Sandbox: Test HD Maps Starting October 11

Just a reminder for those that have automatic updates turned off. The Sandbox client is available for download and it’s a full client download. If you would like to apply go HERE.

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Sandbox: Test HD Maps Starting October 11

22 thoughts on “Sandbox: Test HD Maps Starting October 11

  1. dino7777 says:

    I was granted SandBox access.
    But when I try to start the DB, I get “Failed to connect to server” error message.
    I have reseted my SB password.
    So is the SB already live or not?!?

  2. Kyros says:

    This will never happen like you all think will. Most WoT players still play on their daddys 2001 bought laptop. About 70% will have enourmous performance drops. Then they will cry that WG is shit and unoptimised. And WG is forced to lower the graphics significantly to not lose players. You can quote me on that.
    You can not improve graphics and physics significantly without performance lose no mather how many times WG will say it won’t, because at the end it’s all marketing.

      1. Kyros says:

        HAHAHAAHAHAH 125 FPS on current Game ULTRA settings
        30-40 FPS on Sandbox ULTRA settings HAHAHAHAHAAH
        4790K and 980ti HAHAHAHAHA

      2. Kyros says:

        @MrDobalina remove one 980ti and try to play a random match with all 30 players. And not looking at the maps in custom battle with one friend.

      3. MrDobalina says:

        @Kyros hahaha… think u are funny? i play games like GR wildlands on 4k 21:9 resolution with over a 100 FPS. WoT isnt that much work for a 980. even only one.

      4. Kyros says:

        @MrDobalina Well I asked you a simple think to do, and you come up with some other game nonesense. I call you talking bullshit, you have no 2x 980ti and your claims are worth nothing.
        The next comming article on here will be about the performance of this new graphic and physics of the sandbox, and will proof you pathetic loser that youre a troll and a liar.

        Btw Sli 980Ti can only manage about 60 FPS on GR Wildlands, a single 1080Ti reaches about 32 FPS on your claimed ultrawide 4K. You choose the wrong tech enthusiast to bullshit with.

    1. The Problem for WG will come then they have to ask themself? Who is more important? Phishing for New Players with good grapic, or hold the old ones (who have mostly bought their prem tanks already)

    2. Ben Dutton says:

      Sounds like someone is worried that their potato can’t run the game…even though it has actually been optimised relatively well.

    1. Kyros says:

      Some tanks are bugged and cause the team which has this tank to not enter the match. All 15 Players can not join the match. The known bugged tanks till now are Type 5 and WZ-111 5A, there are also more suspected.

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