Second Look at proposed new Grand Battles Map

We first looked at this map in this article back at the beginning of October. The map now has a name “Island 2”. We have the usual video pic and mini map. There is a strange mix of buildings some Italian like in province and others from Airfield or Sand River.

Source WOT Express

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Second Look at proposed new Grand Battles Map

12 thoughts on “Second Look at proposed new Grand Battles Map

  1. Tyrud says:

    It’s certainly the most unique map I’ve seen yet. Will need plenty of testing, but I’d be interested to see a nice looking Pacific Island map. It’d be the first of it’s kind, I believe.

  2. Mudguts says:

    Grand Battles? It’s just another box you tick in Settings that does absolutely nothing in game.
    Over 180 tier 10 battles since the patch (with Encounter and Assault switched off) and still have never played one Grand Battle

    1. Ramenrasengan says:

      That’s quite surprising, I’ve played about 30-40 games in my tier 10’s in the past 7 days and I’ve gotten into at least 6 Grand Battles. And this is on NA.

  3. Yes, we need a new map for a mode no one sees, because u know… We have so many maps for random battles that we can spare 2 maps just for a dead mode. Idiots.

    Open up these stupid maps for random 15 v 15 for any tiers so we have some variety. I don’t care how long the battles take to finish because the map is too big, anything is better than the crap map rotation we have now.

  4. Anyone says:

    Lets see how to play this map: go down the right or go down the left, or go up the middle, or go to the “Thunderdome!” It wont matter, well never see it in Asia anyway.

  5. Erling says:

    What I’m hoping for is a grand battle map inspired by Sand river, the north western part. Just dunes and an endless possibility of flanking and singling out tanks. Ofc don’t make them so that it’s impossible to find the enemy =P

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