when they get XVM focused.

  9. Infernal969 says:

    So where are those various sandbox testing options?
    So far the only thing I can see that they give tanks out-of-the-ass pen values and fuck around with those retarded stuns.
    But hey, after all those years they’ve finally noticed that light tanks need an HP buff, well done. Maybe we will live to those times where they nerf the fucking T110E5 on the live server.

  10. Skagerrak says:

    on Sandbox
    only tier 10 vehicles and the following tier 8 lights ( Ru 251, T54 Lt, T49)are on the sandbox
    AP ammo loses 30% of its base pen after 50 meters
    APCR ammo loses 40% of its base pen after 50 Meters
    then pen drop over distance that shows in the garage DOES NOT factor this into the listed values
    ROF OBJ 140,OBJ 430,T62A 9 / STB1 8.57 / Cent Ax 8.0 / E50M 7.69/ M48A1 7.5/Leo-1 7.14/ AMX 30B 6.9/ 121 6.25
    Aim time obj140, obj 430, T62A, TVP 50/51, LEO 1 – 1.5 seconds
    Cent AX 1.6 seconds
    M48A1 1.8 seconds
    E 50M, Bat Chat 25 1.9 seconds
    121 STB1 2 seconds
    AMX 30B 2.3 seconds
    Pen M48A1 AMX 30B – 290mm
    Leo 1, STB1, Cent AX. Bat Chat 25, 270mm
    E50M 260mm
    OBJ 140,OBJ 430,T62A, 255mm
    TVP 50/51 121 250mm
    Turret Traverse
    OBJ 140, OBJ 430 T62A 42 degrees/second
    E50M, 121, TVP 50/51 35 degrees/second
    M48A1, Cent AX, STB 1 30 degrees/second
    Leo-1, Bat Chat, AMX 30B 26 degrees/second
    Tank traverse
    Leo 1 54 degrees/second
    STB1 52 degrees/second
    Cent Ax 50 degrees/second
    AMX 30B 48 degrees/second
    TVP 50/51 44 degrees/second
    Bat Chat 25 42 degrees/second
    121, OBJ 140, OBJ 430, T62A 40 degrees/second
    M48A1 30 degrees/second

  11. Rick says:

    Idiots dont know what they are doing if they are making light tanks more op.Lights are not heavys.WG has gotten even more morony.The end is near.

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