Second Iteration Of 1.0.1 Test Server

All the changes announced are for Frontline Mode.

Progress in the mode

There are 30 tiers available in the mode.

  1. Players progress by fighting battles in the Frontline mode.
  2. At the end of each battle, players receive Fame points.
  3. The number of points depends on the rank earned in the battle:
    1. Private: all player start to battle with this rank.
    2. Sergeant: +150 Fame points
    3. Lieutenant: +250 Fame points
    4. Captain: +600 Fame points
    5. Major: +900 Fame points
    6. General: +1,200 Fame points
  4. Upon achieving a new tier, players will receive rewards and Supply points.

Prestige option

  1. Once the maximum tier is achieved, players will be able to reset the progress.
  2. The Prestige option will be available three times: the maximum tier can be reset three times.
  3. Players will earn a unique reward for each reset.
  4. The Prestige also resets the Combat Reserve levels.
  5. After each progress reset, the tier rewards will be available again.
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Second Iteration Of 1.0.1 Test Server

6 thoughts on “Second Iteration Of 1.0.1 Test Server

    1. wolvenworks says:

      problem is, i don’t have docs on the Progetto to say if that would make it too far from “historical” or not.

      then again doubt the Italians would mind if WG makes their tanks somewhat unhistorical for gameplay’s sake. how many italians you know play WOT?

  1. Never mind says:

    Frontline Mode. Is almost impossible to win in defense mode. There needs to be some huge balance changes. Truly it’s all but pointless on defence.

    1. Anonymous says:

      One thing you’re forgetting: winning might not be as important as randoms. Frontline will probably not impact stats and depending on the tier rewards it might be worth it to bleed a few credits on losses just to advance to higher tiers.

      Besides that, it’s in testing phase. Balancing is not only possible, it’s probable.

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