Sandbox: Artillery Ammo Changes

Here are the listed changes regarding the Tier X artillery in the current sandbox iteration. First up the ammunition changes with the new maximum stun times:
– Bat.-Châtillon 155 58:

Shell OCO mle. 1944: Removed

Shell OE M101M4:
Damage – reduced from 1250 to 750
Penetration – reduced from 95 mm to 39 mm
Splash Radius – increased from 3.97 meters to 9 meters
Stun – 32 seconds
Shell OE M101M6:
Damage – reduced from 1250 to 750
Penetration – reduced from 95 mm to 39 mm
Splash Radius – increased from 5.34 meters to 10 meters
Stun – 32 seconds


Shells Gr. 18 Be: removed
Shell Gr. 18 Stg:
Damage – reduced from 2000 to 1100
Penetration – reduced from 105 mm to 53 mm
Splash Radius – increased from 6.22 meters to 14 meters
Stun – 40 seconds
Shell Gr. 18:
Damage – reduced from 2000 to 1100
Penetration – reduced from 105 mm to 53 mm
Splash Radius – increased from 9.21 meters to 15.5 meters
Stun – 40 seconds

– Conqueror Gun Carriage:

Shell HE Mk. 18:
Damage – reduced from 2200 to 1200
Penetration – reduced from 117 mm to 58 mm
Splash Radius – increased from 7.76 meters to 15 meters
Stun – 43 seconds
Shell HE Mk. 19:
Damage – is reduced from 2200 to 1200
Penetration – reduced from 117 mm to 58 mm
Splash Radius – increased from 11.1 meters to 16.7 meters
Stun – 43 seconds

– T92:

Shell M114 / M78: removed
Shell HE M146:
Damage – reduced from 2250 to 1300
Penetration – reduced from 120 mm to 60 mm
Splash Radius – increased from 8.13 meters to 15 meters
Stun – 45 seconds
Shell HE M160:
Damage – reduced from 2250 to 1300
Penetration – reduced from 120 mm to 60 mm
Splash radius – increased from 11.64 meters do16,7 meters
Stun – 45 seconds

– Object 261:

Shell UBR-600: removed
Shell F-600D:
Damage – reduced from 1700 to 900
Penetration – reduced from 102 mm to 45 mm
Splash radius – increased from 4.91 meters to 11 meters
Stun – 38 seconds
Shell F-600BM:
Damage – reduced from 1700 to 900
Penetration – reduced from 102 mm to 45 mm
Splash radius – upgraded with 7.28 meters to 12.7 meters
Stun – 38 seconds

Stat Changes:

Bat.-Châtillon 155 58:

Accuracy improved from 0.8 to 0.61
Aim time reduced from 5.5 to 4.5
Magazine Reload reduced from 80 to 52

GW E 100:

Accuracy improved from 0.84 to 0.76
Aim time is reduced from 7 to 4.8
Reload time decreased from 42.5 to 39

Conqueror Gun Carriage:

Accuracy improved with 1.2 to 1.08
Aim time reduced from 8.8 to 6.1
Reload reduced from 58.1 to 52 with a


Accuracy improved from 0.92 to 0.83
Aim time is reduced from 8 to 5.9
Reload reduced from 53 to 49

Object 261:

Accuracy improved from 0.66 to 0.59
Aim time reduced from 6.5 to 4.5
Reload reduced from 35 to 32 with GW E 100:

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Sandbox: Artillery Ammo Changes

94 thoughts on “Sandbox: Artillery Ammo Changes

  1. cyber_pagan says:

    If they implement these changes I guess I won’t play arty anymore, and I won’t have to worry about ever seeing it in a game again.

      1. DickHerMax says:

        Yeah man, you showed him! Now, go statpad in your autoloader 50km/h @ 250 pen @ 1500 dmg @ 25s reload. If you happen to be on reload in shitty just let that JPE100 hit you, HP will take it all with no module damage. Then you can spit another 1500 at him.

    1. abusemtex says:

      The idea of reducing pen and dmg while buffing reload and accuracy and implementing the stun mechanic isn’t that bad.
      It mirrors pretty much what arty did and does. The stun time though seems a little long.
      I would rather reduce crew abilities by 40%.

      1. Nafre says:

        Well med kits remove it all together and that’s stun against a weak armor target. A heavy will only take 40% of the stun.
        That’s the maximum stun not the lowest stun

  2. oh for fucks sake… didn’t they learn anything from the first test? Artillery stun with insanely long duration just won’t work… And it’s worse now! Stun duration longer then artillery reload? How the fuck thought that was a good idea?

      1. Ad if they are so content with having the stun it should only be:
        – 10 to 20sec duration depending on gun caliber
        – duration is non stackable
        – crew performance reduced by % of time (15sec stun = 15% crew reduction) that diminishes over time till the duration runs out

    1. Polysmeg says:

      thats probably max duration on a direct hit – they said it would decrease with damage, so splash will do significantly less. plus u can just medkit right out anyway. this looks fun to me, at least they’re trying something different. if it fails, hell, try something else.

    2. xlollollolx says:

      the stun duration it depends on how much damage you took, also factoring in armour thickness, those duration values are the highest you can get stunned by, it wont actually be that long

    3. Nafre says:

      You didn’t pay any attention to the fact that tanks won’t usually take the full stun. The more armor you have the less it affects you. Also it’s so your team can actually damage them. If they don’t the stun is utterly pointless. No xp or credits for you

  3. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    So to sum it up :
    -arty is useless

    Good, sandbox over.
    You know what WG at that point just remove the class and give back all the xp and credits people spent in this class. If you dont want to make it playable might as well not make it at all.

    -damage nerfed by half
    -pen nerfed by hald
    -reload buffed by around 3s to make up for the nerfs
    -accuracy buffed by 0.05 to make up for the nerfs
    -aim time buffed by 1 to 2s. Considering these values are not even real, 5.5s aim time in the current game can mean between 10 and 15s depending on where you aim, this buff doesnt mean anything either.

    The brainless monkeys you call developpers forgot to attend math class back in primary school.

    All arty will do in the game now is waste team slots and steal xp, because of 40s stun that counts as assistance like broken tracks : you splash an ennemy for 10dmg and everything that hits him for 40s gets half the xp while you get the other half by doing nothing.

    At least when arty does damages it actualy helps the team. The target will be as mad with stun as with huge dmg, except now arty wont even be useful when bothering people.

    All people asked for was worse dmg and better accuracy/reload so dpm stays the same but we dont get oneshots nor 0 hit games. Just like all we need to make armor work is remove the fucking gold ammo. Instead what WG does is making premium consumables/ammo a necessary thing to be able to play, while destroying everything else.

    I came to the point where I’m actualy hoping for the game to die now. WG only deserves failure, they dont give a shit about their game all they want now is money. Since 9.0 the game is fucked up, they lost so much players back then they went crazy to get the cash back, and now that the playerbase is back to normal they still try to milk us more.

    1. bbmoose says:

      Well, that’s exactly how they should solve the problem. This game is better off without arty, so if they discourage people to play arty, it solves the problem without removing the whole class.

      The game shouldn’t die. No matter how much I love to bitch about WG, I still love playing WoT. I love to hate it. We all do that. And we all should admit that WG did a lot of good stuff in 2016 to WoT and continues to do nice work in 2017.

      If they do something about goldammo, this game will be alive and kicking again. Right?

      1. A lot of good stuff in 2016 I’m not to sure about, before that definitely,
        2016, brought us OP premiums like the skorp, liberte, patriot, a resale of the E5. I don’t have exact data, but I feel we had worse specials than before. We got the Swedish tanks, which in the case of the heavies are completely broken as long as the map has any kind of hulldown possibilities, and pretty much all TDs but the tier 10 are pretty mediocre at best.

        They made a really good base, hell probably my favourite basis ever, but keep screwing up by being to greedy, unable to balance stuff. They kinda seem to get the hang of it now, but Type 5 heavy armour on test server…

        Also I don’t feel any year is good for WOT until there is a year they improve the business model, cause IMO aside from being straight up pay-2-win its one of the worst, with garage slots, barrack slots, insane expensive crew training, OP premium tanks (which obviously is straight up pay-2-win)
        Maybe I’m expecting too much, but if so many games can survive on cosmetics, why couldn’t WOT? At the very least the profits of that could compensate for the slots and crew training costs, I do agree with a credit cost. (Cuz especially for new players that is a GIANT pain in the backside.)

        Slightly more OT, the first thing I feel they should do is give arty siege mode, and not a 2 sec one, but like 5, cause IRL an arty piece cant just drive up and blast their target either AFAIK. (This will help a lot with the LT countering arty, but getting oneshot because the arty is able to respond way too fast and #RNG)

  4. Ron Pestes says:

    I have been saying for a long time that arty needs to be taken out of the game completely. I often wonder if the developers even know how it is used. Stun will make everybody mad, i agree, so just take it out and let us tank drivers have at it. Arty is too random to be fair any way you use it.

    1. Arty would be okay if had nice splash dmg instead of “direct dmg”. That’s all. No stuns needed, just splash for shooting groups of tanks or campers behind rocks etc.

    2. Hey Ron, you must never had to have dealt with a hull down IS-7 or T110E5 in your light tanks or any lower tier vehicle. Even Maus’s and Type 5 Heavies are tough to take out without the help of artillery.

  5. Bricktop says:

    Why don’t you just create delay between clicking a button and shell leaving the barrel? This was arty is gonna, you know, punish base campers being unable to hit LTs going 70? Because this is what arty is for, right? Preventing camping?

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      The delay between fire and hit is already so big adding one between click and fire wont change anything.
      A good arty driver can lead its shots. If you can guess where a light tank will be 3s later and fire accordingly taking into account terrain aswell and in the end hit the LT :
      1) the LT driver is shit. If you drive in a way people can predict where you will be in more than 1s you suck at driving in this class.
      2) the arty driver wont have too much problem adding another second to the lead because this kind of delay is already ridiculous anyway.

      Basicaly that wont change anything ; and people will rage even more if arty hits them if they know that the chances of being hit are even lower than they currently are. Same will happen if you nerf accuracy. Adding more rng makes it even more annoying when it does hit you because people tend to think that “low chances of hitting” equals “no chances of hitting”, which means they’ll be more careless, and the problem is thus with them and not the arty.

      1. Bricktop says:

        Lowering accuracy is another, even more retarded, matter. Thing is, people play arty for one shot kills. If arty is unable to deal massive damage, they will simply stop playing it, which WG doesn’t seem to understand.

      2. Being instant fragged because artillery happened to look in your direction is pretty unfair. If you want high damage, splash 3-4 tanks clustered together and you’ll get 750-1k damage anyways.

  6. I tank back what I said due to there being an important bit of information omitted from here

    “All vehicles in the splash radius are stunned 30% of this time, plus a certain amount of the remaining 70%, depending on the damage they receive. The stun duration also depends on the area within the splash radius.”

    That right there actually makes it all seem rather fair. And looking at the response so far on the sandbox forums it seems to be weel recieved right now

  7. Jurrunio says:

    WG should launch a test with no arty. Then people will find out how difficult it is to dig a hull down IS-7, sidescraping Maus out of their spot.

    1. Remove artillery from the game says:

      Jurrunio, It’s well understood by all except the sh*tters that insist on playing this broken vehicle class (because they’re incapable of performing well in any other class) that artillery actually promotes camping and prevents dynamic gameplay. Artillery is not wanted nor is it needed. I am at a loss as to why Wargaming continue to placate the small percentage of players that want this class in the game. Artillery should be removed completely…

      1. Nafre says:

        Arty is all luck now. When are you guys going to get it into your thick heads. No matter how good you aim the dispersion is random. No skill compensates for rng. I play arty for fun. One hit kills are no fun because I have games where I do barely any damage to compensate.
        I embrace these changes and I can’t wait to actually help my team again instead of apologising that Mr fully aimed shot went into the next map (that’s an exaggeration ofc)

  8. It’s really hard to say how this will work out.
    On the one hand, arty will be able to hit and damage more often.
    On the other hand, the damage per shell will be much lower.
    I don’t know if arty players like this, but other players will hate it if they are stunned for nearly a minute…
    I think we have to try it out.

    1. @Mitch, the damage will be roughly the same if the artillery chooses to splash multiple tanks rather than just one, to compensate for when you can’t splash multiple tanks, this is where you can rack up damage with assistance

  9. Anonymous says:

    LOL what will happen to lower tier arty if a Tier X arty has 1000 damage and 40 mm pen. Can it be 300 damage and 5 mm pen for tier 5 arty?.
    Who wants to grind their arty line with these kind of number?
    “Game balance” devs are so unbiased….

  10. StevoMS says:

    Personally i think the huge reduction in clip reload for the BC is a bit excessive maybe instead of reducing it by 28 seconds how about just 20. I personally think to be shelled by 4 arty shots every 50 seconds might be a bit much.

    1. HUN_Sector says:

      “Conqueror Gun Carriage:
      Reload reduced from 58.1 to 52 with a”

      With a… what? With a large-caliber gun rammer? Or with a little purple dwarf? Or what? 🙂

  11. Anon says:

    Arty is more of a nuisance on the sandbox then on the live server in my opinion. The reload is to short and accuracy too good with the increased spash radius.

  12. Vanmergeren says:

    Just giving no ‘pen to any arty shell and the class problem is solved.
    Apart from MM, game needs no more major changes.

    1. Veso says:

      Yeah sure, not penetrating but still doing 800-900 from across the map without risk of return fire is totally fine. All problems solved …

    2. Just giving artillery no penetration would be a nerf and not a rebalance. As it stands, artillery is almost never at the top of a team list because it is an awful damage dealer and has the longest list of inconsistencies of any tank class that makes them frusterating to play or to be played against. If you believe artillery should be nerfed into the ground so it becomes useless then I suggest you reconsider your opinion especially if you find yourself in a position where you are trying to fight a higher tier tank when you are in a light, low health, or trying to stop a rush. Believe it or not, every tank class needs the support of indirect fire to stop a battle from crawling to a stalemate.

  13. Sven says:

    I played the Sandbox yesterday, and I must say the stun function worked quite well. I didn’t play arty and thus was on the recieving end. The stun never took my crew out completely, they just functioned worse (gunner shooting as a dead gunner etc).

    The hope of removing arty alltogether I think is unrealistic. It would have been done ages ago if it was possible (from WG standpoint of compensation to players with high tier artys and such).

    So, if this is how arty will be in the future, I welcome it. It isn’t as good as no arty, but it is better than the arty we have now in the game.

  14. Berto72 says:

    when i play arty i have relax and fun, when not i dont cry when arty oneshoot me. Easy without fix. stun, MM changes or other.

    1. So you would not be upset to be a Maus or any top tier tank in a perfect game with exception you are one of only 4 top tier tanks including tier X artillery on either side. You would be fine with driving up to have the best fight of the month but then an enemy T92 fires ap, penetrates your Maus, ammo racks you, and that is the only game you had time to play in a day? Perhaps you would be in the minority who thought that would be a fun situation to be in.

      Especially for new players that are not accustomed to instant frags, world of tanks is a brutal game that struggles to get new blood. If you believe instant frags are essential to tank gameplay, warthunder does a far better historical representation of tank warfare than the fun, arcade mode that world of tanks focuses on.

  15. Honcho says:

    Remove tier 10 and 9 arty and give the rest mm like the scouts. Arty will still earn good xp for being low tier and the ones getting hit will not be one-shot as often.

    1. It doesn’t, because the arty stats will be the same, regardless of what tier they actually are. That’s the way it was before they introduced the tier 9 and 10 arty already.

  16. PKW says:

    I still thank those arties with 50+ pen will be a problem. Just think about what gonna be when they hit a lightly armour tank like a Leopard 1 or some LTs. Of course they don’t have ability to really one shot those tanks anymore, but they still hold a decent chance to pen and make shxt loads of damage, now even come with a stun, and its likely to be a full duration stun because it is a pen. Encourage players to not shooting the same, singe target doesn’t mean they have to this, and I am sure people will go for the easy way. In that poor lightly armour tank, you either die in a second by a lots of guns, or you die by the next shot from the same arty. Make the possible highest pen for T10 arties about 30 to 35mm, then we are talking.

  17. Robert Adamson says:

    i love all the crying, not often you see the arty lovers, normally the people who hate arty are seen 1st lol i think its a good change except maybe the bat chat still having a magazine and the excessive stun, but that depends on damage done to the target, and if you have 3 shells raining down on a single target with decreased aimtime then bat chat will probably still be hated by anyone on the receiving end

  18. Rombat says:

    Stun is a shitty ideea that should be remove…Arty players don’t have any plasure in stunning people just to kill them and the people who are stunned are also not happy because they can’t do anything at all to defend themselvs after they were stunned…so stunning makes unhappy everyone.
    Arty should be let in shoot arty kills are very rare calculated on the number of arty projectiles that are beiing shoot in this game…is a false problem. Moore ammorack oneshoot kills are happenning when others tanks shoot than arty shoots.
    Why wg don not provide us a statistic of how many oneshoot arty kils are in the game at 100 shots shooted by arty?

    1. The problem with arty is not just the one-shot-kills. It’s the massive randomness. That’s what kills the fun for arty players. And this fixes that.

      Yes, I do have fun stunning players. And they have plenty of ways to defend themselves. First off, the stun is not always applied, there is a chance percentage here. And they can use consumables to clear it. Now arty can actually reliably help in a battle, instead of being completely subject to the will of the RNG gods…

    2. "Light" tank-player says:

      One thing about your assumption is wrong, Rombat, stun does not disable a tank, it just makes the crew bad for a bit.

      Only thing stopping you from defending yourself would be you not shooting.

      Also, I agree with shade, arty as it is now is very annoying to play, fully aimed shots just missing because of RNG, or a hit but only tracking the target, and for the targets, when they get a huge chunk/all of their health taken off all at once it’s annoying too, so I like these stun changes so far, pretty good over all.

    3. banjoman150 says:

      Yea i agree that this setup looks much more fun as the current one. I played Sandbox #1 and arty was already miles better than before in terms of RNG and stuff. But oh noes arty is effective and can support the team … NERF IT ITS TOO MUCH… Fuck all of you who want arty removed or prevent it from being overhault into something usefull! Alot of people played long and hard to get to T10 arty and a simple XP compensation wont do.

    4. If you still want to do massive damage in arty, splash 3-4 tanks with your increased splash radius, rinse and repeat because you will eventually beat the recharge on their consumables. All the while picking up tons of assist/stun damage from harassing and stopping rushes down one side of a flank. Reseting base captures/rushes will also be a lot less down to luck.

  19. Jonny Texas says:

    Can someone answer a question about the kits?

    Do premium kits still heal/fix everyone, or is it just a cooldown time advantage to fix a single person/problem or do they still fix everyone every 60 sec as opposed to standard which fix a single person/item every 90?

    1. So consumables retain their same function with cool downs slapped on. Premium consumables heal/repair all for 60 sec and small consumables heal/repair one crew member/module every 90 sec. It is still pay2win like premium ammo but I suppose the sandbox is for one problem at a time before a formal test on the public test server.

  20. torturebear says:

    From the perspective of a veteran CW player and commander this kind of arty is a dream. Damage was always random but worked well in several occasions. I love sometimes top players in top clans complaining in the game or otherwise about “skycancer” and “clickers”(even though all players click their game long but just to mention it) while in Clanwars their clans were using it to a effectiveness. Its very hypocritical and also annoying. People who get hit by arty are mostly not looking at the enemy set up, their position and also standing in place for ages to be shot.
    Noone likes to be a oneshot and arty became (as well as everything else in WoT) a subject to so much rng that you cannot reliably work with stuff.
    We used arty very much AND there is a difference between good and bad arty players so much that we didnt give some people the allowance to play arty in CW because they couldnt deliver. Nothing better than a combined force of 15 players together who are working together and communicating and having base campers flushed out with some nice shells of a GC.

    Surely as an arty player I like damage, and I enjoy oneshots… but actually I could live with less reload, more accuracy and less damage and therefore more reliability. But with the new features – a whole new world. Maybe the randoms wont get as … frustrating or funny as they are now but in fact imagine a coordinated team facing a push of an enemy group… and then comes my new hero: BC 155 58. A clip of four shells and you can splash a group of pushing E100s … wait for their repair and splash them again, sending in your meds like OBJ 140s, Batchats, and killing off stunned targets. In theory that is way more awesome then the former damage rng factor.

    So you exchange damage for stun: in randoms a mild aspect becomes deadly in CW.

  21. PeterSmith says:

    No one has mentioned the effect on personal missions – for arty players. Seems to me that WG have accidently cocked that up.
    I don’t play arty in missions but some do and I wonder how they are going to turn out.

    1. Since this is an artillery rebalance sandbox and not a personal missions rebalance it is understandable that they are ignoring them at the moment. We will probably see changes to personal missions when these tests are finalized on a public test.

  22. Anonymous says:

    dear WG are you all out of your mind?
    i play arti mostly for my clan and with these nerf i might as well be a overpowerd medium player because they are the new heavy/td’s/lights of the game.
    i war artillerie was supposed to help taking out hard targets but as i see now with the nefs you do to it you might as well take the arti out of the game.

  23. Str0nktenk says:

    The game wont die because of arty.. the game will die due to WGs bullshit unbalanced matchmaking rendering skills and player input irrelevant.

    So many games where the outcome is plain before the game starts due to completely unbalanced teams.

    Im sick to fuck of WG wasting my time and not treating players fairly.

    They can suck my cock before i spend any more cash on this fucked game.

  24. Matthieu Coulombe says:

    I hope you get assisted damage for stunning people at least! My arties wont be collecting dust in my garage with all the time i played to have them!

    1. You get lots of assist damage because the large splash is good for tracking tanks. You also get a new special stun assist damage on tanks you stun. No specifics given on how it is calculated other than the stun assist damage is proportional to the damage and stun time you inflict in ratio to the maximum stun time. Resseting base caps will also be really fun as well.

  25. Anonymous says:

    BS. Too bad mechanics. If you get hit for ~max stun, which would be the case given arties get accurate and dispersion buffs, you *CANNOT* technically *move faster, *shoot accurately, *repair damages. That means you are a sitting duck, supposed to by fly squatted by everyone who can shoot you unless you load up *premium medkit*.

    Better mechanic would have been to use arty setup time, like seige mode, and then increase accuracy after each shot. If you move you have to start all over again at aiming. Play like true arty.

    Not to name other game but WG has to come up with creative ways to balance the new crud that they are putting in.

  26. N'bwassa N'bwobwo says:

    I’m really rubbing my hands together with glee here. If arty dies as a class, who are all the stupid HT players going to blame and moan about? Each other?

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