Sandbox return date/what will be tested



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At WGFest, WG has announced that Sandbox will come back in February 2017 and they will be testing the following:

  • Arty rework
  • Aiming rework
  • Stun mechanics (same as on the last test)
  • Consumable mechanics
  • *Updated* Reusable Consumables
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Sandbox return date/what will be tested

30 thoughts on “Sandbox return date/what will be tested

  1. Rombat says:

    Oh my god…the nightmare returns…sandbox.
    Consumable mechanics…who needs them?…
    Let the game alone wg is good at it is.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Who needs them? Everybody you fool, you know how fucking annoying is to get tracked and ammoracked or any situation of getting ammoracked with an already used repair kit? Really, if they do implement reusable consumables its going to be alot better and prob will be successful like WoWs repair mechanics (with some tweaks you know)

    2. says:

      Actually reusable consumables are fine in Blitz. It’s really useful when you get a track hit in the beginning of the battle (for example when climbing the Hill in mines) and then you can’t repair anything else for the whole battle. It has a long cooldown (90 sec is I remember correctly) so you can’t spam repair. I think this system could make pc WoT a little bit better.

    3. yeah the game is perfectly fine.
      I mean what can even be wrong ? Definitely not those tier 9s with 330mm pen on gold, or these forgotten tech trees (mostly SuperHeavies and Light Tanks), or that moment when you use your repair kit and get instantly re-ammorekt within half a second, etc…

      Nah the game is fine, you right. I think they should even add 240mm guns to medium tanks and give them 500mm base pen with 100km/h top speed and 0.2 accuracy while we’re at it.

    4. Rombat says:

      After playing on shitbox i start loving very much the game in this form…if any of thouse crap ideeas from shitbox come to live server you will remember with pleasure patch 9.17

    1. Yeah meanwhile AW is slowly but surely dying, the game pop keeps going down, so they try to listen to players do change their game, including the retards ho whine instead of learning to play.

      And if WG did this they’d had to refund in xp and credits every player, which means allowing tons of people many many many free-xp’d tanks. And you don’t want bob, 5k games played, 4.5k of which in arty, suddenly getting access to one or two tier Xs without having to grind.
      And WG doesnt give a shit about classes of tanks when designing their maps, Karkov/Stalingrad and Himmelsdorf are a proof of that: arty already cant do shit in here, and LTs can hardly be more useful.
      And in WoT the RNG of 25% is what kills balance. Reduce it to 10% or even remove it and you’ll get well balanced tanks with well balanced alpha damages, accuracy, armor etc…

      1. 76trombones2 says:

        B2.0 might or might not revive the game. I can see it working, especially since they’re removing skycancer.

  2. They should try lowering the RNG to 20% and also try different MM, which by the way, they have been promising to look into for the last 3 years at least. Arty could easily be fixed to a bearable level if they would just put a limit of 2 artys per game. I know they say that if they do that, the MM and wait times would be affected, but we all know that excuse is just lazy WG bull.

    1. 10% RNG and +1/-1 MM (at least for the first 5 tiers) as well as removing gold ammo and nerfing arty’s alpha while increasing its accuracy/splash/reload, and there you have it.

      -Accuracy, fixed
      -Role of armor, fixed
      -Arty as a whole, fixed
      -Painful grinds for newbies and underpowered tanks at lowtier, fixed
      -Tanks like T-54 and E-100 able to go full retard and pen everything with autoaim, fixed.

      1. Zorin234 says:

        Will have to rebalance a good amount of tanks with the removal of gold rounds. True some tanks are stupied with it. Some tanks kinda need it sometimes. Like the chi ri?

  3. Inq says:

    Damn it, They need to bin that whole stun idea. Its just an annoying concept.

    People play artillery to do big damage & get kills, not to be a long range debuff troll.

    1. jetpowerfie says:

      As long as my M44 can shotgun at point blank I’m okay with whatever it does at long range (within reason). That said, while I really like trying to play support, if arrows are reduced to purely a support role then they’ll be subject to the same dilemma as LT’s: it doesn’t matter how well you play your support role if the HT’s and TD’s don’t theirs, you get nothing at all for it. Then we’re back to RNG and MM rigging the game, blah, blah, blah. Support role is fine and all, but Artie’s can’t contribute in a way to help pick up the slack in the games that need that little extra boost…arties are going to get real unpopular real fast being nothing but a liability.

      1. jetpowerfie says:

        *arties pretty much where ever iOS text prediction decided to insert some other word unrelated to WoT

      2. Anonymous says:

        That’s kind of what we’re hoping for, and what WG is most likely going for, they are unwilling to remove arty, but they wish they could, and so does the community, so the solution is to make them as obsolete as possible so assholes looking to ruin other peoples games arent attracted to that garbage mechanic anymore.

  4. 427Arbok says:

    I have to say, I was very impressed with the last Sandbox. However, the biggest thing that impressed me was the premium ammo re-balancing that was done, and really not all that much else. It just had that big of an impact. If there are similar adjustments in this version, I’ll be quite pleased. Otherwise, well… Yeah, no. Everything that I’ve seen so far, besides maybe the consumable reuse, looks like a total disaster. The aiming “revisions” are frankly stupid and solve no real issues whatsoever, besides, of course, those that stem from map design and the mess that’s been made of spotting and concealment. I am a bit curious what they’re doing with arty, but I already know that the stun mechanic should’ve been scrapped some time ago, so I’m not getting my hopes up while it’s still around.

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