Sandbox: Apply now!


Finally, we are being able to apply to participate in the Sandbox testing, you can do it here:





What is the Sandbox server?

The Sandbox is a separate test server, where developers, together with players, will be working on the new vehicle balance of World of Tanks.

The testing on the sandbox server will start this summer. We can’t reveal all the details yet, but you will for sure be able to see entirely new roles for vehicles, including SPGs.

What are the entry criteria?

Not everyone will receive the access to this test server. The criteria for choosing participants will depend on the specific stage of testing but the main objective will be to invite active players who are interested in providing their feedback in order to improve the game.


How do I know that my application was approved?

Players who have been granted access to the test server will be informed via the following sources:

  • An email to your mailbox linked to your account
  • Notification in the game client

We will need some time for processing the applications and evaluation of the number of invited participants.


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