SandBox Update


before I head out to the  Wicksteed at War 2016, there’s a small update about the Sandbox server, Storm has said that WG will be working only on the tier 10s initially and then gradually work they way down the tiers to balance the game.


That’s all for now. 🙂

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SandBox Update

13 thoughts on “SandBox Update

  1. this information was on the “sandbox” video they made, I personally think it’s weird to start game balancing from the top because it might/probably will result in the lower tiers getting weaker than they already are
    one thing they should definitly change is give more HP to all tanks because before only a few tanks had the hability to take at least half of it’s enemies hitpoints in one shot but now it starts at tier 5 and tier 3 and 4 are constantly one-shoted, by increasing the HP a little it will actually allow players to learn to look for different aproaches during a match

  2. It was a joy to hear from SerB that their biggest mistake was the IS-7, because it’s soo OP 🙂

    A thought of mine is about the issue of high tier medium tanks and their hyper penetration HEAT shells. If spall liners worked as they would in real life (or something like that), they could be the counter to these type of shells ( I assume everyone knows how spaced armor works against cumulative shells).
    What I imagined, is called slat armor as I found out on the web.
    I’m not sure what could the devs make out of this. The spall liner equipment should give + #% armor against HEAT type shells, or make a new type of equipment. Or let it be spaced armor and soak up every cumulative shells. Make it be able to fall off after some shot or not, idk. I’ll definitely draw this up as Sandbox feedback.

    And I believe the equipments should be like in WoWs, where you have more slots, just like in WoT, but each slot has its own selection of equipment.
    Is it a bad idea? The so-called unicum players who are obsessed with their op medium tanks will rage here I’d expect.

  3. Laserguided says:

    WG needs to run daily 1 vs 1 tournament to gather information. That’s the only way to balance tanks within the same tier. Some tanks are just so bad that they have no chance against the OP tanks within the same tier. Tanks that don’t have an equal chance of destroying each other ( 40-60 %) should not belong to the same tier.

    Maybe group tanks that are historically weak in a different tech tree, and use them for historical battles.

    1. Look at the grill 15 and 121, 1vs1 the grill 15 will mostly lose 1 vs 1. or the batchat vs leo 1, the leo 1 will win if the batchat misses.
      But in randoms with a team supporting it it’s a strong tank, 1 vs 1 is great for brawling tanks, but not tanks which rely on ambushing or finishing.

  4. madogthefirst says:

    And we wonder how the screwed up low tiers, they start by building the roof before building the foundation. I don’t feel the game requires an entire global rebalance just certain things need adjusting low tiers being one which I think can be resolved by increasing tiers 1-4 and tier 5 MTs (not premiums) HP by 100. The only thing that needs a complete rebalance is artillery because it just sucks out right for everyone involved, I personally don’t mind it being a factor but I just can’t stand to play it.

    1. Wargaming are not that short sighted the only way to set the bar of power is to go top to bottom, take care of tier X then IX then conpaire the two tiers v.s each other then look at the roles of each tank in a top tier game v.s. Mid tier v.s. Bottom tier and repeat for each tier referring to the tier above knowing if you do it right from tier X all others will fall into the spot they need to. Also they have to know that no change is off the table.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The issue I have with starting at Tier 10 is that WG have said they will be rebalancing with players of all levels of experience, to make the game better for everyone – but how many mid to low experience players will have played Tier 10 tanks? They’ll get trashed by the higher experience players, and you’ll get highly skewed results.

  6. siralexice says:…/general/developer-questions-answers-17
    Maybe WG will learn something, like perhaps “keeping opponents permanently tracked is something we are actively trying to avoid” because “we don’t want to place players into a position in which they are rendered indefinitely immobile and are at the full mercy of a circling AFV or LT”

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