Sandbox Test Results

Good day everyone,

A few notes here regarding WGs thoughts on the latest Sandbox results:

Stage 1

In the first stage, WG changed the shot distribution within the aiming circle, this was an an attempt to curb the amount of ‘lucky’ shots at weakpoints and critical modules while on the move or not fully aimed in. In that aim, the change was succesful, medium tanks did 20-25% less damage than on the live server, with heavies and TDs seeing less damage done as well. The amount of ‘lucky’ shots also saw a considerable decrease. However, it also negativly affected shots by players who were stopped and fully aimed in, so it has been decided that this change will not move to the live game. WG will look into alternative methods after further reviewing.

Changes made to penetration over distance, with the hope of letting slower and more heavily armed machines close the distance of engagment, failed to make any of the anticipated changes. WG will likely look into balancing the various ammunition types to achieve this in the future, after a more thorough analysis.

Buffing the alpha damage of 120mm guns was well recieved by players. WG will look into it more thoroughly to see how this change affects overall balance.

Most changes made to large caliber guns will need to be reworked. While some machines such as the JgdPz. E-100 were fine, other machines had been too negativly impacted, such as British TDs and their HESH ammunition.


Stage 2

The stun mechanice (and its changes mid-way through the test) have been well recieved by players and WG has found that its had the desired affect in battle. WG will look to further improve the mechanic for further testing.

UI changes regarding the stun mechanic have also been well recieved, substantially increasing the interaction between players and their teams artillery and allowing them to respond to changes in the battle much quicker.

Reusable equipment was (no surprise) very well recieved, making the middle and later pglhases of the battle more dynamic. This mechanic will be further refined for the next testing phase.

And also no surprise, the new limit of 3 SPGs per team has been well recieved by both arty players (who are no longer competing for damage) and players of other classes, even though there has been an increase in wait times for arty players.


Testing will continue until the 27th. Accuracy and pen mechanics will continue being tested during this phase, hopefully providing more data for WG to make changes, and the new mechanics will now be tested on a greater variety of machines.

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