Sandbox: All tier 10 Light Tank Updated Stats


as you asked, these are the updated stats of the tier 10 Light Tanks that just have been introduced in the third iteration of the Sandbox server.

-Got screenshots (Thanks to Jerry!) but I’ve also written down the stats.



Standard Shell Damage: 240/400
Standard Shell Penetration (mm):173/288
RoF: 8.01
Reload Time: 7.5
Turret Traverse Speed: 55.28
Gun Depression: -5/+15
Aiming time: 1.92
Shell Dispersion (at 100 m): 0.42
Average Damage per Minute: 2,564
Durability (HP): 1,500
Hull Armor: 120/40/40
Turret Armor: 180/40/40
Weight/Load Limit: 15/18
Engine Power: 850
Specific Power (h.p./t): 56.67
Top Speed: 72/25
Traverse Speed: 58.41
% Stationary Concealment: 19.8/4.36
% Moving Concealment: 19.8/4.36
View Range: 420
Signal Range: 850

Rheinmetall Panzerwagen


Standard Shell Damage: 293/488
Standard Shell Penetration (mm): 185/303
RoF: 6.81
Reload Time: 8,8
Turret Traverse Speed: 45.89
Gun Depression: -10/+15
Aiming time: 1.82
Shell Dispersion (at 100 m): 0.35
Average Damage per Minute: 2,656
Durability (HP): 1,600
Hull Armor: 30/30/08
Turret Armor: 20/20/20
Weight/Load Limit: 25/30
Engine Power: 1,280
Specific Power (h.p./t): 51.2
Top Speed: 75/25
Traverse Speed: 56.32
% Stationary Concealment: 15.7/3.29
% Moving Concealment: 15.7/29
View Range: 440
Signal Range: 750

XM551 Sheridan


Standard Shell Damage: 683/1.138
Standard Shell Penetration (mm): 57/95
RoF: 2.72
Reload Time: 22.1
Turret Traverse Speed: 44.85
Gun Depression: -10/+20
Aiming time: 3.45
Shell Dispersion (at 100 m): 0.58
Average Damage per Minute: 2.476
Durability (HP): 1.600
Hull Armor: 14/31/12
Turret Armor: 39/15/15
Weight/Load Limit: 15.1/20
Engine Power: 550
Specific Power (h.p./t): 36.47
Top Speed: 65/22
Traverse Speed: 52/22
% Stationary Concealment: 14.5/2.17
% Moving Concealment: 14.5/2.17
View Range: 420
Signal Range: 750

Gun 152 mm Gun-Launcher XM81 (Conventional)

RoF: 2.61
Penetration: 76/152/85
Damage: 910/700/910
Dispersion at 100 m: 0.6
Aiming Time: 3.6
Weight: 510

Gun 105 mm Lightweight Gun

RoF: 6.52
Penetration: 236/280/53
Damage: 390/390/480
Dispersion at 100 m: 0.4
Aiming Time: 1.9
Weight: 1.000

AMX 13 105


Standard Shell Damage: 293/488
Standard Shell Penetration (mm): 176/293
RoF: 4.77
Reload Time (magazine/shell/number of shells):32.31/2.73/3
Turret Traverse Speed:39.63
Gun Depression: -8/+12
Aiming time: 2.21
Shell Dispersion (at 100 m): 0.38
Average Damage per Minute: 1.859
Durability (HP): 1.400
Hull Armor: 50/20/15
Turret Armor: 40/20/20
Weight/Load Limit: 16/18
Engine Power: 600
Specific Power (h.p./t): 37.5
Top Speed: 68/22
Traverse Speed: 41.72
% Stationary Concealment: 18.2/3.6
% Moving Concealment: 18.2/3.6
View Range: 420
Signal Range: 750



RoF: 6.95
Reload Time: 8.6
Turret Traverse Speed: 44.85
Gun Depression: -5/20
Aiming time: 1.92
Shell Dispersion (at 100 m): 0.4
Average Damage per Minute: 2,712
Durability (HP): 1,500
Hull Armor: 50/25/20
Turret Armor: 200/160/65/
Weight/Load Limit: 30/33
Engine Power: 1,080
Specific Power (h.p./t): 36
Top Speed: 65/23
Traverse Speed: 52.15
% Stationary Concealment: 16/3.15
% Moving Concealment: 16/3.15
View Range: 430m
Signal Range: 782m

That’s all folks!

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Sandbox: All tier 10 Light Tank Updated Stats

91 thoughts on “Sandbox: All tier 10 Light Tank Updated Stats

  1. Anonymous says:

    LMAO that russian light tank has 120mm armor in front of hull and 180mm armor in front of turret, plus 850hp engine, and only has 15t weight??? WG u must be kidding

      1. Nitzu says:

        I played it on test. It could reload it’s mag faster, like 25s maybe, but other than that this tank is a joy to play. It’s very mobile( much more mobile than anything we have in game right now in 9.17.1) and gun handling is just godlike. It aims faster than it reloads and is pretty accurate even on move. Add to that 8° of depression and you have yourself a very fun little tank to play.

    1. both the soviet and german will be OP, what is the point of having mediums with light-tank perks (camo while moving), well the german at least has light tank armor and I understand there was not much of a choice but at least they are still light tanks
      the soviets could have real light vehicles, PT-76, Object906 and other light vehicles instead of tier 8 mediums with light tank perks

      1. Yes so op…. tier 10 tanks with 1500 hp and poor DPM with poor alpha.

        Stop your whining dude….they aren’t to close to op at all.

    2. G_host says:

      I was a bit bored so I’ve done some calculations and armor of T-100 alone with gun weights around 10t, without suspension , engine, gearbox and all the other stuff. Another thing in real blueprint it states hp/t ratio s just 29hp/t and max speed is 65km/h

  2. Deano says:

    so the real average stats for pen are half way between these stats because those cant be standard pen and then prem pen or standard damage then prem damaged

    1. Jasio says:

      yes – these damage and penetration values are the min. and max. for standard shell. It would be better if this would be given like 185-303mm or calculate the avarage: 244mm

  3. InvaderNat says:

    That T-100 thing is going to be a nightmare, a tier X ELC… sigh.

    Also, what happens to our existing light tanks? If they get shifted up a tier, will we lose them and have their replacement? Or get both?

    1. Jasio says:

      Yes – all scout tanks (LT with +3MM) will be replaced by new ones. Except I think some premium LTs.
      There was already posted information about them.

  4. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    I would say russian bias, but credit where credit is due, the german tank is also amazing.

    Not a single reason to take any of the others however.
    -worse acceleration
    -worse camo than russian or worse gun handling than german
    -worse view range than german (even tho they’ll all reach the limit without needing any equipement, just crew…)

    The french is a passive scout, but maps dont allow that much, and it cant assassinate tanks so well with its autoloader.
    The american is just here for the durplol, otherwise no point in being played at all. And if you want durp lol at tier X you have the brand new armored arty at the end of the japanese heavy line.
    The chinese is good all around but not as good as the german or russian. The dpm is nice but these tanks are not supposed to be damage dealers anymore, thats the whole point of this rework, making LTs scouts instead of damage dealers (which means they should simply merf the view range of every single other class to between 250 and 350m max so no other class can scout as good, except a few exceptions like BC. As long as all other tier 8+ reach 400m view range by default LTs will still be worse MTs).

    Interesting to see tho. I’ll definitely start grinding right now.

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      “They should simply merf the view range of every single other class to between 250 and 350m max so no other class can scout as good”.

      So what you’re basically saying is “let tier 10 LTs troll other classes by shooting them with impunity from beyond their detection range while also being fast enough to relocate to another trolling position”? Currently in sandbox even with untouched view range teams are spotted by tier 10 LTs almost immediately after the countdown. Most maps feel like reduced Mittengard, that’s how quick entire teams get lit up. Instead of trying to rush forward and take certain defensive/offensive positions players now go “Oh, shit. I’m spotted already? I need to fall back ASAP!”.
      But sure, let’s reduce every other class into blind stationary pillbox, hiding as far back as possible, because otherwise they’ll be lit up by a scout that can spot them from another map because it has 50 mile view range against their 250 meters.

    2. German gun handling is meh. And it’s fat as hell.

      Russian is easily the best and has the better gun handling.

      French is actually a decent hit and run tank.

      American is complete shit. Because worse gun than kv2 with much worse gun handling makes sense at tier 10…

  5. Trol1er says:

    Of course the russian one is the best one like always and also 123k xp for a decent gun on the Sheridan xDDDDDDDD WG is early with the April fools jokes this year xDDDDDD

    1. AlmightySpaghettiMonster says:

      if you look closer you would see its 123,456…or 1,2,3,4,5,6…so probably a placeholder…i guess it will be around 64k exp…

  6. Cromeister says:

    And like always, russian tanks got that advantage of more greater armor and are one step ahead.
    Are they heavy, meds, tds, lights…they got to be better than all other nations…
    Its russian game, and russia rules.. Simple as that

    1. sujmaster says:

      because t110e5 is completely shit, and the conqueror gun carriage isnt probably the most troll arty at tier 10, and the tier 6 meta for strongholds isnt basically t37/cromwell or go fuck yourself? and its not like the object 268 is now severely underpowered compared to most other tds these days. only branch where russia still holds main meta at tier 10 is the mediums.

      yep can definately see where your coming from with this whole “russian bias” thing…

      1. 261 shots on every other tier 10 arty except cgc. And the cgc isn’t a better arty it’s just more useable for most maps. But open maps etc always take a 261.

        T110e5 is complete shit yes. Even before the nerf and now it is needed into worthlessness. People are too retarded to learn how to deal with it especially since it’s so easy to kill compared to is4 and is7.

        Give example of just tier 6? Talk about cherry picking. Tier 8 is nothing but is3 defender and t54 lt.

        OBJ 268 underpowered? Right ok….the only bad thing about the tank is the shell speed. It has decent mobility, armour, camo, accuracy, exceptional penetration and dpm.

  7. So I watched QB’s twitch stream for all of these tanks. T-100 is really good and possibly will be nerfed as the mobility and protection (+size) is completely brutal. Rhm LT is pretty solid. AMX 105 basically is a smaller/stealthier/faster TVP with one less ammo but more alpha (also less DPM but imho doesn’t matter that much in this case). Chinese is again the all rounder although the acc is quite painful now (I’m gonna miss my current WZ-132 really bad).

    Sheridan is the only tank that is kinda underwhelming now as the derp gun is almost precisely the same with current T49 gun, which is already unreliable at tier 8. Definitely needs a better handling/reload. Plus, I thought it’s supposed to get a new model? (Current one is really fugly)

  8. Mudguts says:

    5 degrees of gun dep on the T100?? With that turret? The breach would be smashing out through the roof on recoil if you dipped the gun more than about 2 degrees…

    1. whitesample says:

      Oh yeah, the gun deppresion on the Rheinmetal its beautifull, you even see the gun going up like on the Sturer Emil~! >u<

  9. Aditya says:

    Everyone so obsessed with Russian bias that they overlooked 200mm turret armour of Chinese LT and medium tank DPM

    1. repofox says:

      At least it has the worst p/w ratio than any other tier x lights, due to the heavily armored turret. As it should be. Unlike how it is with the T-100…

  10. metalscourge says:

    The sheridan should get buffed…or have a unique ability that no other light tank has…and no I’m not saying to add missiles!

    1. the “buff” the XM551 deserves is making it more historical, the 152mm gun launcher was designed to use the ATGM but the HEAT round was the next-in-line and should be made the default round with a more realistic performance, I’m no saying to give it 300+ pen but at least above 230mm, with M409 HEAT
      for “premium ammo” could be M409A1 that IRL had more pen than the first variant
      don’t know the exact historical values but a 155mm HEAT developed in the 1950s had 353mm of penetration, a 1960’s 152mm HEAT should be similar if not superior

      1. Krish says:

        i agree with you too… i know this will never happenbut if it could have amphibious abilities that would be pretty cool as well! 🙂

  11. Huguenot says:

    Am I reading something wrong with the AMX? Because it looks like they gave the gold rounds much better pen, but also a whopping 195 extra alpha. At least with the death star, the hesh gets less pen for planet killing. I understand that on the Sheridan, having a quick firing super derp would be a bit much, but having slower rate of fire than a KV-2? A technologically more advanced tank, four tiers higher…?

    1. Infernal969 says:

      It says clearly: standard shell.
      The values stated are min and max deviations of the 25% RNG. So the AMX 105 has 390 alpha with 234 pen on average.

  12. mondochiwan says:

    The sandbox is starting to get really exciting! I had a good go of it last night and I would say it’s more enjoyable than the original game now.

  13. zebislaw says:

    If we compare T-100 and RHM Panzerwagen we have one that is larger (at least that is what the models suggest) better armoured (only frontally it is 180/120 vs 30/20) and yet it is 10-12 tons lighter? I am not sure how it is supposed to add up. I understand that WG has thrown historical accuracy through the window but it seems that common sense has followed it too.

    1. WhiteBaron777 says:

      Historically the t100 was supposed to have something like 400 turret armor and well over 120 hull. It’s not WG’s fault for once, some crazy tank designer actually thought that combination of weight and armor us possible

  14. The Chinese and the RU lights will be the new Mediums to dominate. Turret poke potential.
    The American and the French will just be another annoying derp/ auto loader tank in the game with more potential to dump on tanks and disappear.
    I think the German one is the only light tank with proper light tank specifications.

    1. DPM and hp.

      Stop being so simple minded. That said the Leo 1 is shit now already with tanks like the 140 making it completely obsolete. Not the light tanks.

  15. I suppose I’m happy for the new content, now if wargaming could rebalance premium shells since that would make the tanks less pay2win. On top of that, most maps are too small for light tanks to get any benefit from their camouflage or view range at tier 10. Combined with their poor accuracy and hit points, they’re pretty much useless at tier 10. If you need DPM, armor, penetration, and view range, just run a bunch of russian mediums or STB-1’s. Maybe 1 or 2 lights to have the extra view range but they are too fragile for much other than being a shitty tank destroyer without putting them into easy focus fire spots. Otherwise, batchats are still the best scouts at tier 10 just because of the better versatility.

    Glad wargaming is trying to make light tanks less frustrating with regards to unique mm and tech trees. Still a lot of balancing problems such as premium shells and consumables that really shouldn’t be glossed over. I suppose one step at a time.

  16. OpaKnobbi says:

    I don’t even want to speak about the ridiculously thick armour, combined with a weight of only 15 tons of weight on that Russian biased “thing”….
    But I would say the crazy horsepower levels on the Russian, German and Chinese Tanks are as wrong as well, technically speaking…
    When I remember correctly, the T-100 had 300hp and the WZ 500-550hp (don’t know about the Rheinmetall) when they where presented here for the first time,and that seemed quite right when you consider what kind of powerplant you might be able to put I to such small tanks in terms of available space…
    But now? 850, 1250 and 1080hp respectively?
    Simply impossible do achieve in RL

    I mean, I have no problems with Wg modifying historical technical stats of vehicles for better game balance, but here they went too far…
    There’s and no way a Tank like the T-100 LT could exist in real live.
    With that armour values, It’s hull and turret alone should break the 15 ton value, even without any kind of components installed…
    And a 850bhp engine would just not fit Into it, as wouldn’t the 1080 and 1250 bhp ones in the WZ and the Rheinmetall!

    Im really worried about how they have thrown any kind of technically correctness out of the window with these things in their current state…

    1. Albedo's Ahoge says:

      The real thing was just on a piece of paper… with paper stats.
      I can come up with a Ford Focus on paper with 10,000mm hull armour. You will believe that?

    1. Infernal969 says:

      Clearly pay2win Japanese derps are fine, but a light tank with a derp that wasn’t a sheer dice roll would break the game. WG logic.

    1. danielcwr (SEA) says:

      wait, i think you’ve messed up the values of its gun. 293 dmg with 175mm pen, and then 480~ for 293 pen? Why would you use the lower damage shell?

  17. LTlover says:

    Any ideas how the premium light tanks will be affected? Will they too get top tier matchmaking potential? Debating on getting the type 62 as long as it can get top tier with this new light mm.

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