SandBox: How Stun Works


Thanks to Deadarashi for posting this in the comment section, he also says:

“This video I uploaded shows how the stun works when I get shot by an Obj 261, Conqueror GC and T92. Note the reload increase (until I get damaged ammo rack) you might also notice reduction in speed and traverse time”

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SandBox: How Stun Works

80 thoughts on “SandBox: How Stun Works

  1. CLAYM0RE says:

    one of the things i hope it doesnt make it to the game, and yes i am on the SB server so i did try it alot from both sides

    1. I want to disagree with you, but only partially. The stun effect is a great idea, but in it’s current form it’s too much. If the time and severity of the effects were decreased then it would make arty a very useful support class that would actually be rather balanced (at least more so then what it currently is)

      1. Because the AW system stil relies heavily on DPM with minor focus on support, also the fact that the artilery in AW aren’t exactly large caliber and are modern. They are 155mm guns compard to the 180, 210, 230 and 240mm guns in WoT… That is reson enough to be unable to aim for the same system, it just will not structually fit

      2. qwertypresser says:

        I would have to agree, the stun debuff is way to harsh right now. On maps with natural choke points like Karelia, the ability for artillery to stun multiple tanks at once can easily cripple a defense, especially if several artillery are working together to suppress that area. Unless this is all part of WG’s plan to force all combat to be at short range, where an artillery short risks effecting both friend and foe.

      3. stormcrow99 says:

        @Claymore because WoT isn’t supposed to be an AW copy.
        Also because the way AW arty works just wouldn’t work in WoT. Too high calibers for so little damage per shot, the amount of crits would be rage inducing with WoTs HE mechanics.

      4. ThisisGunnaHurt says:

        Its a garbage idea altogether. Make it shorter and it’s useless, make it longer/stay the same and it’s too harsh. What they should do is reduce HE pen about 75-90%, remove AP and HEAT from all artillery and leave it as it is.

      5. Ramenrasengan says:

        @Thisisgunnahurt But that would make Arty unplayable, if all you are doing is constantly missing and those few times you do hit, you do only 500 damage, no one would play arty because it would be way to frustrating.

      6. Anonymous says:

        The Stun effect is too much, even if they shorten it. The players already have to handle broken tank parts and hurt crew members, adding another debuff will simply overtax the reaction capabilities of players after some rounds.

    2. Nya-chan Production says:

      I hope it does, only shortened in duration (some arties give very long debuff upon hitting very close or directly). It’s a good compromise since it decreases arties’ lethality, but increases its support options. There might come more, but for now this is a decent start.

      1. CLAYM0RE says:

        i have had the problem where i get stunned until the spg that stunned me reloads and stuns me again and again until i die, or worse his friends in spgs come for the party too

      1. GrimmReaperBG says:

        so true 🙂 AW is utter garbage. It’s no surprise NA server died and EU will follow in half a year or so 🙂

      2. Dudi says:

        aw is good…

        Americans are just to dump for more complex mechanics that Point and shoot.

        Same in eve online

  2. tribun1211 says:

    i like the stun thing….but the problem is that the stun time sometimes is longer than the arties reload…arty should only be allowed to have he ammo… ap and heat ammo is bullshit…arty would never fought tanks directly… so let them only use he, lower the alpha and almost everybody is happy. its killing the game when you pinned down by unspottable td and then gets one shoted by arty….by someone who sits in the back of the map and do nothing but click a button

    1. -In the Sandbox right now arty on has HE. AP and HE Prem were unavailable.
      – Damage has been reduced based on caliber (T92 got hit the hardest with its average damage being reduced from 2,250 to 2,250)

      Currently they are working to make arty less damage reliant and more support based

      1. Anonymous says:

        I really like the idea of Smoke rounds for arty, but I can’t see how it can be made to give a benefit to the arty player. They’re used in AW though, so presumably it does there.

    2. Beside that I agree for WoT its debatable if Arty should carry AP and HEAT, but historically your
      statement is incorrect.
      German Artillery was regularly forced to fight tanks, because no other means were available.
      e.g. the Wespe for example did carry some AP rounds for that purpose sometimes, the 105mm leFH18 was able to fire a Panzergranate and was used frequently against tanks, when no 88 or else was available to knock out KVs etc…

      In the same manner the Sturmpanzer IV “Brummbaer”, though not designed for that task, was frequently brought into action against tanks. Thats why I believe its truly missing in WoT

      my 2 cents

      1. Anonymous says:

        British 25 pounders in the Western Desert were frequently used as front-line anti-tank guns too, although that was field guns, not mobile arty.

      2. qwertypresser says:

        During WW2 it was common for British and Commonwealth artillery units to trained to be used in an anti-tank role. It was also not uncommon for some British and Commonwealth tanks to be trained to be able to fire their HE in an in-direct manner.

    3. Laserguided says:

      You are a typical arty whiner with comments like ” nothing but click a bottom”. We don’t need these nonconstructive comments here.

    4. Winterx says:

      Actually, apart from HE (and other types such as Shrapnell, etc, which we aren’t discussing here) real life self-propelled ordnance used and still uses AP, HEAT, HESH as well as HEP ammo for diverse targets, as in bunker busting and anti-tank role.

      So, one has no knowledge on the topic when one sets out. Regardless, one doesn’t do any research. So one merely assume. And so, one’s assumption is most incorrect.

      And as a result that assumption flaws your conclusions.

      1. GrimmReaperBG says:

        Well, okay, but how comes that the stun has 100% effectiveness? It stuns ALL of the crew members, which isn’t quite possible in real situation. If they all got stunned than most probably they’ll all gone dead. I mean it’s ok to have the guys that are placed in the upper part of the vehicle stunned (commander, driver), but the loader in 99% of the vehicle is under them and if he gets stunned the crew members placed above him will be dead for sure. That’s idiotic!

  3. Deano says:

    nah fuck that thats way too long to stun a tank max 15s more than that is ridiculous (15s for the longest reloading arty for smaller faster firing artys it should be reduced)

    1. If you count it from when they Obj 261 first hit me to when it hit me again 28 seconds had passed… It initially gave me a 30 sec stun so even if the other arty didn’t shoot me it could still perma stun me by itself

      1. Let’s assume a 10 sec stun. Track repair, even if your crew was trained for repair, will get slowed down to last longer than 10sec. Permastunned *and* permatracked, anyone?

  4. The one thing that really bugs me (aside from the loooong stun time on some arty and 10 sec on others) is the sound being dampened. It really drives me insane, hope there is a way to remove it.

  5. So, now arty will not deal that much damage (finally), instead, it keeps you now on permatrack, aweakening your vehicle, with this stun system?
    What I see here is not really promising, but since there were multiple arties, and he was in the biggest tank in arty open, I will not criticise this that drasticly. Maybe it does work, I do not know, but they have my curiosity, that’s for sure. I like how they want to change SPGs’ roles. Would be nice to see more of these kinds of videos.

    1. This stun allows SPGs to end a battle with 150dmg done but 2500 assist damage because of stun.

      Basicaly now they get rewarded for doing no damage but having as much targets in their splash as possible. Good or bad, may differ depending on opinions, but in the end its still a class that isnt fun to play, not a lot of fun to fight (still less frustrating to get hit by one, so big plus here. But arties are more frustrated to reload 40s to do 400dmg…) and still too much rng on accuracy.

      1. Today I got my invite to sandbox. I still don’t understand why alpha damages were needed to be lowered on certain tanks, but the thing happened to the SPGs, is really promising. Since reload time was reduced, accuracy increased, finally I have the ability to hit the enemy again. I am amazed, since nowadays on live server, I can’t hit anything cas of horrible stats on arties, so even with less damage I like them again now. Even with less damage I could do some high damage rounds, cas finally it’s not that much RNG based, and even if I miss, via splash I can get some assist. This is really great, I love it.

    2. Winterx says:

      1) I expect hit tank players to go apeshit getting killed while stunned. Especially with fast firing and/or teaming arty.
      2) The stun idea will disbalance arty play at low tier and at high tier levels. Either fire rate or accuracy and stun time will make things either OP and tankers will hate it, or too complicated and underrewarded so that arty player won’t bother anymore.
      3) That moment when a single scout foxes through the lines and gets at the 3 enemy arties will result in even more defenceless arties, moreso when considering how horrible teamwork is in PU matches.

      Just 3 quick examples.

      It. Won’t. Work.

    1. GameGlitch says:

      We asked for a change to arty and premium ammo too, and they listened to that. Fixing mm hasn’t come yet, besides the change to limit of arty (from 5 down to 3). But they plan to do that as well. In any case, there are many changes we didn’t ask for directly, but so far, they overall fit into what the player base wanted. There are certainly several problems, but it is a big step in the right direction.

  6. MarcAntony says:

    Now instead of getting killed by clickers quick, you will have a long agony before you die, while you cannot do anything about it and the frustration is even worse.
    Fuck this game,fuck wg and fuck their stupid fucking developers.

    1. Got hit 5 times in a row by arties in my E-100. 3 BC58, 1 obj261, 1 CGC. I lost less than 500 dmg, and they still have 30s reload. And with the stun I could still snapshot an arty 300m away and survive incoming shells.
      Arty is underpowered in this new version. Annoying at worse, but not dangerous at all. A scout could rush it head on and not fear to take damage from it as they dont do anything. T92 is the only arty that could reliably kill a t8 scout, and again with high pen roll, otherwise 450dmg.

      1. Nya-chan Production says:

        Scouts were supposed to kill arties fairly reliably in early WoT versions, though, so this is a return to the old roles.

  7. Laserguided says:

    This system is still flawed. A tank with OP armor is not affected at all; it will just soak up shots until stun is over. Arty will not help digging out a hull down tank in this form. Maybe decrease armor rating of a stunned tank?

    1. Nya-chan Production says:

      It helps indirectly – you stun it and your allies get notified about him being stunned and they can rush him down. Either way, he will likely be forced to move (HP losses are HP losses), back to better cover or attack. Both help against ultra hard camping.

  8. I thought Sandbox currently is under NDA…

    This is not the final version, but all noobs will begin complaining how it doesnt work, even if they didnt try it upclose. Even if it wont ever get on live servers.

    I’d suggest removing this article from the blog.

    1. Nya-chan Production says:

      There were many leaks on which the NDA doesn’t work, because they were released before the actual NDA start.

    2. Winterx says:

      Tbh, if they even just considered going into this direction and even moreso testing this sort of stuff, we cannot shout out loud enough what a fuck up this promisses to be – if you’ll excuse the language. I’ve seen enough good and functioning games get lethaly ruined (and financially so) by developers “testing of great new ideas”.

  9. Explodo says:

    I would think that most people play tanks to hurt things. Some players can have fun with supporting roles, but it seems to me that most will just not bother to play a class that can’t do damage. The whole reason to play a tank game is to do damage!

    If they take away arty’s ability to do damage, then they’re really just signaling that they don’t want people to play arty.

  10. From 14 second reload to 22 seconds? And it lasts for 30 seconds? As well as all other aspects of your tanks, such as mobility, getting worsened too? And keeps getting reset each time you’re hit by an arty shell? And the BC-58 exists?

    Nice fucking meme, WG. That reduced alpha seems great, I’m happy arty didn’t get a huge accuracy and DPM buff (instead just a pretty significant aim time buff, which is fine), but that debuff is so fucking obscene it’s ridiculous. XVM focus will now be even more cancer

  11. bob beb says:

    I – LOVE – THIS ! – SO – INCREDIBLE – MUCH !!!

    i didnt play wot since… idk… 3 or 4 months… – and yet i come here to read about stuff like that.
    its just 5 stars worth of fun……..

  12. DZ says:

    Stupid Idea….. they are already trying to nerf the crap out of the tanks, now they want to further screw the game up.. I swear, if they implement this moronic idea, they are dumber then they have been leading us to believe they are.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I really love the Arty Stun.An excellent idea.But the time is to freking LONG.35-36 seconds?!? Holy shit,that’s a lot.Maybe 5-10 secons would be best .And if you are hit by splash maybe just 3-5 seconds.

  14. I really love the Arty Stun.An excellent idea.But the time is to freking LONG.35-36 seconds?!? Holy shit,that’s a lot.Maybe 5-10 secons would be best .And if you are hit by splash maybe just 3-5 seconds.

  15. Major Rager says:

    Why did they waste time with the ear candy last patch if they were planning on muting it later?
    It is amazing how they introduce something then later come up with another idea that negates it.
    Which part of “fix” do they not understand?

  16. OP Arty says:

    If you are someone who is a priority target for arty in WOT then this is a HUGE step in the wrong direction. On SB if you’re in a paper tank you’ll take damage, crew will die and you’ll get stunned for 40 seconds YES 40 thanks to the above you’ll be unable to run away and so you’ll be constantly stunned, take damage and have crew die for the rest of the battle. Unfortunately the only way round this is to use armored tanks with spall linings then the affects are minor.. In the current build paper tanks are unplayable, though not all the reasons are because of arty changes.

  17. ThisisGunnaHurt says:

    Wg is missing what is making people leave their game by taking blind stabs at problems like this. They should be focused on overall balance and not crippling a certain class. After arty it will be another class to cripple and after that class is needed to death it will be another class. Balanced mm, less rng, less premium ammo spam, less artillery pen, less artillery per game or bigger maps with bigger teams would go a long way to reducing the frustration a lot of people have with the game

  18. Winterx says:

    So… a good idea implemented badly is now to be replaced with a bad idea implemented horribly?

    R.I.P. WoT * 2010 +2017

  19. this is more annoying that been derped, Arty should be like in real life, faster to reload, worse to aim in movement but more accurate for static objetives, and Boom, in real life You wont be stunned by a 155 mm HE shell, you will be Kaboom

  20. CZARBUCKZ says:

    I am not interested in ‘stun’ crap, it’s tough enough to play arty as it is! People don’t seem to realize that the biggest arty nerf is that you can do 2,000 dmg and get a kill and still get less XP than another team mate that did 300 dmg! you have to share all of your XP with the other tanks that give the spot, and if there is no spot you got no shot… plus all the times the teams let you out to dry and some light or medium tank comes and murders you. If you don’t have an exceptional game then you loose money almost every game, so no crew XP and no credits, so why the hell play? and there MUST be some sort of algorithm with RNG that screws arty every-so-many shots, because it will hit ONE good shot and then yer done for the game, just give up- you miss everything, or maybe you get ONE good game and the next 5 games are crap. If I get a kill or two on a game I am pretty happy playing arty, but if all I can do is stun and get no XP for my crew, loose credits and be constantly on the bottom of the pile every stinkin game, I will be selling all my arties. It sucks to do 4X the dmg of other tanks in my class and getting 1/4 of the XP.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Get a Bishop – the aiming reticule is smaller than a KV-1 hull, and the reload is faster than he can retrack…

      Same applies to the FV304 (same gun), with added Bertiness.

  21. CZARBUCKZ says:

    You are right! I have and play both, but I like to play the other arty’s I have as well. I’ve got over 150 tanks, 15 of them are arty’s. I like to mix it up.

    The thing is, you can play a light tank, get in the bush, and just spot all game…. get like 3K spot damage and never fire a shot- you totally support the team and it really works because you get rewarded with credits and XP for that spot dmg. What does arty get? arty might have done 2K of that dmg you got the spot for… your light tank will easily get 4X the credits and XP as that arty.

  22. Anonymous says:

    WOW! I sure hope they never implement this make believe stun BS. If so, let’s put unicorns and faeries into this tank game as well.

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