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Got a few excerpts from a recent interview with none other than SerB.

Thanks to JerryatRick for his assistance.



Q: Often in their responses to the livejournal mention the so-called. “Backyard Bovington” as inspiration. It’s understandable that it is a link to the museum, but what is the exact meaning of this saying?
A:Serb: In a narrower sense in terms of the development of tanks by the British engineers, and in the broader terms of any strange tanks. Each nation has such, including Germany.


Q: Basically, every year there is a new nation in WoT. How many more years will take this rule, since the candidates become fewer and fewer?
A: S: Soon there will be Swedish tanks. Italians have the potential for low and medium tierach, but lack the top machines. There is also a suggestion Polish trees, but it is not an easy task due to the fact that Poland as a result of the war since 1939 did not create anything too could own. There are a lot of interesting projects, but we do not want to create the strength of another tree with Soviet clones. We try to find something interesting in the archives. In addition, they say even about Israel, but in this case it is an even bigger problem – their only original construction is the Merkava, and this is too modern for WoT (T_J: Apart from the fact that their country was established three years after the war). Therefore, we would have to invent a very early prototype. All other vehicles are ordinary modifications of foreign vehicles, or their clones. Number of nations in the game can not be unlimited, but there are a lot of interesting vehicles that have not yet appeared in WoT. For example, another Soviet projects, or those sent from China. Besides, I would love to see the game in your favorite Argentine tank.


Q: What about the tank is so special?

A: It has a very cool name – “Nahuel” (in Russian reads like what “on hui / dick”, which means more or less “back off.” We can confidently accept). Players certainly will like it.


Q: What would you like to improve in the WoT?
A: Personally I would redesign the mechanics of a few lines, but I do not want to move the overall concept and plan.



Q: After the release of WoWs you wanted the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union on an equal footing as a single nation in the game. Did it work out?

A: S: Still not quite, because they have not yet released Tsarist-Soviet line of battleships, but I can say that the Russian and Soviet cruisers / destroyers have equal status. This means that they are popular due to the specification, and not nation.


Q: Today, many companies are trying to start projects based on tanks, but they all come from countries of the former Soviet Union. Why don’t, for example, EA or Blizzard go in this direction, since tanks are so popular?

A: Well, one of those games is designed by an American company, Obsidian, but published by the Russian The truth is that apart from us onpy the Germans could do something else. For Americans WW2 is mostly associated with the Pacific, and naval combat. Of course they also fought land battles (along with the English and Italians) but nobody used tanks on such a large scale that we and the Germans did. However, there is one problem for the Germans- they don’t want all of this on their minds. I once visited one of the German factories involved in tank production during WW2 and requested to look at their archives, that request was denied. While leaving we heard “We want peace in the world, please go away”. Of course this doesn’t negate the possibility of a good game about tanks from the US or Japan. We remember the Japanese simulator “Panzer Front”. They even had that bogus German tank E-79, with the crew of gnomes because people couldn’t fit in there. It looked quite interesting! We even wanted to buy the license for the tanks.


Q: Why do you think World of Warplanes and World of Warships have not had as much success as Tanks?

A: WoWp simply flopped. The case for WoWs is a bit complicated. It failed to take attention away from tanks in Russia, but is very good in Asia. We’re even catching up with WoT there. For Russia, tanks will always be more popular. Anyway, WoWs floats and is profitable. We hope for its further improvement. Some days I even go to St. Petersberg to personally help with that game.

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