SandBox Official Summary


this is the official summary of the Sandbox:



Vehicles available to players are limited to Tier X, and also to Light Tanks of Tier VIII. Each vehicle will have a crew with 100% in Major Qualification and enough Crew XP to train 3 extra skills/ perks. At the beginning of testing, players will be given a one-time crediting of 5,000,000, and each day they will also get 500upon logging in. In addition, the credit acquisition rate will be increased 200% compared to the standard game server. Also, the possibility to purchase premium shells for credits will be switched off.

The list of available tanks:

Ru251, T49, Т-54 ltwt., Bat.-Châtillon 155 58, G.W. E 100, Conqueror Gun Carriage, T92, Object 261, 121, 113, TVP T 50/51, AMX 30 B, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t, AMX 50 B, E 100, Leopard 1, Grille 15, Jagdpanzer E 100, E 50 Ausf. M, Maus, STB-1, Type 5 Heavy, T110E4, T110E3, T110E5, M48A1, T57 Heavy Tank, FV4005 Stage II, FV215b (183), Centurion Action X, IS-7, Object 140, Object 268, IS-4, Т-62A, Object 430.

New Vehicle Balance Goals

  • Increase the importance of armour in the game. Currently, armour is significantly less important than speed and firepower. We would like to make armour more relevant in battle.
  • Reduce the cost of mistakes made by players in battle. We are going to encourage players to fight actively in battle. Increasing the role of armour will allow players to fight, without being afraid of going to the Garage right after being spotted, as to penetrate the tank from a distance will be much harder.
  • Decrease the risk of being focused from afar. Increased armour importance should increase player survivability at far distances, even when focused by several enemies. Covering directions and focusing spotted vehicles will become less effective, because it’ll be harder to penetrate armour at long distances.
  • Decrease combat distance. Long-range clashes should not be the ultimate way to win battles for the majority of vehicles. Vehicles should perform certain roles: shielding allies, soaking fire, pushing through the defence, etc.
  • Increase the gameplay variety. Roles for different types of vehicles should be distinguishable and performing them should make the battles more diverse. When choosing a different class of vehicles, you should also be choosing a new distinct style of gameplay.
  • Improved gameplay experience. The changes to armour penetration at a distance will encourage players to put in more effort if victory is to be achieved.


First Iteration: Main ChangesSome of the main game mechanics will be changed on the Sandbox server, in order to achieve the balance goals listed above.


Distribution of hits within the aiming circle

The goal is to decrease the effective firing distance, in order to increase vehicle survivability when being focused from far distances. Players will now have to aim their shots more carefully. The distribution comparison between Update 9.15 and theSandbox is as follows:


Decrease in armour piercing capacity at long distances

Armour-piercing capacity decreases more significantly depending on the distance, in order to increase the importance of armour in the game. Shooting from afar will become less effective – thus, players will be encouraged to engage in close-range combat. They will have to fight more actively and manoeuvre more in order to cause damage to enemy vehicles.

According to this feature, the chance of penetrating a vehicle frontally is decreased at far distances. Thus, heavy-armoured vehicles will be able to battle through the flanks.

Penetration reduction values over a distance, for the Sandbox are as follows. The initial distance of reduction is also specified:

Reworked damage caused by shells

Initially, there were few gun types in the game, but over time, many high-calibre guns have been introduced. Therefore, the guns should be reworked. Within the Sandbox tests, it is planned to test the new system of distributing damage per shot for different guns. The goal of the new system is to decrease the risk of being destroyed with one shot and increase the importance of the amount of damage a gun can cause per minute.


Changed manoeuvrability of vehicles

Since it is planned to increase the survivability/ time spent in battle, fast vehicles featuring poor armour will also be improved. It was decided to determine the relation between suspension speed and turret traverse speed for each vehicle type within the class and role systems. As a result, fast vehicles will be able to use different manoeuvres to outflank slow, heavy-armoured vehicles.


Role models for different types of vehicles

Currently, all vehicle types can perform different roles. I.e., vehicles of each type (except for SPGs and some light tanks) can perform multiple roles effectively. Thus, players use similar tactics when driving different types of vehicles, which makes the gameplay monotonous. The improvements listed below are supposed to diversify the vehicles in the game, according to their roles, and depending on the functions they perform. Seven in-game archetype roles have been distinguished on the basis of expert evaluation. These are the in-game roles that each vehicle should perform:

In general, if we talk about system changes, general reductions to manoeuvrability and View Range changes stand out, which contributes to role-based gameplay.

Remember: all suggested changes are not final and may be altered, depending on the feedback from the tester community and in accordance with gathered statistics.


SPG rebalancing

On the Sandbox, the role of SPGs will be changed from damage dealers to support vehicles. In addition, SPGs will receive some new features:

  1. Explosive blast – A new feature for SPGs. Explosive blast occurs together with splash effects after the shell explosion. The tanks that are in the radius of this explosive blast temporary have their characteristics worsened. The damage caused to the battered tanks is counted as damaged caused with your help.
  2. Allied SPGs target area marking: displaying approximate areas allied SPGs are aimed at. If the SPG is not aiming at any particular vehicle, pressing the Requesting fire/ Attacking button (the T button by default) will display the special marker. Otherwise, the standard notification of attacking an enemy vehicle is displayed. The marker will be displayed in the corresponding area on the minimap and in 3D view. Besides, the notification of the SPG status (loading/ready to fire) is displayed. This feature should help players to coordinate actions.
  3. Alternative aiming for SPGs. A new aim mode changes the aiming display for SPGs and makes aiming more convenient for players, which is similar to sniper mode.

Changes will be made to HE shells as well: the amount of damage caused with this type of shell will be decreased in most cases, but the dispersal of HE shell fragments (the radius of splash) will be increased. In short, SPGs will be dealing less damage to single targets, but their attacks will have a better chance of affecting multiple targets at once.”

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SandBox Official Summary

129 thoughts on “SandBox Official Summary

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so they have small amount of tomatoes in this game, so why not add them more. Noob friendly only, nothing more …i have no words … this game will go to hell … if this go on live, im finished with this game …

    1. Brandon Chadney says:

      I agree this first test is bad. I would have rather had them leave the core elements the same and make changes where changes were needed. The mobility nerfs to the mediums were not needed.

      1. Nocomment says:

        Not really. HT’s and TD’s also had major mobility nerfs. They are still going to be agile in comparison.

    2. JOHN says:

      My friend you have a serios problem with your comments.

      if you have nothing to say pls shut up…….noob.




      1. Brandon Chadney says:

        You are right. I played the T62A and I was pissed that it felt better then the AMX 30B and other non russian tanks.

      2. whitebaron777 says:

        What are you talking about? The Russian meds lost as much traverse speed as the other meds did

      3. Mrigank Jha says:

        Thats cus they ARE better. better DPM, better speed, laserlike accuracy, oh they lost a bit of traverse but other tanks like the leo1 GOT FUCKED. leo 1 slower than an is7, i guess russian preteens think it is so

    1. madogthefirst says:

      Yep while at the same time suggesting the Patton is sniper. They have no fucking idea what they are doing.

    2. Tobiaz says:

      Exactly what are they smoking? Also E50m doing the same job as a T62A?
      It has virtually no armor at close range, lower plate the size of a russian med, butter turret and they even nerfed its turret traverse?
      On top of having no viewrange while still remaining the med with the worst camo because its the tallest…
      This is stupid unless they give the e50m 150mm frontal overall and 250 frontal turret.
      Getting in close range is the worst thing you could do in an E50m, its slow moves like a brick.
      WG what are they doing?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Officialy, this is the biggest shit in the WG & WoT history … i have no words … with this they will force us to play only one way … camp with TDs, just rush and scout with lights, and do shit with others …. god bless if someone want to play actively with TD ….

  3. Looking Forward says:

    It’s a good idea to try.
    Second comment and already the “chicken little” theories are coming.
    Their player base is secure enough at the moment to try different idea.
    To sit idle and never change, to never try radical ideas is to die.
    Good on them for trying. Will be nice to see armor make a come back.
    Regardless how people afford them, pressing a button to defeat proper armor should never have been implemented.

    1. Sgt says:

      i 100% agree! well said! I certainly believe armor should make a return in terms of importance compared to other characteristics. For those who r whining about drastic change, are u really going to complain about attempting something new? If this doesn’t work, they will try another approach. This is y there is the sandbox test server. Oh people never cease to complain about everything.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is stupid. I find that they’re doing too much, and changing the game for worse, just for the sake of it. Honestly, balance arty, nerf view range of non-lights (slightly), and you’re already starting to fix many problems. Increasing RNG is just the sort of thing people want to decrease. This is way worse than the supposedly ‘broken’ game that is currently live. WG may go on about ‘listening to players’, but you know that this is going to be all too similar to the final change. RIP WoT, you had a good run.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Total agree, rebalance arty, nerf view range non LT tanks and fix matchmaking and everything would be fine. Other changes are not needed, no wait, they are needed for their vallets … they need more money for SerB space program …. I don’t want, but after six years, i probably will say good bye to WoT….

      1. thesherbet says:

        did you guys even read the stat changes? they buffed high tier LT view range, nerfed everyone elses and made a massive adjustment to SPGs resulting in a far lower damage range.

      1. pixywing says:

        The more inaccurate guns are the more people are going to have to spam gold as you won’t be able to aim for weak spots. Glad I’m busy playing overwatch atm.

  5. x says:

    They are killing this game already with a new matchmaking BS introduced unannounced (as usual) about 2 months ago. Multiple top clans are ghost houses now and leaving the game, most of my vet friends who play WOT for 4-5 years are complaining.

    Yeah, reduce overall fighting distance as a general buff to all russian tanks and make russian meds even more OP. That is what this game really needs. Fucking retards…

    1. pixywing says:

      Clan Wars 2.0 and fame points destroyed top tier clans not mm. Nothing gets a clan to implode on itself faster than having 6 guys tell you they need the last spot to have a shot at the tank. Great way to ruin friendships and lose clan mates.

  6. I’m really scared by that whole distribution in aim circle thing. The last time they did that, it seriously increased the RNG factor in this game…

    Other than that, guys, it is only the FIRST iteration of this test phase. Let’s at least see where it takes us first…

  7. Flup says:

    If this aiming nerf is implemented, wg can fuck off. Increase importance of armor by making shots go even wilder? wtf, just decrease penetration delta instead you fkin morons and reward good aim. Total tomato test.

    1. I think that might be much better. The last time they changed aiming, RNG could a lot worse. I think they should change the RNG factor from 25% to 10% and just increase the damage fall-off at range for non-sniping tanks…

      1. pixywing says:

        I really like AW’s 10% rng and 0.17 being the worst on their gun dispersions. Having you shot go wild at 50 meters with a cold war era tank is garbage.

  8. PrevenX says:

    Ok so? am i get this right? They will nerf acc so we cant be able to hit a shit ? and they force Tds to be active? and the biggest shit there is, they nerf Meds, so how the fuck you flank Heavy tank with heavy tank mobily? get it i right? or i am out of the line here??? please corect me Thanks

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      You are partly wrong. Look at the leaked heavy mobility stats. Most of them got a hard mobility and general agility nerf. For example, they are more vulnerable to flanking because their turret traverse has been nerfed hard. Have you played Hellcat or M8A1? Or Tiger 1? Hellcat has a turret rotation of 16 degrees/second and is rightly considered terrible. Now, cut 1/4 off that and you get a tank that has problems reacting to tanks that are changing their angle of engagement or flanking.

    2. thesherbet says:

      as tekno said, you are wrong in a few respects there, its not just mediums that got hit with the mobility nerf, most HTs now have like 10-15deg/s turret traverse, so however bad you think the MT are getting, the HT got it worse. Also the TDs have it even worse than the HTs, (charioteer going down to 8deg/s turret traverse and 12deg/s hull traverse) so they are definitely not encouraged to be active, very much the opposite.

      1. zombietropa says:

        Yeah… they’ve nerfed the Charioteer, but left the Conway alone, and buffed the FV4005. So I think that they have improved the 2nd UK TD line overall.

        But as stated above, the heavy and TD mobility has been nerfed much harder than mediums. But in other news, they barely touch the British heavies either 🙂

      2. thesherbet says:

        it does seem like the 20pdr guns are getting a bigger dmg nerf than most around the same size (ie the 88mm).
        Also i find it kinda dumb that the Caernarvon and stock Conq. share the Cent AX turret but somehow get ~50m less view range out of it. Personally it would be nice to keep the view range so that heavies dont all end up the same.

      3. zombietropa says:

        I agree that the 20pdr nerf was pretty hard.Then again, the first iteration of the SB is mainly focusing on Tier 10 vics, so maybe they haven’t focused on the Tier 8 & 9 balance yet. The view range difference is usually down to difference in both tier and class. The CAX is a tier 10 med, so would get a better view range tan heavies a tier or two lower than it, even if they share the same turret.

      4. thesherbet says:

        i get that the view range is a gmaeplay thing but its just not a very logical thing, what makes WoT great is the variety, each tank has it’s own quirks and i think better than average view range would be a great addition to what in the caernarvons case is a fairly average vehicle

      5. zombietropa says:

        Agreed, the role of the high tier British heavies is one of being support, and really should have the view range to back this up

    3. Dont act as if you actualy flanked ennemies in your medium and didnt play like 90 % of the playerbase wth them, aka load gold and shoot at the front of heavy tanks 300m away.

  9. OMFG. I trained as a gunner on the Canadian Cougar, same turret as the British Scorpion, low velocity 76mm firing HESH (or also Sh Prac on the range). Properly boresighted to the gunner’s sight, I always got first-round hits at battle-range, under 500m. Usually first-round hits up to 1000m, often even out to 1200m or 1500m, always struck the target on the second round, target (gunner’s response to the CC on striking the target dead centre) always on the third round. Properly maintained weapon, good range estimate from the crew commander, gunner’s determination. First-round hits.

    And Wargaming’s doing this to HV and SHV guns on WW2 and postwar tanks ?!?

    I know World of Tanks is a game, but it’s popular because it’s at least similar to real life tank combat. This is taking it farther and farther away from that.

    1. Michael Duke says:

      So that’s on a practice range, with a gun, sighting system and rangefinders that are 10-30 years newer than the tanks in WoT.

      Good comparison.

  10. Almost every time something changes it breaks the game or adds to less fun to the gameplay. Ig WG wants to run everyone off it’s on track. All those millions this game makes and it can’t be left alone. The WG business model is so dishonest, tanks…. put out a X that everyone wants then remove or nerf the crap out of it then shake another shiney tanks so everyone runs to it.

  11. DoctorBest says:

    This is litterally a sandbox. They will test random ideas for some weeks, and then use that info to create a better version of the game. I just hoped I’d gotten onto the test sever, but maybe later. I don’t like some of these ideas either. Let us see what happens, don’t go full retard mode guys, k ?

    1. They went retard about changes so it is okay to say these changes are bad.
      Arty change is nice. Nerfing some shells are ok. What else? Nerf a little view range and it is done. No needed radical changes like this which makes some vehicles useless, the game “easier to play” aka “welcome tomatoes”

      1. madogthefirst says:

        Worst part is someone in their office with a hangover approved these changes to be tested instead telling them it is a horrible idea.

  12. Teknokraatti says:

    So, WG wants to reduce the range of engagement?

    You guys think we are living in a brawly corridor meta, don’t you? You ain’t seen nothing at this rate.

  13. SomeGuy says:

    Guess I’ll go against the grain here, but I’m not going to yell about aiming changes until I’ve tried them thoroughly. Will it be annoying to have more terrible-deviation shots? Yes. HOWEVER, right now the Accuracy stat on a gun is just about useless. Shots are automatically clustered towards the center of the circle, so you can snap off a random shot at someone and have a fair degree of success on hitting them, even if the circle is the size of the screen.

    If the new system is working properly, you can only guarantee hitting the circle itself, not some arbitrarily small piece in the middle. Reducing snap-shot accuracy, long-range firing accuracy (like the kind you get when you just click the tank outline and wait to see what happens), and other similar events will be frustrating for those trying to get hits but could be better for the game overall. How does a new, slower medium flank a heavy? Well, their turret traverse and bloom is bad, and they don’t get to hit the middle 75% of the time regardless of their accuracy circle, so it shouldn’t be that bad.

    The aiming circle/accuracy stat need to matter. Right now I can snap-shot someone in a KV-2 from 500M away and still hit far too often. You want to encourage active battles? Make it much, much harder to kill moving people.

  14. burocracy says:

    1.Buy premium HEAT rounds;
    2. sell E50 and E50m before it’s too late [“ineffective in long range fire”]

  15. Accuracy nerf – Retarded
    Reducing gold pen – genius
    Mobility nerf to heavies – sure, I can live with it
    Mobility nerf to meds – Retarded
    Decrease range of engagements – Retarded

    Leo 1 is a straight line is slower than IS-7 a hahahah wtf…are you fkn serious.

      1. thesherbet says:

        Yeah people are raging about med stats but theyve been living the good life with LT, so their nerf is more about making LT usable.

      2. Mrigank Jha says:

        Leo is a long range sniper. – reducing speed, accuracy on the move, and reudcing pen on distance is essentially saying “if you are not stronk russian brawler, no play wot” its retarded

    1. Ultrasonic2 says:

      the hp and speed nerf to the Leo is a joke especially when you conciser the pen nerf over distance increase. the tank will be useless

  16. NONAME says:

    i play in the sandbox …if you want to nerf arty damage then make them fire faster ,,,wait 45 sec with qc to make 300 dmg lol make me cry….shot a t49 in front of me and make only 340 dmg and he kill me lol…shot in the side of japanese heavy with amx 30b and ding 4 times ??? probably yes wot dying…

  17. Rick says:

    Stupid WG making ques in game longer with another lure to take peeps out of real game.If only they could really think.

  18. x says:

    1) Increasing RNG reduces the small skill-gap even further. So they will retain more useless scrubs and push out the skilled players.
    2) Increased RNG equals more control over the game.
    3) Increasing RNG means more suitable cover for unethical game manipulations.

  19. Sebastokrator says:

    M4A1 Revalorisé gets a hell of a crippling nerf.

    If they’re going to reduce its dmg by so much, they really ought to give it a buff when it comes to its ROF. Otherwise it’s just going to get rapidly chewed to pieces. The gun’s the only thing that it has got going for it.

    I do love it, though.

  20. Mrigank Jha says:

    WG and their dumb russian bias. how are people supposed to properly test stuff when nobody will actually play anything but russians on test server cus thats the only nation they didnt nerf the hell out of. IS7 faster than the Leopard 1. What a fucking joke

  21. Anonymous says:

    *Remember: all suggested changes are not final and may be altered, depending on the feedback from the tester community and in accordance with gathered statistics.*

    Half the people in this comment section don’t have the mere brain processing power to read this section of the article

  22. snowboarder0214 says:

    Over the course of the 5 years and 30k battles I have played in wot, the nature of the game at the moment is to reward smart decision making. Players starting the game usually lean toward tds to get good at shooting more accurately. Slow as they get better they want to have more of an impact moving towards heavies, then mediums, and eventually light tanks. Wot rewards smart choices and a smart medium or light player can still pull off a win even if it’s 1 vs 6. This is where the game shines for me. I consider myself a very good player and it’s the reason I keep playing this game. The thrill I get when it’s just me and my toon mates vs 12 tanks and we manage to win is like nothing else.

    Unfortunately, good players like myself are 1 in 100-300 players. You see players in every match that rush out in a fast tank and die, than blame the team for not supporting them. From what I can see, wargaming is pulling the same crap that other mmos have done: catering to the masses. Level cap too hard? Here, start at level 100. Final boss too hard? Here is a sword that you can solo it with. Wg: are most tanks too hard for you to play? Here, let’s make everything not be able to pen you and you can Yolo and still survive. We won’t let better players punish you for being stupid. In fact, we will nerf anything with long range capabilities into the ground so it’s easier for you.

    IMHO this will kill the game. This is a breeding ground for moronic players to Derp around and succeed while good players will be forced to resort to playing heavies to have an impact on the game.

    Giving light yanks more view range is a joke at this point if nothing can freaking pen what you spot! 30-40% pen reduction at 50 meters is bs… These guns have the ability to go through a bunker at 2 miles and somehow 150 feet of air is enough to almost half the penetration… I’m at a loss.

    Wargaming, you have a good thing going for you. We like the challenge the current game presents us. Sure things can always use work but to overhaul the game this much is just going to reward bad players to keep playing poorly by relying on good armour and horrible pen. The unicum will be an extinct breed and I’ll have to find another game to play. Gg.

    1. Ultrasonic2 says:

      i support the effective Light buffs. light are currently useless.. no reason to take the RU over the PTA… these changes will fix that

    2. Major Rager says:

      See this is what I do not understand,
      They want to make armor effective again and want to force close proximity battles so the nerf accuracy so you are unable to hit weak spots, and do not forget RNG is going to add his 25 cents.

      Next they want lights tanks to be effective again. So they nerf long range shots, nerf accuracy, don’t forget RNG’s 25 cent input and oh btw what happened to the close proximity battles idea?

      Continuity or ADD ?

    3. Sgt says:

      I can understand your concerns, and in reality, there are some things about the sandbox that really get to me. But give it a chance. i think many of the changes listed could really help the game out for the majority

  23. Looks like my favorite german mediums (leopard PT and leo1) are going to be useless. They have tinfoil for armour, so keeping distance and snipe is the key to a good game. So they basicly will become big scouts.

  24. Infernal969 says:

    So their plan to balance the game is to make half of the vehicles unplayable garbage, increase the already ridiculously annoying RNG and buff Soviets?

    Sure, go on, I can make use of the free space on my HDD once WoT is gone from there.

  25. Mkoo says:

    So they’re trying to nerf the accuracy. Oh great. Making the game even more about RNG and less about skill is definitely something that is needed….

  26. Alt__F4 says:

    I hope none of you who are carrying on are actually part of the sandbox! The whole idea of the sandbox is to develop over many many games a new WoT that works better than currently. This will be a slow process, whinning because of current first implementations is useless as they will change rapidly and develop further as they add each tier etc….

    I applaud them for actually having the guts to do this! They are in a no win situation as many of the people crying above are often ones complaining that the game is broken, but then when they go to make proper changes these same people cry because their favourite tank gets changed?!?!?

    Just chill out, join the sandbox and help to develop this game to be one where we all love again!

  27. So yeah, the RNG change and penetration loss are two steps in the wrong direction. I don’t really mind having snipers tank with less DPM as long as they can hit what they aim and reasonable silver ammo pen (as long as brawler has less pen), but this way there’s no use for light to scout since everyone and their mother would be brawling anyway.

    Could you just make not aimed shot to be much less accurate than aimed shots? That would actually make aimtime and acc matter. And ffs why don’t add things like flare or smoke rather than making that stun SPG?

    I won’t say that I’ll delete WoT, but now I’m heavily cautious.

    1. “Could you just make not aimed shot to be much less accurate than aimed shots?”

      Sure they can. Make the sight bloom for traversing the turret, traversing the hull, and moving the hull greater. Even make the aimtime longer. The bloom for turret traverse and aimtime increase will make sniping at movers harder.

    2. 1n1y says:

      >Could you just make not aimed shot to be much less accurate than aimed shots?

      I suppose you didnt notice that, but thats what they are actually trying to do. So snapshots will be much less effective with increased dispersion within aim circle and increased dispersion from turret and hull rotation. Also, while shooting into the brawl you will have much more chance to hit side or front armor, thats much easier to pen.
      Thats what it is supposer to look like on paper, ofc, but the idea is here anyway.

  28. Keller13 says:

    They’ll screw it up! No mention of maps sucking or better mm. All they want to do is make this a brawling game. I’m afraid they won’t pull their heads out until it’s to late.

  29. Teobold Tor says:

    I’m not going to start losing my shit over this until it looks like leaving the Sandbox and heading to the actual game, but this first iteration looks like a list of crippling nerfs and the aiming spread is far from OK as those stats stand so far.

    A lot of the problem with lights and spotting is that they removed the cover from the maps which made passive spotting history unless you’re on a handful of maps that haven’t been “reworked” – simply reducing viewrange on other classes and buffing it on LTs won’t solve the problem unless they also rework the maps to allow both passive and active scouting – and if they nerf accuracy to the extent the diagram implied, there would be bugger all point in trying to spot anyway.

    I assume the “new arty view” is Battle Assistant?

  30. Anonymous says:

    And when does WG listen to the testers, these fools do as they wish and pump out crap updates that break the game. If you’re a tester and give bug reports no one ever reads them and there it is that bug is included in the next patch.

    Look at the bugs now from from the jerk football mode, it was never tested and just forced on everyone. WG said it would be fixed ie: constant beep-beep-beep-beep! next update… that is when football is removed. The only time WG rushes to fix anything is if it digs in their pocket, WG removed the rentals that were being sold over night but can’t do a micropatch for something so many people report.

  31. And when does WG listen to the testers, these fools do as they wish and pump out crap updates that break the game. If you’re a tester and give bug reports no one ever reads them and there it is that bug is included in the next patch.
    Look at the bugs now from from the jerk football mode, it was never tested and just forced on everyone. WG said it would be fixed ie: constant beep-beep-beep-beep! next update… that is when football is removed. The only time WG rushes to fix anything is if it digs in their pocket, WG removed the rentals that were being sold over night but can’t do a micropatch for something so many people report.

  32. 73easting says:

    WG will lose my money. If this happens, fuck them right in the pussy. Especially for the arty nerf. Don’t blame me for people who are oblivious to their position in the gameworld. I shoot all shitters, equally.

  33. Alt-F4 says:

    I think everyone commenting should indicate if they are in sandbox or not so we know if they are just spouting based on facts or just giving baseless comment.

    I have played first games in sandbox in my T57. Now we know how bad it’s accuracy is but I did not notice the spread change much. The idea of the arty shell shock I think is great, but 30 secs is currently too long and if you just started loading your auto clip then you suffer as it doubles load time as all your crew go mental. But this is the first days with a new idea…. Give it time to develop and change as the game is tested over and over. We just need more players in as this morning there was only 268 on server.

  34. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    so… their way of “reducing the cost of mistakes” is taking off strips of skill from the game.
    They make mistakes less punishing by making people miss. It is artificial difficulty if you can even call it that.

  35. wolvenworks says:

    so arties will have a lower chance of hurting people really bad, but gained the ability for supression? i like that concept since i’m kind of a bad shot with arty

  36. Idk , but nerfing acurracy is a wrong move , there are more snipers tanks then there are brawler tanks in the game and a good portion of them rely on range to be effective. Snipers should be able to hit better with an aimed shot while worse than brawler with an unaimed one. Also , a nerf to AP/APCR pen beyond set mark at 100/200/300/400 is better than the dumb 30% cut at 50 m . Sigma changes need to be different for a fully aimed in shot. Not penning is fine , not hitting things in a sniper is wrong. Also , artillery can get a damage nerf over distance , so that their shotgun last defence will still lethal , not a sitting duck. Anycase nerfing mobility to med and heavy is fine , since most of them has almost light tank like agility and mobility and will gun them down in a chase with no chance for a light to cut their tails.
    View range nerf is nice , but instead makes non light tanks do less spot checks than light tanks so that they are slower in spotting incoming enemy than light tank do. Map needs to be reworked so that it does not favor heavily towards 1 class , all class needs to be atleast playable on a map.

  37. Sgt says:

    U guys r being a bit overdramatic i think. I do think the accuracy nerf was a bit too extreme and should be toned down a bit or removed. I also think an E-50M should in no way be more mobile than a Leo 1. HOWEVER, i do like the overall changes to the game. Improving armor effectiveness by reducing the effect of gold ammo was something easy that should have been changed centuries ago. Also, just watched a match where qb did some mid-map spotting easily without really getting spotted in return and keeping them lit. He however could not pen anything he was shooting at, but that was very good to see. It showed that the role of LTs was back and it made me very happy. The view range changes are phenomenal! Some say it is too much, but if u look at it, it reminds me of the way WoT used to be in a way and watching QB played brought back memories of the early days of WoT and I loved it. By changing the view ranges the way they did, it made it seem to me that they were hoping to make the size of the maps feel bigger without having to create larger maps. So, if u take into account the fact that the tanks were slower and the view ranges were ultimately reduced, it shows that they might have been intending to artificially increase the size of existing maps to solve the issue of wanting larger maps but not making too large of maps so low-end computers wouldn’t be able to handle it. overall, i think these changes are great. However, i’m not really pleased with the SUPER medium tank nerf. They do seem a bit too weak now. I do think they should have better mobility than on the sandbox server, but not as good as on the live server. maybe same top speeds but it takes like 2 or 3 times a long to get up to those speeds? might make them seem better. Anyways, that is just my thoughts on it.

    1. Tobiaz says:

      E50m won’t even be close to a leo in mobility, currently its the most sluggish medium (at tier 10 ofc)
      and it has the worst soft stats of any medium. Since they won’t change those, it’s pretty easy that Leo will remain more mobile.
      What I don’t get is why put E50m in the cruiser line of tanks? I mean what? Agile, bad at range, good armor ? E50m moves like a glued brick, its good range was the only thing it had to make up for its huge lower plate, the size of a russian medium hull and it’s butter turret.

      Not to mention E50m is bloody huge with zero camo how does that even compare to a russian medium?

  38. Gilawen says:

    One can clearly see that none of you guys who is bitching was invited to the Test . Yes spreading is more even in the aim circle that bad? only if you dont want to AIM but snapshot. ( one mentiones the last time they changed something there it was harder to hit do know that the last time was the focussing the bloom with 69% to the center ?!?!?! )
    omg mimimi pen is lower it starts after 50 metres to decay up to 30% ..yes but did you know that this 30% are reached at 500m ? mostly not i think or that comments would not have emerged. want proof? after 500m we are at 70.16667% of the initial pen.

    Apart from that which part of the Sandbox concept is hard to understand to you? It is to test radical things mostly will not ever get to live just for the sake of testing with a larger amount of testers because more accurate test values … ALL is subject to CHANGE. This is just the first iteration and yes it has major problems but they will change things and after that rechange tehm and on and on and on …this is not the ptr guys

  39. SEA_survivor says:

    I’d like to think that they are setting a “worst case” scenario here and are planning to work up from here.

    The arty change i don’t mind, as long as there is some effective way to deal with the odd light tank that the lemmings let through.

    The accuracy spread is a good start, as dispersion at present is ridiculous. Almost every game on SEA server where I have a T-49 on my team, they set up double-bushed behind the TD’s and “snipe” with their derp guns, leaving the team without an effective set of eyes, as well as (with their camo rating and positioning) effectively working as horizontal artillery (high damage, no chance to fire back as they aren’t visible even with the size gun fired). I’d love to see this sort of thing stopped.
    HOWEVER, I’d also like to see the accuracy of the tanks which are designed for long range firing to be increased so that even with the dispersion changes they are still able to effectively do their job from a longer range.

    Mobility and rotational changes will also be interesting to see, as it will help to differentiate different types\classes and ensure that tanks are used in the roles they were designed for, rather than pushing out\replacing vehicles in other roles. It should also make all vehicles viable, instead of having a range of OP and UP vehicles. As it is, it appears the speed drop for mediums is counterbalanced by the rotational change for the heavies, so they circling, etc. is still possible, but at least the heavies will have (potentially) a little bit more time to respond initially…And if an auto-loader fails to kill on a dump-and-run, then there’s that little bit of extra time to get a retaliatory return shot in.

    The only real problem I see will be educating the players with regards to the tank roles, as having a scout (for example) who suicides or camps will have a much greater impact on team’s chances than it does now…And as for SEA server: I dread to think how many years (if it ever happens) it will take for the majority of the “players” to learn they need to leave the red line alone and move forward…Although accuracy changes may finally make the lemming train semi-viable.

    On a side note, I’d love to see a couple of other changes brought in:
    – Allow TD’s that were historically designed for it to be able to fire in indirect (arty) mode.
    – Give arty the option to fire on low or high arc (low arc given “battle assistant” mode sights, high arc with current arty view). This would potentially add to the skill required to play arty effectively, as you’d need to be able to know what arc is best in a given situation, and be able to allow for different shell travel time between modes…And high arc having much shorter firing range. You could also add a short delay (like cam net/bino’s) between when movement ceases and firing can begin, even if pre-loaded.
    – Adjust LT’s in the same way as they did with arty, meds and TD’s a few years back and stretch the existing lines so that we don’t get new players going down a light tank line and suddenly find they are facing tanks 3 “tiers” higher…And platoons of new starters where one of these lights drags up the rest of platoon.

  40. sidofthenorth says:

    Who could not se THIS comming. I think most here should look at QBs Sandbox video first. before you all start to cry like little girls shen you favorite boyband changes. The sand box is to try different stuff, and it is NOT like a beta test where most things gets in to the game, EVERYTHING can change, and a lot to. Just relax, try it out, and give CONSTRUCTIVE critic to WG so that they can change stuff as you like…. “buuuhuu you destroyed my favorite tank, i have youuu WG” will not help them at all…..

    children …

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