Sandbox to be temporarily shut down & FAQ


the following message was given by the sandbox devs:

Attention all Sandboxers  !

After four weeks of testing, we have completed Sandbox Phase One . We have accumulated an incredible amount of gameplay data and user feedback. Now it’s time for us to take down the Sandbox for a short while, so we can process and analyse all of the collected information, feedback, and suggestions. Then we can launch the next Phase. Accordingly, the Sandbox test servers are going to be temporarily paused on July 21.

The development team would like to sincerely thank everyone who joined the Sandbox testing, shared detailed feedback, and asked critical questions. We couldn’t do this critical testing without you!

We will also publish an update next week detailing more of our current thoughts on what we have seen so far, how we have progressed in advancing our gameplay goals for the rebalancing effort, and what players can expect to see in future updates for the Sandbox. Please keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime, we can tell you that in Sandbox Phase 2 , we are planning to add Tiers VIII and IX vehicles , are going to fix existing issues , and continue working on already implemented features. More details concerning specific Phase 2 content and its launch date will be announced in due course

Thanks again for all of your interest and involvement. We are looking forward to seeing you on the Sandbox servers in future!

Here are some FAQ’s that may provide useful information :


Q: Initially it was stated that the Sandbox server test will last a long time, why is it stopping after a month ?

A: In addition to the work on the Sandbox, the team also maintains the main game servers. Once we have fully analysed all the Phase 1 data and made appropriate decisions regarding deploying Tier VIII and IX, the team will launch Phase 2.


Q: Why can’t you leave the Sandbox server live in the meantime ?

A: As above the Sandbox requires considerable time and resources that are being focused on the main game servers and other tasks.


Q: What happens with theSandbox forum?

A: The Forum will at least initially continue to operate. In addition to general player feedback,  we will publish more information about the changes , and share reasons for their implementation. We wish to make the  decision-making process more transparent to players.


Q: Does the end of Phase 1 mean that the current Artillery functionality and balance meets the expectations of developers and players?

A: No , the current mechanics are ‘acceptable’ for us to continue testing and move to Phase 2 and the addition of Tier VIII and IX. Testing in an artificial Tier X only environment was necessary to establish a baseline for further testing and iteration.


Q:  Are the current settings for accuracy / dispersion and penetration final?

A: No, the settings are not final. These parameters have only been tested in Tier X battles – we will need to review and iterate in a wider range of battles with Tier VIII and IX.


Q: Will there be a  “wipe” (zeroing of the results achieved by the players) after Phase 1 ?

A: This is not yet decided – it is normal practice for such servers , but there be advantages in not doing this .


Q: Will current Sandbox participants be automatically accepted for Phase 2. ?

A: No, we will review all participation in Phase 1 before deciding this .


Q: What are the requirements for participation in the next stage of testing?

A: The selection criteria for Phase 2  testing will be made closer to the launch date.


Q: Can you announce the approximate launch date of the next stage of testing?

A: The date is not final and we are not ready to announce it, but probably mid – autumn.


Q: Why not give open access to testing for all players?

A: Firstly, we are limited by some technical limitations of the Sandbox Server, and secondly, we need to attract varying segments of players at different times. This focused testing is especially important when we introduce Tier VIII and IX . Despite these limitations, we hope that all those wishing to play in the “Sandbox” will get such an opportunity. “

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