Sandbox| Cavalier British Medium

Stats + Game Screen Shots

Cavalier (🇬🇧 UK Tier5 Medium ) – a new tank in the UK Tech tree. It will appear with the release of balance 3.0 to the main servers (approximately, the very end of spring).

It is located after the Matilda as the first of the medium branch leading to the Cromwell. We have an extensive stat screenshot and in the wild pics.
There are several TOP guns to choose from.

Crew 5 people: Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio operator, Charger.

* Developed in 1941 by Nuffield Mechanizations and Aero based on the components and assemblies of the Crusader tank. In dire need of tanks, Britain launched the vehicle into production without testing. A total of 500 units were issued.

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Cavalier English overlay

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Sandbox| Cavalier British Medium

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