Sandbox Update


Small update on the Sandbox TestServer: In the first iteration there will be only tier 8 to 10 vehicles and limited maps. The Game client will be approx. 2.5 GB.

Details on how to apply will be published soon enough in the portals.

SandBox will run in an individual client.



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Sandbox Update

60 thoughts on “Sandbox Update

      1. tombosoldier says:

        Dude… Most of the arties are broken atm, especially the 2 u mentioned. I hope they will rebalance them and won’t be as broken as now. Probably didn’t word my sentence correctly.

      2. Anonymous says:

        GC and t92 are just broken atm, its not fun at all to play against. hope they are going to fix artys in general.

      3. jim says:

        They should remove arty above tier 8, limit to 1 per team and always make them bottom tier.

        Arty is the biggest issue in the game, if anything is broken, it’s freakin arty.

      4. Roland says:

        @Jim 100% agree and lower alpha damage and set a minimum range where they can’t shoot (let’s say 100 m and below)

      5. kunexar says:

        @Roland: OK, but with that limitation enemies cannot shoot at arty if they are within this circle. Why? Becouse SPG have to have a way do defend themselfs from raging scouts. Im more interested how they solve LT8 vs MT10 situation (view range and overall mobility). I know that you are mad about being oneshooted by arty, but those oneshoots happen once ever ~20 shoots with t10< arties. Some of them are underpreforming compared to other nations (im looking at you fv207).

    1. Arty should be there as a good long range supporter. At this moment, I always feel that they have to concentrate too hard on one point of the map. This makes it harder for arty to help other team mates and more frustrating for team members whenever they really need arty support. Maybe the damage the shells do by themselves should be nerfed and give the tanks two choices:

      – Deal a little more damage with AP shells, but have a chance of bouncing
      – Have more chance of damaging modules with HE, but dealing less overal damage.

      Range should be kept, but if damage would be drastically lowered to for example 30 seconds maximum, damage should be nerfed HARD and DPM should be lowered to far below average.

    2. I will agree. Arty is broken. However, I don’t believe that it should be nerfed to crap either. I feel like the best compromise would be to keep maybe a few high dmg artys in the game, just for variety, and do the following to the rest:
      ~Drastically reduce HE damage (or change HE mechanics depending on vehicle class), while decreasing reload.
      ~Lower aim time and dispersion while moving/turning tracks, so that arty can better switch where they’re supporting
      ~Add AP/HEAT STANDARD ammo to most artillery, with highish pen, and lower damage than the HE but enough that it is actually worth managing ammo type for differently armored targets. (EX. HE for heavies, AP for meds and some TDs, HE for lights)

      1. u stupid?? gold ammo makes armor useless
        when i am in my e3 and i see a hulldown is7??
        i spam gold at it and pen it’s almost invincible turret.
        375mm pen is broken

      2. silentvengace says:

        Try having no prem account or prem tanks to make money too which makes shooting gold stupid unless i wanna lose 50-60k a match. Not everyone that plays the game has the disposable income to spend on prem tanks an time.

      3. sgtyester says:

        subpar?? really? oh thats why i get shot at by “unicums” with gold when i am in paper tanks.
        they NEED gold ammo to keep their stat up. gold ammo is broken, just like arty. even worse its p2w

      4. Eok says:

        @Roland Only ‘Unicums’ without skill whine about arty while using tier X meds with 75% cHEAT loadout. Subpar on a new level…

  1. It’ll be interesting to hear/see what maps are used too. But LTs won’t get a lot of love in this test.

    Arty & Gold ammo, however, I agree are amongst the biggest issues at high tiers.

  2. I really hope they come up with some changes to gold ammo.
    a. Better pen than standard shells / much lower dmg
    b. Same pen as standard shells / higher dmg
    c. Keep it as it is but make it more expensive for “silver currency” (10 times more expensive)

      1. kunexar says:

        @ricardocarmine: WN8 is calculated with damage in mind, not type of shells (it doesnt matter if u shoot AP or HE or whatever, same calculations are made)

    1. kunexar says:

      I would like to see good old times “national difference” as it was while we had russians, germans and muricans. Tho with now 5 more nations it is kinda difficult. But looking from my POV i would liek to see sth like that:
      russ: no accuracy at all, but when they hit you are going to regret that
      german: perfect accuracy, moderate damage on moderate platforms (not looking at E100 and MAUS)
      muricans: great hulldown capabilities with good guns, weak hulls
      UK: hunting tanks. good dpm with mobility and accuracy on move but poor armor
      China: same as russians
      Japan: “toady MBT’s”, all purpose damage dealers(MT line) and steel behemoths (HT line)
      Czech: light mediums with good dpm? i dont know what to do with them
      (future) Sweden: hide and seak tanks, good accuracy and camo but not so good hp pool and armor

    1. marianr87 says:

      Isn’t that the best time to fuck it up? I means this is extremely early testing of new concepts for the game, you can’t have perfection.

    1. kunexar says:

      I would like to know if they will disable gold ammo just for test servers. Yes in normal server you can use gold, but on test it is just goldspam from everybody. even JgPzE100 shoots gold on AMX1390 there:/

    1. Renarde Martel says:

      Yeah, it’s a form of supertest. The sandbox server is basically intended for them to throw ideas at a blank wall and see what sticks without interrupting the live game.

  3. I really hope I can get in on this. Thank you for keeping us informed Rita. 🙂
    Artillery is something I’ve invested the most time in. Let’s hope it’s the artillery players that have had enough games to know what’s good and bad that get in.

  4. I really hope they fix stuff.

    But knowing WG and looking at past experiences all it will be is :
    Buff Russian tanks, nerf everything else, nerf German even more, increase rng, increase gold shell penetration, increase damage on arty while making the aiming and reload even worse…..

    Because WG logic….

  5. Steve SEA says:

    There must be a cure for skycancer! nerf the ever-loving shit out of all of it, no artty platoons and no more one shot kills. Arty should be a support weapon, not death from above, no historical arty in this could cold ever aim that fast, load and move or hit that accurately.

    1. kunexar says:

      no real life arty would be used so close to front (normal arties, not mortars like fv304). And they wouldnt be 1 that shoots at you but lets say about 10 of them. Shooting at 1 coordinates. Imagine 10xt92 prem HE that lands at u over 2s. JUST GET REKT. sow dont call today arty skycancer. it is just broken since 8.6 they just have to fix this

  6. BTW bbw bbq says:

    Main problems is arty. It should be support tank, no fucking one shoot thing. I will show problems caused by arty:
    It should attack tanks with low hp and support teammates and actualy it looks like this: ” oh, e-75 with 100 hp, my alpha is 2000 dmg so not worth shoot him…. But wait! There is amx 30 with full hp! Haha noob, i oneshooted him, idiot camper! (he wasnt camp but he rushed but arty players will say that was camping…) ”

    Next thing: arty tiers. Look that every next arty that you buy is not better from previus but…. Bigger with bigger gun, worse aiming, accuary and mobility…. Mostly in german tree.

    And arty role in random and cw battles. In random it is main cause of camping becouse they always target tanks that are always spoted that play in 1st and second line specially tanks with low armor. In cw it is destroying camping…

    1. Keller13 says:

      Wargaming never gives an eta. Seriously, that way they can never be held accountable for not doing any of the things that they tell us about. For years they have been dangling the carrot of progress in front of our faces. But they have never said that they will ever give the carrot to us. Remember that these are the dumbasses that thought artillery in its current form was a good idea. So my hopes are low and my wallet is closed.

    2. kilo_india_alpha says:

      It will arrive one patch after the introduction of HAVOC physics with all those destructible buildings.

    1. Dead_Zombie says:

      Best part about scrubs, is that they are to stupid to realize Russian mediums have APCR, and think since their mods show APCR as gold, they are loading gold. morons

  7. Migsaec says:

    From my limited experience on them(I mainly drive the M12 when I do play arty), if they remove stuff like high pen AP from arties, and focus on HE I think it’ll be fine.
    They already attack from a high arc that gives them chances to hit the weak engine decks or sloped armor of tanks that doesn’t need a lot of penetration to go through from the top with HE, much less AP.
    If I do hit the enemy with HE(but no pen), I do about 300-500 damage depending on their armor. Full damage penetrations only really happen on engine deck shots or arcing the HE shell onto not so heavily armored tanks.

    Maybe remove AP, lower HE pen a little to lower the chance of penetrating shots, buff HE damage a little to make sure that arties are able to do decent damage with a hit due to HE mechanics, buff reload and aim time a little. Maybe something for arties to more easily defend themselves as well, like a quick loading low damage short range(Like, 150m) option.

    1. paincompliance says:

      This is my thoughts exactly – Remove AP/HEAT from arty then make a new shell type for arty – AHE (Arty HE).

      These AHE shells will be LOW pen (Less than 100 for T10 – 75-80 for T8-9 – 50-60 for T7 etc) but keep the current alpha/splash values.

      Tighten up the accuracy and buff reload times about 33% – This should lead to similar damage outputs during a game, but more shots fired for less damage per shot.

      This would lead to less one shots (apart from lightly armoured tanks) but the ability to annoy a dug in tank more often – meaning they’re more likely to get moving.

      The idea behind AHE shells is so you can use the Deadeye perk with them – Arty should be a crippler/support and deal serious crits with direct hits, but not necessarily high damage.

      I’d even go as far as to suggest an Arty specific perk/mechanic along the lines of Shell Shock – direct hits will mess up the crew for a while – Something like essentially crippling a crew to 75% for 3-5 seconds.

      I think this would lead to an Arty like the GW E100 having a 25-28 second reload, with a 2000 nominal alpha but realistically rolling 400-500 on average with the odd 700-800 for direct hits + at least 1 internal crit. 1800-2000 damage rolls would be extremely rare unless the target is paper.

      Tightened accuracy means less frustration for the arty player and lower pen means less frustration for those being hit. Higher RoF with lower pen would put arty back in a support roll and less of a damage dealer.

      While we’re at it arty needs some mobility back (Faster RoF means more counters) and an increase in HP to that similar to an LT 2 tiers lower – T10 arty would be 1000-1100 HP, T9 800-950, T8 600, T7 500 etc, they shouldn’t be an auto 1-2 shot and need a chance to fire one last shot off before death.

  8. Dead_Zombie says:

    they could fix arty by doing 1 thing…. giving them the same exact view ranks as a heavy tank equal in tier, that would fix EVERYTHING wrong with them. think about it, a tier 10 arty would only be able to shoot at tanks within its view range of say…380 to 400 meter, in order to hit you. that is risk for reward on their part.

    1. That would be fine if other vehicle stats were changed. The reloads would need to be quick along with aim time or you’d be dead long before you get loaded and aimed. Also the artillery would need to be able to move quicker to be able to get into a spot where they can hit such a close target and they’d have to turn quicker so they’d be able to track said target… currently a lot of the artillery just wouldn’t work in the situation you describe.

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