Sandbox Artillery Changes

Good day everyone,

A couple of changes will be introduced to artillery on the Sandbox server (paraphrased from original Russian):

1) Guaranteed stun time increased from 35% to 45% of maximum stun time. This was done in order to allow artillery to have a greater affect on heavily armored vehicles, as heavy armor could ngatesome of the stun effects. The maximum stun times will remain unchanged, so nothing will change for more lightly armored vehicles.

2) Impact of stun vehicle effeciency increased by 50%. This was done to give teammates on the side of the artillery a greater chance of engaging a stunned target, and increasing the difficulty of an engaged target from escaping or engaging attacking enemies.


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Sandbox Artillery Changes

41 thoughts on “Sandbox Artillery Changes

  1. These changes seem nice but i still think they need to reduce the blast radius a bit. Between current live server radius and sandbox radius would be good.
    Slight increase to reload for some of the arty would be nice
    Also the removal of premium HE shells… I see no reason to force premium shells on to arty.

    1. Opinion based on paper stats vs opinion based on experinece on the sandbox… ill tell you now that WG are after tthe opinion of those who have experienced it and so far the responce on the sandbox forum has been possitive towards this itteration of the arty rework.

      1. Nighty says:

        The positive reactions came mostly by ARTY players. The regular tank players are already giving up on giving their “not listened to” opinions about this.

  2. Tango12Bravo says:

    These changes as of 10/2 seem fair to all concerned… I also like the stunned timer and the intended target overlay for friendlies.. hopefully will minimise blue on blue or should I say green on green 😉 incidents

  3. Steve says:

    I play on the Sandbox and I’m perpetually baffled when players think lesser damage of arty equals a nerf to arty. The stun effect is a gigantic OP increase in the effect arty can have on a game, do not be fooled.

    1. yea but it relies on “random teammates” in random battles most of the time, and well, how obtain does “teamwork” happen in randoms (and i don’t really care about the other modes like CW because all that filled with is everyone spamming gold and playing nothing but the best tanks, not fun)

  4. Dracon says:

    @Steve BUT it gets rid of what is really the #1 annoying feature of arty.
    Being 1 hit and having half your hitpoints to complete destruction of your tank. Especially when your camping so hard, pushing a flank against the enemy running full speed. Yeah, necessary.

    No, it sucks getting shot period, wether its arty or a bush camping TD, people always find something to complain about.
    This change is NECESSARY and in the right direction.
    Could be worse, you could have SPG’s running around at 50kph, shotgunning you down city map alleyways all the time only to slip away before you knew what happened =\ *Rolls eyes at AW*

  5. Quasar says:

    I think the vast majority are missing the point all this particular change does is replace one annoying aspect of arty with a (potentially) even worse annoying aspect.

    Don’t get me wrong A change is needed, it’s just THIS particular change is not it.

    Just reduce the alpha damage by 1/3 across the board and adjust aim time and reload to compensate. Problem solved.

    As a great man once said; all things being equal the best solution is the simplest solution.

      1. Hamiradon says:

        The bert doesn’t play by standard Arty rules. The FV304’s reload and aim time can stay where it is, but instead reduce the damage a lil bit, get rid of it’s perma tracking capabilities and give it the stun capability instead.
        Basically, every other arty will become slightly more bert, and id rather have that than russian roulette arties.

      2. No point denying it, Quasar made a mistake and showed everyone how little he understood artillery. The Bert and the lefh are artillery just the same as the Bishop, Birch Gun and any other artillery especially at low tiers. Perma tracking has also been reduced because of rechargeable consumables, now there is an interesting choice of saving your consumable, burning it to repair a module, or burning it to instantaneously break a stun.

        Less random artillery is also a definite plus. I think it was a good idea to move artillery away from damage dealing to more of a competitive team based utility role. The stun, increased splash, and reliable accuracy will make at least having one artillery in clan wars, strongholds, or some small scale tournaments a flexible option. If you still want to one shot tanks, there is the KV-2 and O-I still on the table but random orbital sky laser instant frag lotto’s are just way too frustrating to the majority of players.

  6. Rombat says:

    Stun effect should be remove…creates only frustration on both sides of the gun: for arty players and for the other players.

      1. Nighty says:

        The 1-shot or 2/3 shots happen how often, once a week? The stun will affect tank player how often, 1-2 times per match?

        What´s the lesser evil now?

      2. Winterx says:

        A player gets one-shot by arty once or twice a month and he will rant and rave for the rest of each match.
        A player gets stunned once or twice every ten matches and subsequently killed off by enemy TDs and Tanks as he suddenly is a helpless, sitting duck – and he will rant and rave all day long.

        ==> R.I.P. WoT

  7. whatever happened to arty affecting the crew? if any of you have played world of warplanes lately, they have a crew thing in there that affects mostly every characteristic.
    Say you get smacked by a 300 dmg shot, that would stun the hell out of the crew and decrease their efficiency, why they are just adding a simple stun that seems way to long is beyond me, but crew training percent should definitely play an important part in this…..

  8. Ulric says:

    Before anyone rags on me, I’ve played all the sandbox iterations, so I’m speaking from my experience.

    I never post here, but this stun mechanic is a terrible idea. Arty basically already has a root stun in that it usually tracks you, but to add a crew stun to that is horrendous.

    I like everything they have done with arty so far, except the stun. It has changed it from a point engagement weapon to an AoE weapon. This change rewards arty players who maximise the number of tanks damaged in a single shot, because direct hits to one tank will do less total damage than splashing 3 or 4. This paradigm shift is enough of a departure that adding a second stun mechanic to a system that has very little testing or data (when compared to lube servers) is unwise.

    Also, being on the receiving end of the stun is even worse than having half of your HP taken away, because now your are both tracked out in the open, and it takes longer for you to repair because of the crew debuff, and you can’t fight back as effectively. This means that you will probably take more total damage from being stunned that simply having arty shave a chunk of HP off. This is also the stated intention of the stun effect; to make it easier to kill a stunned tank.

    The stun mechanic will drive players away from this game. Leave it to WG to break something even more while trying to fix it. And they almost have it fixed, too. Seriously, remove the stun BS, and test it that way. That is the point of the sand box, right? So you can test things in a low to no commitment environment?

    This whole stun mechanic sounds like someone’s pet idea from upper management that will get forced through despite any negative feedback because they don’t actually play their game, or understand player sentiment.

  9. goingtobebasecampertd says:

    Really guys???? i played in sandbox with several tanks and tds, arty cant do shit anymore…obj263 got hit several times by artys and i didnt see any effect to my play, counter was rolling but it didnt stop me moving or shooting and killing my enemy.
    This is totally useless nerf, and doesnt help teams at all.
    Arty must be most nerffed tank class in game, people wont bother to learn to play that arty cant kill u, they just want to base camp. That is what this nerf will do, half team in random battles is sitting in base, top tier noobs dont have to move anywhere.
    WG has gone completely wrong direction on this one, better would have been removing all HE shells from arty, direct hit and you are dead, move and do your job and arty cant hit you.
    I dont see arty players wining in every forum how they are one shot to every one, not complaining how they are slow, have no armor and are totally useless if team wont help scout…..but hey maybe 80% of players just cant play, they just pay….

  10. solodos2 says:

    Impact of stun vehicle effeciency increased by 50%.
    So they reduce the damage from artillery and add 50% damage for stunned tanks. People not only still hate the artillery if not artillery will be boring to play.

  11. NDGR says:

    I do have to say, I enjoy playing as and against arty way more. While the stun is annoying, you can fight back and even counter it with your first aid kit. The heavier and such the harder to dodge the lower the stun time. While some seem to be really frustrated I wonder, have you played with and against reworked arty yet? Or is it just based on an assumption? I feel like it works out pretty well.

  12. Han_Y0lo says:

    Look, I wouldn’t be heartbroken if arty disappeared altogether- I simply don’t think they promote “dynamic gameplay” at all. But, if we must have clickers, then a stun mechanic might make sense rather than the broken one shot Russian roulette we have now.

  13. Winterx says:

    This here is just like in Navyfield… eversince they introduced Aircraft Carriers the Battleship Folks kept whining. Those latter ones were just so used to fight BB vs BB duels, they put all armor points into the deck armor and not ever thinking about carrying AA guns (or learning how to use these – granted, a lot of these BBs had horrible AA armament). But the fact remains that carriers were seen as the typical “they are ruining the game” (or more apropiatly speaking: “they are ruining THEIR game”).

    At the beginning, carriers would still carry an even detachement of Torpedo Bombers, Dive Bombers and Fighters.

    So, the developers decided to nerf the S*** out of the carriers, firstly by;
    – reducing hangar capacity,
    – limiting the number of planes per squadron and
    – limiting the number of dedicated crew members

    That didn’t work well for too long with carrier players adapting and BB player getting rewarded for not adapting. So the next step by the Devs was via;
    – reducing the damage of aircraft torpedos
    – lowering the durability of the torpedo bombers
    – taking away experience most % points per sunk/damaged shipping or shot down enemy planes and
    – replacing those with extra % of credits…

    so carriers’d only be useful as cash cows but would take eons to level up in and thus reducing their attractiveness. Which again, didn’t work out. Soon carriers adapted, ditching torpedo bombers for more dive bombers. BBs kept crying. Next step;
    – increasing the time required to prep the planes befor each flight,
    – reducing the accuracy of dive bombers,
    – reducing the penetration of dive bombs,
    – making dive bombers harder to handle,

    Carrier players reacted by ditching the torpedo bombers, now using mostly fighter planes to troll enemy carriers and effectively keeping enemy BBs under a swarm of fighters, thus lighting them up while shooting down whatever enemy plane would take off – thus effectively blinding the enemy. Since the only thing they’d get out of sinking a ship were credits and shooting down planes also only gave them (even more) credits – well… anyone surprised? The Devs finally introduced a script

    – limiting carriers per team to a maximum of #3 *
    – decreasing the size of the fuel tank capacity for all planes

    * (though failing to distinguish between tiers… so imagine a tier 1 carrier balanced against a tier 6 carrier) and later
    ** (causing most planes never to make it back to the carrier – which was quickly reversed and the Devs gave up and left carriers like that, BB players having either long stopped playing the game or being ambivalent by then)…

    and then, then the Devs introduced submarines! – And so poorly it started the entire balancing-crying game all anew. And this is exactly what WG is doing and going to achieve with the arty rebalance: C.R.4.P.

  14. wolvenworks says:

    sounds like it’s a good day to play Artillery now =)

    i’m still in the opinion that it’s completely okay to return arty to the state before the Great Arty Nerf (very reliable accuracy) on the condition that only 1 or 2 (preferably one) artillery per team is allowed. i believe that it will be a simpler fix, and it pleases both pro- and anti-arty camps (in my very prideful, totally not humble opinion. you only be humble on your opinions when you’re being paid to kiss ass)

  15. party1c says:

    fuck you arty-haters. l2p or go play tier 1/wot-blitz.

    its a shame that wargaming listens to the incompetent crybabys instead of simply giving us skill-mm.

    do you idiots really belive this will change anything for you? ok, maybe you dont get oneshoted for beeing retarded and camping in open field with your paper autoloader without any cover… but do you really belive losing half your HP and beeing stunned for 20 seconds and getting a 50% nerf for your whole tank is better?

    1. DZ says:

      thats because retards use the term “skill-mm” which is fucking stupid.. balanced MM would be more in line with what the majority people would want.

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