Sandbox Q&A


just finished translating with Ctacello‘s help this Q&A:

-Sandbox was born much earlier than’s been available to players, preparations began in January, six months before sharing.

– Now in the sandbox tested a new version of the balance, we know what problems the players mostly concerned about. Gradually, we will be fixing most of the problems – first vehicle balance, then the new MM, the maps and so on.

-Sandbox has other sub-tasks: Solve arty, increase the armor role to make battles more dynamic and reduce player errors.

-SPGs has been the class that received the most changes. Its current state is a very early prototype. Our main task is to completely remove “one shots”.

-Sandbox changes are to be expected every 1.5- 2 weeks.

-The number of Sandbox access applications was huge. Each week we’ve been adding 5 to 6k new players which are the minimum necessary to maintain the numbers online. We will be adding more people in the final stages of the test.

-Most of those who applied for one way or another will be accepted into Sandbox.

-The test will take as long as its necessary until all the changes suit the developers and players.

-The arty rebalance won’t be patched separately on the live server so won’t some other changes because it can break the whole balance out from Sandbox.

-There may be a restriction of 3 arties per team, it all depends on how tests will go.

-Arty’s APCR is missing in Sandbox and we don’t plan to return them.

-On the live server, there are far too many players sniping, we are experimenting with accuracy and penetration decreases from higher distances.

-Sandbox currently is more of a “World of Heavy Tanks”

-MTs will be MTs, they won’t stop from existing and not much will change for them.

– No plans to change the +/- 25% penetration.

-Tier 10 LTs are inevitable and serious revise of their specifications will be done.

-A proper testing requires more online players than there are now in the Sandbox, so a second server will be created.

-We don’t want to balance vehicles under “national characteristics”.

-We assume certain vehicles won’t fit into a role, this most likely will generate into “tank-hybrids” (tanks with multiple roles). E 50M is a good example of it.

-The new role system will fix in most cases overbuffed tanks.

-Accuracy while firing on the move will be nerfed.

-We may introduce bonus EXP for tracked and stunned tanks for SPGs.

-In Sandbox players can only buy premium shells with gold, this is an experiment. We can also give premium shells for credits but we may have to limit their number, only time will tell.

-Premium tanks haven’t become worse. All premium vehicles have become more competitive in the new balance.

-We may still make role changes to certain vehicles on last minute.

-The bonus given for blocking damage had a bad calculation formula so it was removed completely. It will be back once we release the new balance.

– Aim mod “Battle Assistant” will be included in the game.

-In the last Sandbox patch, the arty HE penetration values were nearly doubled. But we don’t want arty to become a damage dealer, we will collect stats and experiment.

-Autumn will be nice, we have some cool surprises awaiting.

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