Sandbox: T6 Medium + Game Screen Shots

Tier 6 Medium (🇺🇸USA, M-4, ) – a new tank in the USA Tech tree. It will appear with the release of balance 3.0 to the main servers (approximately, the very end of spring).

It will be located between the M3 Stuart and T1 Heavy Tank. Beautiful screenshots and the most complete Stats Screens for you. You can see it uses the very first production hull by the fixed hull machine guns.

Crew 5 people: Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio operator, Charger.

* Despite the fact that the M3 medium tank was launched into production in the summer of 1941, in the winter of the same year work began on a more advanced machine with a 75 mm gun in a rotating turret. By the fall of 1941, two prototypes were built. The tank was generally approved of, but improvements were recommended. In particular, the vehical got rid of the side doors and the machine-gun commander’s turret. In September 5, 1941, the Arms Committee recommended the standardization of the tank under the Medium Tank M4 index.

Now the stats and pics. Click to enlarge.


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Sandbox: T6 Medium + Game Screen Shots

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