Sherman Firefly in Supertest


This old girl looks to be in supertesting for rebalance purposes. The model looks untouched from the existing one. The stats screen came from WoT Leaks, the current stats caps are mine.

The current changes.

  • Damage per minute, 2,085.7 up from 1,997 :
  • Reload time, 4.315s down from 4.547s :
  • Rate of fire, 13.905 up from 13.313 :
  • Signal distance, 594.4 up from 573.6 :
  • Accuracy, 0.355 down from 0.364 :
  • Turret traverse speed, 48 up from 43.8 :
  • Hull traverse speed, 43 up from 40 :
  • Engine power, 400 bhp down from 460 bhp :
  • Specific power, 12.05 bhp/ton down from 13.82 bhp/ton :
  • Max speed forward, 43 kph up from 40 kph :

Aiming Circle Spread.

  • After shot, 3.356 down from 3.836 :
  • On turret traverse, 0.096 down from 0.115 :
  • On vehicle move, 0.182 down from 0.201 :
  • On vehicle traverse, 0.182 down from 0.201 :
  • On turret full speed traversing, 4.41 down from 4.83 :
  • On vehicle full speed moving, 7.32 up from 7.25 :
  • On vehicle full speed traversing, 7.83 down from 8.05 :

There are also some weight changes but some of these could be due to my setup.

Supertest left current right. Click the pics for full size.

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Sherman Firefly in Supertest

12 thoughts on “Sherman Firefly in Supertest

  1. Benjeeh_CA says:

    Nice looking buff to this thing, not complaining I love this tank 3 marked it. but I can think of many more tanks that actually needed buffs

  2. Partybooper says:

    I grinded through the Firefly just recently, and to be honest, this tank didn’t need a buff at all. The gun is very reliable for a tier 6 medium. It looks like WG wants to buff its gun capabilities even more, buffing its combat capacities while stationary while nerfing them when moving and generally nerfing its mobility.

    I don’t like these changes then to be honest. I kept the Firefly because of how it performed, but it wasn’t the fastest before, so making it even slower is NOT a good idea.

  3. Kyros says:

    All it needs in it current state is stabilization, nothing more. All other buffs they also want in addition will lead to an imbalanced Tank. It will be like a slower T-34-85M but with 171mm pen instead of 144.

  4. seb4771 says:

    seriously ? why nerf ?

    No speed, no armor, no camo, no alpha, no mobility, no good gun depression for this MEDIUM tank and WG just small up the T/ch… but low ALL possible gun stats.

    ah yes, it’s NOT Russia tank 🙁

  5. Hmm… *looks at T-34E/T26E3*
    Premiums with historical configurations for Personal Missions 2.0 perhaps?
    Rather doubt it that they’d put a premium variant right next to the regular one in the tech tree. (At least other sources say that it’ll be a premium~)

  6. Fioretzcarraldo says:

    That’s the definition of “ignoring the elephant in the room”… they are rebalancing a Tier 6 that no one plays and the 268 V4 is still out there untouched

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