Sandbox Updates

Brief bit from the Russian community, apparently the Sandbox server will be updating its databases, installing additional plug ins, and updating access to the portal, forum, and support services.

Possible prep for the next Sandbox iteration? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. That’s all for now, folks.

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Sandbox Updates

34 thoughts on “Sandbox Updates

    1. I’m looking forward to playing the sandbox again as well, had a busy schedule last time and only got in for the last week when there were barely any people on. Maybe they need to give a gold gift reward of 25-50 gold for players who earn 20,000 exp every day for a week to keep people coming back.(really isn’t a lot if you do the doubles and play tier 10’s).

    1. Ragnarokbazil says:

      And nerd med and heavy and tds view ranges have lights have 550 view ranges and have meds less manuverable then lights.

      1. haha, the view range situation is quite satisfactory. Lights have roughly a 60-80 base view range advantage over many tanks that weren’t tier 10 light tanks (ie. batchat) and that was fine. That’s one of the things they did right on the sand box.

        As for mediums being more maneuverable than light tanks, I didn’t try the lights out since I was short on time but I never came across any buffs or nerfs to either of the tanks mobility’s in the first sandbox.

    2. Dakar234 says:

      Reduce RNG = less chance for lower tier tanks to do well in high tier battled. Also, they need to account for variations in armor quality somehow, and the player base hated the realistic armor qualities by nationality. (So….RNG is what we get)

      Those arty re-balances are what they implemented last test server

      Fix mm – So long as the team complains outright whenever a game is balanced and its tough to win (and yes, it happened EVERY time a game is balanced) MM will never be “fixable”. People just want to win, if there’s a balanced challenging game, people still lose their shit about biased MM and broken systems.

      1. None of the point you make are actually valid.

        1. If the tanks were nicely balanced within both their own tiers and with better scaling to the surrounding tiers the whole issue is completely navigable. Look at AW where a tier 3 can ‘easily’ fight a tier 5 whereas in WoT you are simply…fucked.
        Not to mention on the basis that RNG is equally good and bad the same quantity that it is irrelevant if you fighta higher tier with good RNG because just as often you will fight them with bad RNG.
        A good example of how broken RNG is in this game…Tiger 1 has more DPM than the Russian tier 10 mediums if it rolls up 25% but it has less DPM than the KV-1 if it rolls down 25%. Nothing that big should be left to chance. It’s a joke. Just to re-iterate that point…A Tier 7 Heavy can deal damage faster than a tier 10 medium or slower than a tier 5 Heavy simply based on chance. What kind of idiot thinks this is a good idea?!?

        2. No that is not what they tried at all in the sandbox. If you even played it first of all you would know that. Arty still had retarded aimtime and garbage RNG based accuracy. The splash was slightly better with the addition of the ‘supression’ mechanic. They did try 0 pen arty in the very first iteration and then immediately changed it back anyway.
        What arty needs to be fixed : Very very high arc so it can hit behind almost anything. Very very slow shell travel speed so it should be (relatively) impossible to hit moving targets. 0 pen so they don’t completely smash lightly armoured targets. Much better accuracy and splash so the shells should more or less go where you aim them and also so they can do splash damage on near misses. Much lower damage as well as a change in the HE arty shell mechanics so that arty does the same amount of damage regardless of the armour of the enemy vehicle.
        All these factors will add up to a few main points:
        1. Arty really will stop camping. If it can hit you behind a building or house then camping behind it as people will do now is useless.
        2. The slow shell speed will mean targets who are moving and playing agressive don’t get shit on.
        3. The re-worked Arty HE will mean instead of shooting bottm tier paper tanks the arty will be much more likely to shoot the well armoured targets that their team can’t deal with. Which is what they should be doing.

        3. MM needs at least some basic changes that will fix a lot of the imbalances. Same amount and tier of each class of tank is an easy one. How many times have you got on to Himmelsdorf and your team has only meds and td while enemies are all heavies. Or where you get onto prokhorovka and your team are all heavies and enemies have all meds and td. And of course vice versa where you have the advantage. This is a basic issue that shouldn’t happen. Of course the mm can make exceptions when online numbers are low but in prime time on EU and RU servers this is a normal issue.
        Also the same aunt of same tier tanks. It’s stupid how commonly I see one team having 1 or 2 extra top tiers or 1 or 2 less bottom tiers. This is also an easy fix.
        Everyone has their issues with mm and some are well founded while some are whining. Some of the issues are plain ridiculous that should never be in the game. Simple as that.

  1. Let’s hope that they continue to do what they’re doing on the sandbox. If they aren’t trying new things to the extreme then they aren’t testing anything out. Honestly, I think they should keep the sandbox a secret or rename it to extreme alpha testing because too many people still think of it as a test server.

      WG: “Okay, here is the Sandbox server. Here we will test different fixes for the game, only a fraction will see live server but we need to experiment to know what works and what doesnt. And you’ll get to test too !”

      That’s a fucking test. How do you want them to make good decisions if you blame them for testing things instead of publishing them directly and ending up with a Rubicon update. They gave what plkayers wanted: TESTING. This is not live server, this is experimenting with potential fixes. Dont play them if you dont like, but then dont whine on forums about how WG never listens to you or never fixes things correctly.

      1. Well said, they really need to change the name of the sandbox to “super alpha test” or “community input testing” to make it more clear, there’s no need to rosey it up by calling it a sandbox and attracting preschool kids that eat glue.

  2. Just Call Me Zo says:

    Why not do surveys when the news is so slow instead of have no good reason to check the blog. Get some comment discussions going.

    1. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      You know, that’s not a helluva bad idea. It doesn’t always have to be a tank related either. Hell, I’m perfectly fine discussing about other things, like Korean food.

  3. If anything they should nerf arty range, I Think that’s a good alternative. Why? Because shooting from 1 corner of the map to the other without firing back is near impossible. You will get hit in 5-fold till you reach the 0 line.
    By getting arty slightly closer to there teammates they will have the same risks as heavies etc. Although the risk is not as high as the frontline brawlers it sure will be more tactical to find a suitable spot for artillery to shoot from. Look at FV, Bishop etc.. If they find a suitable shooting range between the current range and that of the Fv, Bishop I think it could be allright.

    1. bbmoose says:

      Nahh, not gonna work. Arty players would have to learn to drive…

      If they could drive and stuff, they would be playing tanks, right? Right guys?

      1. The majority of artillery are imobile bricks. Give them a boost to their straightline speed but keep their track traverse low and you get a hellcat effect. People will move. This is a proven concept for french artillery granted that they shouldn’t have the track traverse that they do especially the turreted tanks.

    2. If you nerf their range you need to give them proper mobility, camo, and to adapt their aiming time so they dont spend 15s aiming after reloading for a minute and moving for 30s by 200m…
      And arty have none of that.

      Nerf dmg, nerf pen, remove AP, buff reload and most importantly buff accuracy. Ennemies dont get oneshot, and arties dont spend games doing nothing. And there you have it, a class that makes everyone happy except the one eternal noob who whines because he got blasted by a T92 while driving his Type5 in the middle of Malinovka (clearly arty’s fault).

      1. Exactly, that is what I had in mind. By nerfing their range should mean they would have to buff other aspects like mobility, reload and accuracy etc. Instead of hitting someone for 1000 hp with 1 shot they will have to do it in 3 shots, it makes arty more active but also a tank that gets hit for an insane amount of damage has a better chance to recover from it if they nerf the dmg.

        By allowing a shooting range of about 6/700 meters means arty can’ t shoot every place on the map from the back line. They will have to find a spot, left right or centre of the map (like a td) and no more than 2 arty’ s per side. I think everybody would be more happy that way.

      2. Straight line mobillity, not mobillity overall ie track traverse. I hate how difficult it is to take out artillery and they can snap shot you quite often without even hitting you. And there isn’t a need for camo because it is assumed an artillery player would fire from behind a hill or building. And improving artillery aimtime and reload has been considered heavily. I agree, those changes would help as well as a damage/penetration/and ap nerf so that players are not destroyed without warning because that is not fun. Artillery needs to be focused on getting rid of camping tanks and excessively damaging/punishing tankers is not how you get rid of campers since it is too easiky abused. Scaring campers gets rid of campers and simply setting off a sixth sense that says artillery is watching you does the job.

    3. Nerfing range is understandable but I got shot down hard when I suggested it on the forums because too many people complained it wasn’t realistic. Honestly a lot of stubborn idiots out there.

      A simpler fix is nerfing arty shell velocity so they must focus on stationary/camping targets and force them to move closer to decrease their shell flight time.

      Improving their mobillity to encourage movement but paralyzing their track traverse so scouts can do their job and kill them.

      Providing an artillery sixth sense perk so countering artillery is less down to the lottery

      Increasing the size of artillery tracer so people know where they are fighting from

      The goal is to allow players to be more responsive to artillery in the game and make the overall concept of fighting less down to guess work and luck. Artillery will not be shafted because with all these new sensors, artillery has an abundance of new ways to create ruses and have the flexibillity to capitalize on it with a straight line speed improvement (no traverse improvement means that artillery should not be able to snap shot lights)

  4. Hope they fix JPZ E100 which went from already bad to the worst tier X TD in Sandbox. Shit dmg, shit pen, shit mobility, they might aswell remove it if they plan on keeping it this way.
    Other than that I was really happy with the removal of gold during the first few days, and especialy the removal of HESH on FV183. My E-100 could survive many many shots from arties without suffering at all, its armor worked against ennemies (who couldnt just press 2 and autopen my turret), it was able to do its role. Hopefuly it stays this way. Gold is what ruins the game and cannot be fixed unlike arty: if you want gold to be used it needs to be OP enough for people to pay for it, but in that case it ruins armor. On the other hand you can tweak arty until it fits your needs. As long as gold exists people who use it will always have a huge advantage over people who dont, and will always be able to ignore armor. Arty on the other hand went from “never hit or sometimes oneshot” to a support/debuffer role in that sandbox, dealing much less dmg and not ruining games as much (my E-100 didnt feel that bad after a few direct hits from a BC58 and CGC, idk why people still found a way to complain).

    1. nocomment says:

      Who cares about a broken game when the roubles are flooding in.
      They won’t fix gold ammo(easy mode ammo for those offended by the world gold). It makes them too much money.

      1. They seem to be desperate for money already. It’s the third time this year PzII J has been on sale. It’ll be again around chrismas, and by next year I guess they’ll start selling T59 again. Sandbow wont change much.

      2. No one spends real money on gold shells so they provide no source of revenue. Premium shells are the game’s economic credit sink to stop inflation from getting out of hand. Ie. You have too many credits so instead of buying all the tanks and ending a player’s interest in playing the game, firing premium shells slow the rate of obtaining the end game and extend a player’s in game life span.

    2. The changes to penetration were to make the jg pz e100’s armor more effective. Plus, the penetration was one of the best in the sandbox so I wouldn’t say it was shit just the accuracy changes need to be reworked at close range. Please hold your opinions relative to other vehicles and the changes in game mechanics and for a player that already disliked the jg pz e100 to an extreme degree, i would not say you’re qualified to speak of the tank due to the interference of your personal agenda.

      What’s odd is that you went on to praise the jg pz E100 somehow later so maybe it means you’re just that awful at staying focused?

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