Sandbox to be temporarily shut down & FAQ


the following message was given by the sandbox devs:

Attention all Sandboxers  !

After four weeks of testing, we have completed Sandbox Phase One . We have accumulated an incredible amount of gameplay data and user feedback. Now it’s time for us to take down the Sandbox for a short while, so we can process and analyse all of the collected information, feedback, and suggestions. Then we can launch the next Phase. Accordingly, the Sandbox test servers are going to be temporarily paused on July 21.

The development team would like to sincerely thank everyone who joined the Sandbox testing, shared detailed feedback, and asked critical questions. We couldn’t do this critical testing without you!

We will also publish an update next week detailing more of our current thoughts on what we have seen so far, how we have progressed in advancing our gameplay goals for the rebalancing effort, and what players can expect to see in future updates for the Sandbox. Please keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime, we can tell you that in Sandbox Phase 2 , we are planning to add Tiers VIII and IX vehicles , are going to fix existing issues , and continue working on already implemented features. More details concerning specific Phase 2 content and its launch date will be announced in due course

Thanks again for all of your interest and involvement. We are looking forward to seeing you on the Sandbox servers in future!

Here are some FAQ’s that may provide useful information :


Q: Initially it was stated that the Sandbox server test will last a long time, why is it stopping after a month ?

A: In addition to the work on the Sandbox, the team also maintains the main game servers. Once we have fully analysed all the Phase 1 data and made appropriate decisions regarding deploying Tier VIII and IX, the team will launch Phase 2.


Q: Why can’t you leave the Sandbox server live in the meantime ?

A: As above the Sandbox requires considerable time and resources that are being focused on the main game servers and other tasks.


Q: What happens with theSandbox forum?

A: The Forum will at least initially continue to operate. In addition to general player feedback,  we will publish more information about the changes , and share reasons for their implementation. We wish to make the  decision-making process more transparent to players.


Q: Does the end of Phase 1 mean that the current Artillery functionality and balance meets the expectations of developers and players?

A: No , the current mechanics are ‘acceptable’ for us to continue testing and move to Phase 2 and the addition of Tier VIII and IX. Testing in an artificial Tier X only environment was necessary to establish a baseline for further testing and iteration.


Q:  Are the current settings for accuracy / dispersion and penetration final?

A: No, the settings are not final. These parameters have only been tested in Tier X battles – we will need to review and iterate in a wider range of battles with Tier VIII and IX.


Q: Will there be a  “wipe” (zeroing of the results achieved by the players) after Phase 1 ?

A: This is not yet decided – it is normal practice for such servers , but there be advantages in not doing this .


Q: Will current Sandbox participants be automatically accepted for Phase 2. ?

A: No, we will review all participation in Phase 1 before deciding this .


Q: What are the requirements for participation in the next stage of testing?

A: The selection criteria for Phase 2  testing will be made closer to the launch date.


Q: Can you announce the approximate launch date of the next stage of testing?

A: The date is not final and we are not ready to announce it, but probably mid – autumn.


Q: Why not give open access to testing for all players?

A: Firstly, we are limited by some technical limitations of the Sandbox Server, and secondly, we need to attract varying segments of players at different times. This focused testing is especially important when we introduce Tier VIII and IX . Despite these limitations, we hope that all those wishing to play in the “Sandbox” will get such an opportunity. “

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Sandbox to be temporarily shut down & FAQ

103 thoughts on “Sandbox to be temporarily shut down & FAQ

    1. CLAYM0RE says:

      they are not horrible, and you have to actually be accepted into the server to say your opinion otherwise its worthless, im not defending WG im just saying its totally wrong to judge solely based on videos/streams/forum shitty conversations

      1. madogthefirst says:

        So I take it you have been admitted to then?

        Yes the changes are horrible and the only thing worse than the changes are that the people in charge still think they are good. It is like they are looking for a way to kill the game so they can finally move on.

      2. ApolloF117 says:

        cos noobs get invited to the server doesn’t mean that you the game progressing to the right direction

      3. CLAYM0RE says:

        the players who got accepted does not have to do with anything with “game progressing to the right direction”

      4. CLAYM0RE says:

        you will never know :P, this sick way of comparing people is horrible and proves you are a srublord who shuoldnt be talking

  1. Str0nkTenk says:

    I got 31k games, numerous tanks and xp at all levels and types and nearly 4yrs experience.. clearly not the right criteria for a sandbox invitation.

    1. Rombat says:

      You lost nothing…enjoy the common servers until they ruin the game with their new ideeas…
      They shutdown servers because there was no player to play that shit…there was no fun…
      Maybe they’ll get the messege…Rubincon was great compared with what they want to do on Sand Box..excuse me….Sand Fail or Fail on Sand…

      1. CLAYM0RE says:

        so the real FUN actually exists on the real live server now ? what the f***** hell are you thinking?
        and did you actually get accepted? cause you sound like the others down below, then you get off saying it wasn’t fun >.<

      2. whitesample says:

        You havent played sandbox lololol
        -Grille 15 is dead.
        -Russian meds as OP as always.
        -NATO meds are dead too .u.
        -You do more dmg throwing racoons alive that sandbox shells.
        -Artillery while it doesnt kill you, annoys and stuns you for 30 secs.

        And now, tier VIII lights have 1400hp. gg

      3. @WHITESAMPLE you do realize that once tier 8 and 9 tanks are introduced there are going to be a lot of changes for balance. What is there currently is an extreme baseline, from here it’s going to be working up to balance the classes and tiers

        -Every TD right now is pretty much unplayable
        -Russian meds mobility is insane, but their gun handling is piss poor
        -NATO meds mobility isnt as good but they have good gun handling
        -You have to aim weakspots and flank to do damage, it’s called tactics and teamwork, not press the 2 key
        -You clearly never played the last iteration of the sandbox, arty stun was only lasting 10-15sec and the effects were only about 70% of what they initially were (was at a very good place)

    2. whitesample says:

      -Russian meds mobility is insane, but their gun handling is piss poor
      Try the obj 430 son. They can still snipe.
      -NATO meds mobility isnt as good but they have good gun handling
      Does it compensate having **** pen? .u.
      -You have to aim weakspots and flank to do damage, it’s called tactics and teamwork, not press the 2 key
      No, its called bad balancing also, the maps dont allow that currently.
      -You clearly never played the last iteration of the sandbox, arty stun was only lasting 10-15sec and the effects were only about 70% of what they initially were (was at a very good place)
      Yeah, I was tired of that, but still, it can be exploited by a platoon of bc155s… -u- (its very common)

      1. madogthefirst says:

        Pressing 2 on the SB server for the most part was not even an option. Plus HEAT still does not lose pen over distance, so on the live server pressing 2 will give you the greatest rewards.

      2. Coco says:

        But one can only assume they are going to scale the stun duration and/or intensity of the stun effect to the gun caliber and/or reload time

  2. Someone says:

    Just when I thought WG couldn’t do any worse in game balance, they come up with their “test” server with even worse russian bias and worthless german tanks, not to mention heavily OP arty.

    Some things will never change., WoT being a shitty game is one of them.

    1. CLAYM0RE says:

      were you accepted into the Sandbox? you sound really ignorant about it, let me tell you its the best step WG has ever took plus what part of “THE CHANGES ARE NOT FINAL” dont you get?

      1. Rombat says:

        The changes are not final…but their ideeas of how to change the game are finals…and that we should fear most…their ideea is to nerf everything so you must buy premium account and premium tanks in order to play the game with some succes…if not you’ll be the guy who will bounce all the shoots and the guys with credits bought with real money will lough at you playing with e100 and is7 or even mouse full of premium ammo.
        Now premium ammo is not a problem…after the penetration nerfs, the rapid loose of penetration over small distances and distibution of shells in the target nerf…then we will have a real feast of premium ammo on live server….haleluia

      2. CLAYM0RE says:

        you know what, yes they do look like huge nerfs, but only because you are used to the broken game on live server, and their” idea of how to change the game” is not final they just wanna make the game fun again, you don’t need a premium account to progress, and if we are talking about premium tanks i would tell you they didn’t start balancing a single premium tank so how would you know?, next the penetration balance which feels very good btw, not getting pinned by everything and armor has meaning once again so whats the bad spot here? and if you take a close look you will notice they didn’t finish balancing the prem ammo yet these are just placeholders, and about the “real feast on premium shells” that we are supposed to have i would say what do you call whats going on NOW on live server with prem? and even if this happens you should be afraid or frustrated bec they are not OP anymore, they are Balanced, which is what the whole purpose of SB is

      3. Anonymous says:

        No it wasn’t. It was horrible and extremely boring. I was in SB and what they did to mediums was idiotic. The pace of the game was sluggish at best and this was for tier 10s. It will be unplayable at lower tiers. The RNG and pen drop off made it a pain in the ass to play. Couldn’t even pen the side of a Maus with an AMX 30B when that tank is supposed to be a sniper. The only good things that came out of it was the arty changes and view range nerfs. No i will keep the live server over the SB changes.

      1. john says:

        Most of the people here have no idea about this game(and they are playing it) …is so sad….not to mention the SANDBOX.
        I play SANBOX about 100 games (tier X only for those who don`t know that aspect :)) and it was way more fun than the live server.I had a DMG per game of 2.5k with not even one gold ammo shot and all vehicle where fun to play .

      2. Anonymous says:

        there is a hope that someday the game will make a turn for the better but unfortunately the devs have their heads up their ass, much like you.

    1. Yukikaze88 says:

      I think it came and went. I remember seeing missions for it a few days ago…

      Though nowadays I just log in, make 100k creds, and log out (takes about an hour plus for tomato me), so I don’t really care about these things anymore.

  3. Honestly, it’s obvious who hasnt’t touched the SB, all they do is constantly complain over how “shitty the ideas are and it’s going to ruin the game”… grade A ignorance right there.

    Honestly the only “bad idea” is global penetration drop off, but thats going to become even more evident when tier 8 is introduced. No one will even test it because free access to tier 10 and they wouldn’t be able to pen tier 10 tanks even if they did tty to play a tier 8…

    But seriously, yall need to calm the flying f*ck down, there’s still half a year of test yet and nothing is close to final yet.

    1. CLAYM0RE says:

      I hear you, maybe what worsens the pen drop off even more is the worse accuracy/dispersion which i feel the game didn’t really need

      1. To be frank, it doesn’t actually feel like the accuracy changed as much as what the numbers lead you to believe. I think that’s what gets people the most, they read data and set an expectation of negativity.

        For me I would go test every vehicle 2-3 times to see if I could feel a difference in how they played before going and reading the patch notes. Doing that you eliminate any uninteded bias thoughts about vehicle stats and get 100% true feel for any change that was made. A severe change would be more noticable while a minor change that goes unoticed might seem drastic on paper.

        At least that’s how I see it. The penetration drop off is just too drastic, especially with tank destroyers. You have ones primarily geared towards sniping that are unable to perform their role such as the Obj 263 because they lose their penetration ability that they rely on.

    2. DoctorBest says:

      At least someone who isn’t a complete idiot. At first I was very sceptical of the SB ideas too, but after playing it I realised that it was actually a lot of fun this way, apart from the penetration drop-off and to a certain degree the general accuracy nerf. This can and probably will work out, most people are just idiots. Calling out for changes and then complaining about the fact that the game is different.

      1. RagnarokBazil says:

        Ill only say this its worth it.. i never felt so calm in my life hell the RU players are not donkeys they use a brain! Theres a real thing called team work! I love the arty omg i love the arty xD you cwnt cwmp anymore you hide behind a bunker in sigfrid line arty dosent have to aim at you instead he only has to land a shell ten metera away from you I love the changes love love love em.. scouts finally got there roles back no more med domimence and scouts just make most tanks afraid now i love it.. Not saying i got accepted no i watch the videos. I welcome the change with open arms! Im a 5 year vet to wot i love it i love it..

      2. Carl says:

        To Quote lord vetenari: “What people most desire is that tomorrow will be pretty much the same as today”

  4. Der_Typ says:

    I hope they just scrap the Idea… The game has a lot of problems but it’s still 100 times more fun than the Sandbox BS

    1. CLAYM0RE says:

      you are comparing a complete “ecosystem” to a completely new one which isn’t even half done and calling it BS? have you been accepted into SB? imean yeah the current live server is great just press and hold the 2 key and you can obliterate everything with impunity thats not BS at all

      1. VladCelTroll says:

        (Rita, sorry for this, but I just couldn’t…)
        Typical fucktard paid by WG only to say that everything they do is right, and that Sandbox is fine as it is. Really now, just keep your mouth shut and admit the fact that Russian bias is stronger on SB than on the live server. Oh, not to mention that Rubicon was way better than this shit.

      2. CLAYM0RE says:

        Firstly Im not paid by WG nor am I a “fucktard” however a fucktard is the one saying shit based on nothing and the fact that you admit there is a Russian bias means you know nothing about the server and Rubicon was not better plus its not just an update but a complete re-balance but a fucktard wont get any of what Im saying because well that’s what the name suggests and again Im not defending WG Im just saying my opinion on the SB subject considering the fact that I got ACCEPTED to it , doesn’t mean Im paid by them or anything, but how would a fucktard get any of that?


        There’s a difference between a “paid fucktard” and someone that actually has experienced the changes by playing enough games on the sandbox to have developed an understanding on how the changes are ment work. So calling him a “paid fucktard” means you have never experienced any of the changes or you only played a few games at the start and then left because your favorite tank was no longer performing as OP as you would like

      4. Der_Typ says:

        Okay okay ive read now almost all your comments and to say all of them in one sentence “Have you been accepted to SB?”. Well it is an argument but you don’t rly have any other points. But to answer that i am accepted or rather was since it’s down. I played about 40 battles which is not a lot i agree but after these 40 i just wanted to kill myself.
        I actually find it interesting that you mention the live server and it’s prem ammo “live server is great just press and hold the 2 key and you can obliterate everything” okay fair enough but whats the difference to the SB? On the SB in order to pen targets over range you need HEAT and the rly smart ones here know that most of the time HEAT is prem ammo, combined with the huge accuracy nerv where you can’t hit weakspots you are forced to fire those HEAH right. So in which way is that better than it is now? Well in short it is as close to pay2win as it can get. But okay you may like not penning anything, maybe just maybe. But tbh i like to have a chance to at least be able to do something against a Heavy or TD.
        The game on the SB is as unbalanced as it can be. One team got a good LT and the other got someone who can’t find his ass in bright daylight. So the team with to good wins. Or you got an open map where you can see far everyone is spotted but after 15 mins the game ends with a draw and 3 tanks killed. Why? Because no one penned anything. And yes i got that situations.
        So if you want to be smart, well don’t be smart it is just boring AF and i know not a single person who actually liked it so if you liked it well fine im happy for you but pls don’t ruin whats left of the game for the rest.

      5. CLAYM0RE says:

        so you actually like the game on live server as it is? you dont want anything to be changed? and im not ruining the game for anyone by saying my opinion and YES IF YOU DIDN’T JOIN SB YOU SHOULDN’T TALK

      6. CCP says:

        If you aren’t admitted into the sandbox you have no say on sb. If you don’t ride a horse you have no say in the derby. If you don’t play for real Madrid you have no say about ronaldo.

      7. stormcrow99 says:

        @Der_Typ You are the problem here. The range and penetration was nerfed EXACTLY to remove the MT’s ability to perform the sniper role the same as the snipers can. And fuck if it isn’t thanks to people like you who will go out of their way to exploit EVERY LITTLE GODDAMN DETAIL to build the biggest unfair advantage over the enemy.
        As you can tell by the results, the problem isn’t in the game. It’s in the PLAYERS who cannot ADJUST to not being able to shoot as far and do damage.

      8. Anonymous says:

        Ehy don’t you just accept that people have valid criticism without trying to push them back on their opinions, you fucking moron. Obviously the sandbox is shit and the devs need to hear it. Idiots like you aren’t helping.

      9. CLAYM0RE says:

        oh but you are helping ?? and yeah your criticism is NOT VALID because its based on nothing since you didn’t actually get to try it, and thanks for proving my point even more by writing an insult in almost every sentence

    2. RagnarokBazil says:

      You realize the russian meds have like 290 view range and a turret traverse of like 25, and cant really brawl. XD and with the shells effecting APCR they have to get close and personal they cant snipe anymore if they try they will bpunce a tank with only 1mm of armor but its not done so im expecting there reload and travetse to be hit with a bat too.. so its a wip.: )

  5. “Q: Will current Sandbox participants be automatically accepted for Phase 2. ?
    A: No, we will review all participation in Phase 1 before deciding this .”

    And here goes my sandbox account lol

    Between the end of the year exams, family stuff and now summer holiday I havent been able to connect to it a lot, and considering how completely not fun it was for the first few patches and how you were limited to a few tanks to equip and thus play with realistic tier X battle atmosphere because of low credits per day, if I had an hour I rather grind my regular account than play my E-100 10 times in a row so I can buy a rammer for another tank I’d wanna try…

    Hopefuly I’l be back in but at the same time if you’re still limited to playing the first 3 tanks you equiped over and over I may as well just wait for the list of changes on RSR. Being able to test gameplay is always a nice thing but if its not fun there is no point in it, I’m not paid to test. But they’re going in the right direction, I’m confident global rebalance will be *mostly* successful

    1. CLAYM0RE says:

      If you are having a problem with the grind just login everyday you get 500k and 500 gold for logging each day plus you get +70k credits over the income every battle

  6. Keke says:

    Im not in that sb, but im sure those last tank stats
    need quite much adjusting to to be least fair.

    I agree games are bit fast but artillery is one reason to that too.
    Nobody want sit behind those heavyblocks and wait arty to
    hit them. Penerations can be bit worse but that they offered
    are quite nasty. There are loads of tanks whose arent quite
    made to brawling and those peneration drops will make them
    hard to use in maps what we have now. Citymaps they will
    die fast because lack of reliable armor and if in open maps
    they cant even pene is-7 side armor beyond 300m then
    there is definelty going to be huge problem.

    So better to really adjust those spects to be right
    rather than rush out unfinished product.

    1. I just think its pretty kavai that all the people who wernt even invited to sandbox are allowed to spew how crap it is.
      Furthermore i doubt most of those whineing know anything about how the game works, stuggling to hold a positive WR let alone one large enough to make a difference. Meanwhile fooling themselves into thinking that doing their hp in damage is helpful to the team.

  7. George H. says:

    Hopefully the ones who get accepted into phase 2 are the one who actually played the Sandbox. Seen people on the forums complaining about the Sandbox and had less than 10 battles. How could you know much about it if you haven’t really played it much?

    1. The number of battles played are actualy a valid data which wargaming can use.

      Everyone wants to try the new sandbox, so in theory they should play a lot. So if in the end they have very few battles played it means either they’re not satisfied at all with the changes, either they are not having fun and wont waste time playing on a server for no reward, or both. And that’s what WG is trying to avoid while fixing the game : making it not fun or unapreciated.

      1. Alt F4 says:

        Or you are in SEA and have to play the SB with 350+ ping. On good days I could cope with it but on bad days it was just too unplayable so I stopped going on the SB. But I am a big supporter of what they are trying to do and if they had a better low ping server I would be back in seconds.

      2. RagnarokBazil says:

        Well i had fun and i diddent play much cause of real life. I loved the scout tanks and artillery

      1. Yer nar, if you think that then you’re actually an idiot and are one of the people stopping the game from improving and have obviously based your opinion on paper stats rather then experience

      2. ^“look at me I’m in sandbox I know a lot about gamemaking now I’m a professionnal ! I can tell you if you’re useful or not !”

        Yer nar just go back to playing, your battles will apparently be a more useful data than your opinion

      3. Considering I have actually studied game design… I’ll tell you that 10 games does not a solid opinion make nor does it produce sufficient data.

      4. After 50 wins…so like 85 battles for me….i cant tell you that 10 battles is not even enough to make yourself familier with the changes.
        Anyone under 50 battles should just be omited from balance results

  8. Nopp says:

    Sandbox is actually fun. Fk the idiots who thinks the Sandbox is a bad idea. Yes, some of the changes on the sandbox is questionable *Jgdpanzer E100 Pen needs* but on the other hand, heavy tanks that rely heavily on their Armor such as the Type 5 which are unable to effectively angle and only are able to stand there and take shots from Unicum wannabes pressing “2” twice and auto aiming and penning or RNG being a bitch and allowing you to get penned by every standard ammo actually have a use now. They can actually charge the enemy like how they are supposed to be used: big front line brawler where at close range the Type 5 can overpower anyone that at least attempts to play fair. Arty is no longer a issue to fear, even though they might double your reload and slow down your tank, but all that is worth it to be able to win a flank. Of course getting fked by arty will still leave you open for what they call “cruiser tanks” to rape you. Each tank has a good role to them such as Heavy Tanks being rolled over by TDs, LTs having better view range instead of spotting and then getting spotted by random meds or camping TDs because Camou and Cruiser tanks being the mobile “fk you” tanks that they are. In the state WOT is in now every tier 10 CW consists of faggots running around in their OP5s and loading full premium and blowing away every other tank that is not an OP5. Of coz with the new changes, each nation will lose their unique identity such as Russian tanks mindlessly charging the enemy, Germans with good guns and good armor, British tanks being good support tanks, American tanks being versatile and so on. But I feel along with the new changes, so of these nation’s identity can be retained while also bringing the new changes forward.

  9. wheeledtank says:

    I think I am one of the few people here who isn’t in the Sandbox, but actually wants to get into it. The only changes that seem odd are some of the “Roles” that vehicles fall in as of now (E-50M in the Cavalry section seems odd). The “Shell Shock” effect of arty is probably the only thing I am worried about, but I am more annoyed by the insta-kill arty then debuff arty (AW arty is annoying, but manageable) has been getting regular changes.

    1. Michael Dixon says:

      nah not not od the e-50 has armor it makes sense to be a cavalry tank. and don’t say it doesn’t have armor it does on the SB server

      1. wheeledtank says:

        I would expect it to be an assault tank because of the armor. I hear “Calvary” and I think of nimble, lightly armored vehicles, not 60-ton “Medium” tanks.

    2. Dont worry about the roles thing to much. Its something already in the live server. WG just didnt spell it out for people. For example the E3 is an assualt tank.the obj 263 is a support tank.
      I think its so it gives the average players a clue on how to play something,so they arent redlineing in an E3

  10. ljpunksdad says:

    I am glad they did the Sandbox and look forward to the second phase. I like that WG is trying things out to keep their game fresh.

  11. Infernal969 says:

    Phase 58 changelog:
    Added healers and cloak devices.
    Arty can shoot 24h ban shells with 30 meters splash.
    Introducing 70.000 DPM for Russian horse cavalry.
    Due to the popularity of Maus on the SB server we changed its top speed to 0.4 km/h. Now the vehicle will perform the role it’s intended to perform.
    Removed the gun module from JgPz E100.
    To make it easier for people to understand each vehicle’s role we’ve introduced “cannon fodder” class with british and german tech trees in it.
    To avoid people sniping too much the RNG will determine with 50/50 chance whether your shell stays inside the aiming reticle.
    Due to popular demand IS-3’s armor got improved and the vehicle has been moved to tier 6.

    1. and it’s sarcastic pricks like you that should not be allowed in the sandbox for the sole reason that you have absolutely nothing constructive to say and feel the need to degrade the PROPOSED changes when you haven’t even experienced them yourself…

      1. ^he is exagerating it but somehow is right. How the hell vomes JPZ has terrible pen for its class, terrible mobility and no turret and is exoected to perform well. If they’re gonna nerf its pen so much he needs the pre-SB damages.
        Same for the Maus : doing well because no gold ammo which will be different on live server.
        And for rng : they made it clear that they’re not gonna change it, even tho it is one of the most gamebreaking thing and the change most players have been asking for after arty.

      2. 4 weeks the server has been out, its going to be out for another 4-6 months with weekly change and you dont think anything will change in that time? Yer alright mate

      3. The problem is you can only balance the tier 10 tanks so far but they need tier 8 and 9 so that it can be balanced against other tiers it will be versing

      4. Infernal969 says:

        Way to be assblasted about a tongue-in-cheek comment.
        I did not even intent to apply to the SB, because I know that WG doesn’t give two shits about what players think, it has been that way, it is that way and it will stay that way. They just need free workforce to test their idiotic ideas.
        I don’t need to test anything to know that making sniping tanks even more useless than they are now is not a way to go, neither is nerfing basically everything except, surprise, Russkie stronk tonks. Oh, and especially increasing the already retardedly high RNG. Did I mention the 30 hour stuns that deems your tank near useless?
        You know what made WoT popular? Ride out and shoot stuff. Not “oh, I’m a ‘cavalry tank’, need to play how WG wants me to, where’s the nearest corridor?”

      5. GameGlitch says:

        “I don’t need to test anything to know…”

        In other words, you don’t need to try food to know what it tastes like. Cool story bro.

      6. Infernal969 says:

        I’ve had enough dishes in my life to know that a steak is not edible after getting drenched in dog’s piss. I wouldn’t really even try to test food from someone that is famous for spitting into the sauce. But feel free to check it for yourself. Bon appetit.

  12. zombietropa says:

    After reading these comments, and only playing on the SB for a few games (broken PC for a few weeks/ CW/SH commitments), all I can say is the FV4005 ‘Shitbarn’ is now actually halfway decent.

  13. Nocomment says:

    You don’t need to play the SB to see the direction the game and its various vehicles are going in.
    imo some of it looks good some not.

    I personally have no interest at all in trying it out until WG can bring themselves to be honest about their intentions for prem ammo. Until that time these balance changes to “make armour more effective”, tank roles etc are irrelevant if you can just press 2 to ignore them and “win”.

    Also I cannot get overly excited about a new meta that is hamstrung by maps designed for the brainless to queue up at one corner of the map and spam each other from 50m.

  14. Anon again says:

    Having played a number of games on SB and have >25k on live..

    Must admit i struggled using TD; still struggling with the different classes of tanks on SB and their roles.
    Think this is a bit of a risk in that probably would take a good few hundred games to get proficient and could easily put people off when you have to relearn a favourite tank.
    Map play would also need to relearn.

    Loved how much better light were and thought they actually made a different on the open maps.
    I dont religiously hate arty so can sort of see how the changes may make overall gameplay less random. Playing arty seems to be easier in SB, but harder to get those rally high dmg games. So if you just like clicking the changes may be good for you (or on a crap PC where fps may be poor,) then you might have more arty.

    From WoT perspective it would be interesting to see how they wanted to migrate from where we are today to something like SB. If it happened in one update – Major change, lose many players, or over a 12 month period so we would not notice quite so much on each update – Balance problems across tiers etc.

    I suspect way too early to say whether any of this would go live as the risk of upsetting current revenue stream may not be worth it…

  15. john says:

    Most of the people here have no idea about this game(and they are playing it) …is so sad….not to mention the SANDBOX.
    I play SANBOX about 100 games (tier X only for those who don`t know that aspect :)) and it was way more fun than the live server.I had a DMG per game of 2.5k with not even one gold ammo shot and all vehicle where fun to play .

  16. Steve SEA says:

    I rather like to play on the SB. The over all game play is far better than that we get on SEA. It does need more players and the MM needs to be adjusted. as it stands the team with the most super heavies will win most of the time. I’m quite interested to see the new tiers added. I want to see if the IS3 has any hope at all of damaging an E-100 without the use of gold rounds or HE.

  17. Steve SEA says:

    as John says: if your not in the sandbox you really have no idea what you are talking about. You could apply to join in the next iteration and not just sit around and grumble like a bunch of old people.

  18. Thank god its gone, as a tester I couldn’t stand more than one or two rounds in that horrible server. I tried to keep a open mind but I seen so many things I hated I had to quit and run to the live server to enjoy playing. The game is find as far as I’m concerned but that is my 2 cents, I could do with out arty. I think that was one of the main things I hated most was that stun affect that only made arty worse than it already is. But that’s MHO and I know you have yours and that’s fine.

  19. Thag O'Mizer says:

    As a sandman, I really can’t see the problem with the sandbox. It’s a test. My primary aim wasn’t to win, it was to fire a lot of shells from all over the place, try to block as much damage as possible, and try to move around. That would give the developers (hopefully) some decent stats to work with. It wasn’t perfect (lights are busted – too skittish to drive, and scouting is pointless as no one can pen the bastards you spot), the heavies and TDs have trouble penning, and heavies and TDs are too sluggish, so can’t defend themselves. But it’s a test.

    The main problem for me was that I have a premium account so didn’t play in the sandbox as much as I wanted to: every day in the sandbox meant a day lost in my premium account. If WG want more players in the sandbox, they need to compensate us for the time we lose on our premium accounts.

    1. CLAYM0RE says:

      finally some constructive opinions, thanks for sharing your opinion mate and i hope you find time to play on the next iteration

  20. Anonymous says:

    “broken live game” – really? 104,000 players on EU server right now, some players like me having been playing for 5 years, really?
    The enduring point of WOT is that it’s Rock , Paper , Scissors. You can be a heavy (rock) but you might get sniped by a TD or smashed by arty (paper), but in a city map you can just rollover. In a TD (lets say scissors) you can snipe for fun , but as soon as you are spotted you have no armour and are a 1 shot. etc.
    I like playing TD’s they have had camo nerfed, accuracy nerfed , terrain nerfed , damage and penetration nerfed, already turret traverse nerfed but on sandbox there will be virtually no traverse, every TD will become a St Emil, horrible to play and it does not take more than 10 battles to work that out. But hey the still have a view range advantage – (nerfed) or armour – none but the opponent heavies will have a buff. This will render TD’s unplayable, so you lose rock paper scissors, oh but we nerfed paper as well. So it becomes the inevitable push towards having a heavy and maybe a pack of meds.
    If WOT was so crap how come its taken over the world? Well its not the basic premise of rock paper scissors caters for all tastes and styles – when they nerf that it will die, and quickly it will be candy crush consigned to history. 15 a side heavy battles for “serious” players will end as 7 a side cos there’ s no one left to match with. The gamers will move on and they will have killed the goose that laid golden eggs.

    1. Anonymous says:

      In my opinion, true heavies like Maus, IS-4, etc, the main point of which is armour, are kind of underdogs now. Sure, you can be god in them sometimes, but it is more often that you get to be a passive sex partner for overpenned TDs, any tank with overpenned HEAT shells, and arty. And it is hard to fight back when you have such a gun and when enemies stay invisible despite you having more than maximum viewrange. I say that as near-unicum kind of player.
      It isn’t fun.

      And on live servers, there is so much of TDs on top tiers that you kinda start to see the point of nerfing them mercilessly.

      1. Rombat says:

        Dude..that’s the point of a td…to destroy a tank…heavy tanks shoud fear td…that the point of a td. If you play with heavy and you are shooted by invisible enemy is not td-s fault….it’s your fault because you enter in a zone without spot…and is not your fault of course because you have in a team suicide scouts who rush enemy base in first minute or sniper scouts playing behind arty.
        The main difference from live server on SB playing with a heavy:
        – on live server you need skill to bounce shots shooted at you on sb you need o skill to bounce the shoots fired at you….just put your heavy in open field and you get 10-20 non penetration shoots from every tank.
        – on live server with a heavy you can aim and reliable pen a target from more than 300 m, on sb you won’t pen a shit from that distance and woun’t hit a weakspot futher than 150 m.
        And the base of this game was….light tanks are nemesis for arty, mediums eat light tanks on bread, heavies beat mediums, td’s beat heavies and mediums beat td’s, and arties oneshot td’s…

    2. madogthefirst says:

      HT’s, MT’s, and TD’s all play nice currently on the live server. It is SPG’s and LT’s that quite fit in well.
      LT’s want to have everything but armor while SPG’s just want to be made useful while keeping everyone else as content as possible.

  21. Rombat says:

    If you, all who like the new changes, the nerfs and other things that wg is shavelling in our mouths saying that is chocholate and good for us without nobody to ask for them, start to think why wg didn.t cut the price of shells according to their penetration, accuracy and distribution in target nerf you maybe will reach the ideea that wg is transforming wot in a pay to win machine…and Rubicon was a child compared to what wg will deliver us in future…

  22. Diogo says:

    Hey Rita, can u check something for me plz, i think that the t26e4 Super Pershing armor model is fucked… i keep getting penned by 175mm avg penn guns, it wasnt 1 or 2 times it happens to me every game, it should have 278 mm Efective armor on the top part of the lower glacis and 228mm efective armor in the lower part of the lower glacis, i keep getting penned there by is6 and wz 111 with AP round that have 175mm avg penn and 210 max penn, how is this possible is the model screwd up???

  23. Anonymous says:

    Honestly I have played sandbox and the one thing they should have never touched was loss of penetration over ranges starting a 50 meters instead of 100 and the overall pen of standard rounds and prem rounds also damage, the game was balanced except for jpz e100 and a few other tds premium pen needed to be looked at, arty was the only thing that was broken. The stun mechanic is very annoying and shouldn’t even be there if they wanna nerf view range abroad and give it to the lights thats fine, but depending on lights that have no idea what to do is just a disaster hopefully they will realize this.

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