Slava and Murazor Q&A

Good day everyone,

Quick Q&A here from Slava and Murazor.

-Thanks to Ctacello and Rita for their assistance.


Vspishka made a video about 112 in 9.15. Didn’t farm, didn’t kill all. Question: what did he do wrong? Vyacheslav Makarov: The answer is: he didn’t wait for 9.16, where it will buffed.

-The devs had some troubles with the second branch of French HTs but they say it’s worth the wait.

-There is the possibility of adjustments to the aiming system, though there are many nuances that affect those decisions. If a line begins to fall behind, they can always increase accuracy and reduce spread.”
-“Interesting, punishing developers for the failed Convoy mode. The map was fun but racing around schizophrenics got depressing.” V: -“Do not confuse the Event with the new regime.”

-Did you got rid of the interface bonuses for Exteriors? Its been nearly a year since they were first introduced. -”First I need to get to it. :)”

-Roaming has been permanently shelved.

– Will there be cooperation with the GUP, as in WoT Blitz, things models of tanks, or camouflage? -For the Asian cluster possibly.

-There will be Polish tanks in the game but a complete branch/tech tree is not assured.

-Do you have any plans to bring players to low tier battles? The average queue time is 1 minute in prime hours.  -”We have a solution.”

-After player gives the idea of adding the Convoy mode map into low tier Random battles: -”It’s a good idea, the map is useful but it needs to be modified for randoms.”

-The devs will be testing different SPG rebalance concepts.

-”Planning to do anything about the T34 and Lowe?” -”T34 no, Lowe yes.”

-None of the current tier 8 LTs will become a tier 10.

-RU Players are happy with the confirmation that tier 10 LTs will also have paper armor.

-“The devs have a new machine in mind for a Tier X French light tank. The Bat-Chat will stay a medium where it is.”

-“The devs want to make Tier 10 light tanks as pure light tanks and not neutered mediums with high pen guns. They hope to make them something completely different.”

Murazor: -”IS-5 only has good statistics because those who play it are good.”  RG: Bullshit.

-”Developers are not required to play good, they only need brain.”

When will HD maps arrive? They were promised this year, so will they be on time? Or did something go wrong?

-M: Well, maps are more difficult to alter than vehicles. Then there is always the question of performance.

-(Regarding performance issues with HD maps) Add in texture options in the settings. Is that too difficult? -M: Ahaha, well that’s really easy. (sarcasm)

-Murazor, how long will you continue to introduce overbuffed premium vehicles? The Scorpion G dominates random battles, and soon the 112 will be as armored as the IS-6. –M: We only discuss the objective statistics, things like vehicle damage, XP, the numbers of vehicles played,and not private opinions. Scorpion turned out to be a good tank with its strengths and weaknesses. It’s not bad and fun to play. Playing against the Scorpion, its easily killed, isn’t too fast, and lights up like a Christmas tree. It can be killed by Tier 6 tanks.

Good players bend it, bad players don’t or bend for a few minutes comfortably.

If it performed any worse you’d be here writing how we made a bad premium.

-Will you add a Tier 8 drum autoloader premium? (Lor 40t, for example) M: Does your ass have a crack?

-Who thought to disable chat? The worst idea to come up. -V: My idea. We’ll see how it works out. If it’s bad, we roll back, but I don’t think we’ll need to.

-What year is planned to close the project? V: So far there is no such plan.

-The question is: Will Strongholds evolve in any way? V: We have design solutions for Strongholds. I found that I don’t like them in their current form.

-Why do you disable chat between teams in 9.16. The problem is the players, not the system. -V: The chat of (mother haters) is not a necessary function.

-”Spirited” correspondence with the enemies is quite a frequent phenomenon. But how do the developers know? -V: Well, we have the chat logs

-Devs have plans for game mods for just Tier 10 tanks.

-The devs have worked on a prototype of the after death camera (changing cameras through the alphabetical order).

-T67 is imbalanced and there’s no arguing it needs a nerf.

-What would you add to tanks if there were not any restrictions on the engine (Bigworld)? -V: A crate of vodka and all back
– Are other people doing the HD models on Consoles? -V: Yes

– What are the future plans for the development of tanks? Let me explain: it is not about minor changes or introduction of new tanks / maps / modes / etc. The question is whether something is planned for more extensive development? What about the so-called WoT 2.0? -V: Planned 🙂

-I don’t want to ask anything. Airplanes are dead. Ships is dead. Tanks is convulsing. -V: They’re not dead
-Devs are satisfied with the KV-5 stats after its changes

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Slava and Murazor Q&A

75 thoughts on “Slava and Murazor Q&A

  1. -”Planning to do anything about the T34 and Lowe?” -”T34 no, Lowe yes.”

    Uuh, hopefully a buff. I just löwe how you have tomatoes playing the Löwe and failing in it. Means more goodies for me. The Löwe is one of the most underrated tanks in the game.

    Murazor: -”IS-5 only has good statistics because those who play it are good.”

    People who play it are good? Every other person driving that thing is a tomato. Those things have been handed out like candy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m still waiting for then to fix the carp they made on the hellcat but I am not expecting any thing good ,they probably won’t ,it even more since the cromwells dicks will complain

  3. These answers are about as useless as the ones Storm used to give…

    “They’re not dead”
    When was the last time he logged in in WoWp. But WoT is not convulsing (only NA maybe), not even close…

    “isn’t too fast”
    He never played a round in it, I’m thinking. It is actually very agile…

  4. wheeledtank says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the IS-5 is just an IS-8 (T-10) Prototype the IS-3 “Auto’s” gun, right? Of course it is going to be pretty OP in comparison to its piers

    1. it have bad armor (never heard IS-8/T-10 have good armor anyway, 122mm D25T an easily punch through it frontal armor) and worse mobility than fully upgraded IS-3. 221mm pen sound good, but remember is APCR,,again, worse than most tier8 HT with same level penetration of AP shell (btw, HEAT suck, seriously)

  5. malkowitch says:

    “We only discuss the objective statistics, things like vehicle damage, XP, the numbers of vehicles played,and not private opinions. Scorpion turned out to be a good tank with its strengths and weaknesses. It’s not bad and fun to play. Playing against the Scorpion, its easily killed, isn’t too fast, and lights up like a Christmas tree. It can be killed by Tier 6 tanks.”

    That’s what it called in some areas BULLSHIT.

  6. malkowitch says:

    “-The devs have worked on a prototype of the after death camera (changing cameras through the alphabetical order).”
    And I remember when they told that spectator mode after being killed was working correct …

  7. Deano says:

    finally happy their buffing the lowe because the lowe has completely lost its place in the game at the moment. the skorpion does everything the lowe was supposed to be good at but does it better mean while lowe has the worst dpm at the tier has armour tier 7 meds can pen frontally when its angled it also has horrific aim time crappy lower side hull armour and is soo slow that it cant keep up with the flow of the battle.

    1. Nat55atata says:

      I like the Lowe thou. It’s really freaking good in the gun department at least. If they are buffing it, hopefully it’s to the turret sides or mantlet. side of the turret when hull down is a bullet trap (but that’s mostly ok for what it is..) but a tiger II should not be able to load gold rounds and proceed to shoot straight through the fucking mantle of the thing, like come the fuck on WG..

  8. real_toothdecay says:

    “Does your ass have a crack ?”
    What a pompous, attitude filled little dick.
    The people from WG in the article above are managers, or some other higher level ? Cause you would not know it from his responses.

    1. Konstantin says:

      Once again, not 100% accurate translation causes people to go butt-hurt.
      All he said was: “You wish to much”. It’s not his fault that the meaning got lost in the translation.
      I kinda thought Rita has some russian guy helping her with the translations, but he sometimes seems to have no clue about russian slang….

      1. Anonymous says:

        still, devs could relied on a more sensible answer and you get slapped with that, its also a good thing to ask since there is no autoloading premium, everyone lost there minds when IS-3 auto was going to appear soon until it was a ASSISTANT loader hence our glorious IS-3A.

        but though, since I’m not a fan of autoloaders, it would be a no thanks

  9. Rick says:

    Will you add a Tier 8 drum autoloader premium? (Lor 40t, for example) M: Does your ass have a crack?…this response says loads about what is going on with W G…And them expecting us to act a certain way in game when they can not control themselves.The proper response would be to fire the idiot.

    1. Anonymous says:

      they cannot even control there own game, since soon the introduction of the Swedish tier 6 tank, that will power-creep this thing hard, 15 km/h faster, 43 DPM more, -0.3 more accurate, 0.1 seconds worst on aim time, and some armour. but… that is all subject to change… hopefully…..


    2. Nya-chan Production says:

      “Does your ass have a crack?…this response says loads about what is going on with W G…”

      No, it only says a lot about level of this translation.

  10. – IS-5 is not OP, it is a fact, that players who own it, are usually better players, than the most. It isn’t any better than IS-3 or IS-3A.

    – Skorpion G is insanely OP. All those words above, describing the tank are lies. It just ruins T8+ games constantly, cas it is extremely fast, has awesome camo, pen, alpha and gun control. Don’t even know what so called “weaknesses” they are talking about, cas I can only think of armor…

    – They say that they are satisfied with KV-5 changes. Good lord… It is true it bounces couple of more shells, but it is still full of enormous weakspots, which get you killed in no time. The so called changes actually made to the KV-5 bounce some T6 and few T7 shots, but it isn’t a big deal at all. Don’t get it why O-Ho, and O-Ni can have better armed small turrets at front, and KV-5 can not, especially, that the KV-5 requires close combat fights, cas of it’s bad penetration. It is still the worst tierlimited tank in my opinion…

    – About the Tier 8 autoloader premium… I do not want to see it, but I am quite sure, they will introduce something in the future, which will be also insanely owerpowered, just like the Skorpion G. They deny it, but they lie so many times in Q&As actually… Maybe not in the near future, but if it comes to money, WG is willing to do anything…

    1. Renarde Martel says:

      …the Skorpion G has around 6% camo, which is utterly terrible for anything not a HT. Roughly the same as Grille 15. You can say many things about the tank, but ‘awesome camo’ is not one.

    2. Matthew Shine says:

      What makes you think the Skorpion G has awesome camo?
      It’s actually pretty poor, far worse than the Borsig (now… the Borsig, THAT ruins far more battles than the SKorpion G).

      KV-5 is a lot better now, bounced 5k damage in 2 minutes in a tier 9 battle the other day, and I wasn’t even trying. Just YOLO’d toward the enemy for the lols.

    3. Laserguided says:

      Yes, Scorpion G is OP. With the pen and turret, it just need to point and click. Other tier 8 TD has to aim, but not Scorpion G.

    4. We’re you dropped on your head as a baby?

      IS-5 isn’t OP. Only as good as the IS-3 and IS-3A.
      All three of them are totally imbalanced OP retarded tanks, and I own them. It’s broken as food. They totally eclipse other tier 8 heavies from other nations.

      Scorpion G OP? Learn to abuse it’s useless camo. Load HE. 3 shot in almost every tier 8 tank. GG.
      It’s a faster Borsig (in a straight line) with a slower reload and worse camo…lol and Borsig isn’t close to OP….

    5. nyso88 says:

      My clan used the kv5 in clanwars on ensk against the best players in the EU cluster and it performed very well. Dont get your point. Maybe its not the tank that performs bad?

    6. madogthefirst says:

      The only thing worse than facing a Skorpion last is facing a Skorpion and E25 that are camping their asses off. Literally lost a game on Overlord in my M56, the balanced Scropion, because these 2 “balanced” tanks were left.

      1. The ones on drugs are the ones commenting such bullshit and lies to my post “kid”.

        Didn’t know that RSR got swarmed by Skorpion G owners, trying to defend their completely imbalanced shit, in the hope, that WG will not nerf it. I get it, you paid for it, you don’t want it to be nerfed, but on the other hand, your shitty T8 Grille 15 completely fucks up the game. You know, SG became more annoying shit, than arties, and stop telling me bullshit, like it’s camo is worse than some tanks, or equal with Grille – btw wtf, Grille has awesome camo but nvm… -, and it isn’t that fast and so on so on, all them fucking insane lies. Also that stupid sentence, which even WG is trying to convince itself, that it is easy to kill. Of course it is, and I know it is, but not when noone can spot him, and is free to fuck everyone from some shitty bush from the other side of the match. Even when it yolos in cas of it’s retarded gun handling, it can easily fuck 490 into you, which most T8 tanks can not make bounce, except extreme conditions. I saw that tank in so many situations against me, and it is fucking retarded, that it works like that. I will list all of them, just to give a little wind to you sceptical smartasses, how “well balanced” is your shit.

        – Speed: Malinovka Type 59: Fucking Skorpion G is up on top, before literally everyone, already waiting for our side to arrive upwards, instantly fucking 490 dmg into me. Yeah, it is pretty slow I agree.

        – Penetration: Overlord Maus: Stupid shit yolo at me, on the move with no aiming at all, it shot me through, and again, fucking 490 dmg is something, even T10s feel.

        – Camo: Ruinberg (Tanks is not important in this case): I was spectating our SG, and what not, he was shooting 5 times out of the bush, in which you get instantly spotted after 1 shot in a normal TD, but no. Out of 4-5 incoming cappers, noone saw him, and it was like a carnival shooting game for him, rekting everyone on that street. Pretty balanced isn’t it?

        And these are only 3 examples I can clearly recall, so stop telling me such bullshit, that it isn’t that fast, well hidden, and so on. I get rekt much more often by that shit, than an arty. The only conclusion about that tank, that it is completely pay to win. I get it, you own it, and do not want it to get nerfed, but it should be still, cas it is harmful to this already imbalanced game. On the other hand, – I know, it’s not the same class -, but compare it to the Panther 88 for a second… They have very similar chassis, Panther has some armor, but basically it has pretty much the same paper shit armor like the SG. It has shittier penetration, shittier engine, shittier weight. Where is the balance I ask? How come SG has 650 hp engine, PT has 600 only. Why is it heavier with 8 tons? Surely it’s armor is not worth anything in change for that +8 tons, and also I do not believe, that an 88mm gun could be heavier than the 128mm one. Oh, and it is a medium, so of course it’s camo value is also shittier… See? I would shut the fuck up, if I were driving the most overpowered premium tank of all time… But who cares, you idiots will always and only defend it, and will never accept the truth, cas u are shaking of even the idea of a nerf on it… That stupid tank didn’t bring any good to the game. Every braindead moron can hit and penetrate, pretty much in every tier, and everything, while many other premiums have a challenge doing that.

        Also about KV-5, since you didn’t mention, who were “the best players” in the EU cluster, I assume you are saying guys from FAME and stuff. You also said, it performed well, but I assume it was not so revolutionary genius ide, to win the game… You can say whatever the fuck you want, KV-5 is still shit. Just think a littlebit, before you type something. KV-5’s little turrets up front got buffed, yes, but most tanks STILL easily pen it. Turret got stronger a bit also, but STILL gets penetrated easily, and guess what. If not, enemy loads gold, which is making that tank cry like a baby. It’s all balance again… Tell me, why is it good for me, that I have a tier 6 inaccurate shit gun, with the lowest penetration from all limited premiums, which wants me to do close combat, while the armor is complete shit, and anyone above 600 WN8 knows where to shoot it, and if not, cas of the so many weakspots, with luck he can still pen you, unlsess he is shooting angled side etc… All in 4 words, it is too weak. Not completely useless, and unenjoyable, but it isn’t as much fun to play, than many others… Just tell me 1 worse limited premium, with reasoning facts behind it, and if I agree, I quit arguing over KV-5. (I don’t think you could find 1, but let’s see…)

        The game’s balance is pretty much fucked up, and it even makes it worse, that WG denies it, and people start to nid-nod, with out a question, or a single thought to look up some things, compare some stats or tanks. For fuck sake, this game is not that complex, still you ignore so many facts, which terrifies me.

        Sorry for my short-tempered post, but I can not stand stupidity, especially when I get a dozen of it…

      2. Covenanter says:

        @THEGRIPPINCHANNEL i thought you knew what you’re saying, but you lost me at “Grille has awesome camo”. You are probably a scrub with 1100 wn8 and 40k games, and can’t handle that the game is changing. For the worst, maybe, but it would be pretty boring if they didn’t introduce new tanks and make them different from ones already in game.

        Remember noobs, there are 3 essentials values that make a tank great, those are:
        – Armor
        – Firepower
        – Mobility
        For a tank to be OP, it has to have all 3 of them (like T110E5) including the gun depression.
        If the tank only has 2 of those characteristics, it’s a good tank. If the tank has only one, it’s a bad tank.

        While Grille and Scorpion are good tanks, they don’t have the armor to carry games, and that’s what makes them balanced (OP for yolo scrubs).

  11. platoon says:

    there is no problem with skorpion G to be OP, but t67 should be nerfed no matter what.. 340~ hp paper tank and also nerf the other stats so it can be shitty tank like others
    GG wargaming..

    Q&A have no purpose anymore since they said couple of times “OHHH there will be no marathon anymore!! there won’t be any, belive me!! there won’t be dear!!!”


      T67 actualy IS op. Honestly the most overpowered tank of lowtiers. PzIIJ has okay armor (doesnt stand against gold) and shit gun, SU76I faces tier 5 (I think), OI exp is huge and easily killed…
      But T67 has the same rof and alpha as E-25, similar speed, a full turret, and is two tier lowers. Also its amazing ground resistances allow it to climb almost anything since new physics are out, its one of the maybe 2 or 3 tanks in the game able to climb the Mines mountain and end behind ennemy spawn if starting from north.

      T67 needs a solid nerf. But the problem is that with such bad armor it needs to be good somewhere else. So either they gotta nerf its reload by a good second, either they gotta nerf its mobility (and the reload is the most broken thing about the tank, if it stays behind a bush it’ll kill anything it meets in a few seconds).

      If you wanna farm purple points or just want an easy free-xp farm, go for it, its free and only tier 5.

      1. KV 1 / 1s are just as OP. In a different way.

        T67 just needs a slight RoF nerf. Reload should be 3.0 seconds rather than 2.7. That should balance it a lot more already. See how it goes, maybe a very slight nerf to ground resistance and gun handling on the move.

        If they nerf it anymore….it’s just a worse T-34…that thing also has epic DPM and RoF as well as good mobility and gun handling.

      1. SMGJohn says:

        There are a lot of people but they are afraid to speak out or else they are bombarded by trolls and banned from WoT forums.

  12. senaya says:

    Really poor translation. It’s literal 100% of the time and all of the RU memes are ignored to the point of not getting the point of dev’s answer. If you don’t have a decent translator, you can message me on reddit and I’ll be glad to help.

    1. T67 is fun but E25 is OP.
      T67 is a turreted E25 two tiers lower. But because its not a premium nobody will complain about it when its one of the most broken tanks in the game.

      I guess you also think skorpion is OP, when its worse than other german tier 8 TDs (Borsig has better dpm, JP2 has better armor and dpm, Ferdi has much better armor, JT88 has crazy dpm… Its only better than the kanonenjpz) because its a premium but wouldnt say a word about tanks like mathilda/T67/T54lw/KV85…

      1. Bricktop says:

        Oh my god someone with a brain!
        I love when people butthurt about premiums not being weaker than tech tree counterparts. They seem to ignore obvious fact that was connected to limited MM which is a thing of past.
        E25 is broken
        E5 is broken af
        T67 is broken
        Skorpion is not broken. Furthermore, except high pen gun that hits like a brick it has nothing going for it.
        Don’t mention mobility as there is a difference between 60 kph in Leopard and 60 kph in Skorpion.
        Leopard IS agile, Leopard IS mobile
        Skorpion is just fast. It also has shitty gun handling in EVERY situation except kemping bush, but that is all these complaining tomatoes see. High alpha gun kemping bush.

  13. Major Rager says:

    Welp! I give up! WG is either completely puzzled on what to do or absolutely refuses to fix the game. I’m just going to cut my loss’s and move on to new things. Rita thank you for your efforts and hard work. You are a sweet and lovable lady, please don’t change. Should a miracle happen with this game please don’t hesitate to email me, for now I am deleting all WG related off my computer. Take care.

  14. Reno Stefan says:

    I’m wondering what would’ve happened, if the Scorpion G became a regular TD, and Rhm.B became the premium one..? It’d fit better in a way to prepare people for the playstyle of the Grille 15..

  15. wolvenworks says:

    “Will there be cooperation with the GUP, as in WoT Blitz, things models of tanks, or camouflage? -For the Asian cluster possibly.”

    we HAD GuP stuff, but it was never updated beyond 9.13, last i heard. they’re all one-shot mods that practically only works on the version it was made at the time. then again maybe WG didn’t update it since WG SEA is kinda undermanned recently, i heard

    regarding skorpion, it’s called the Wall Phenomenon. it’s where when you don’t have said tank, and you see an “OP” tank (eg: KV1, Borsig, tier 8 tanks, KV2), you feel like you want one. by the time you actually got one (i.e. “going over the wall”), you kinda realize how bad it CAN get, and begin to facepalm. hard. to the desk.

    that was my case with the borsig and tier 8s in general.still thought that borsig was a really bad decision since it’s misaligned with my Style, and i’ve got the bleeding red bills to prove it =/

  16. Oleg Ouyantsev-Syu says:

    Rita, I hate to say that, but a good bit of translations from Russian here is utterly wrong and it really disorient your readers. Sample:

    Russian text: Сделать из ЛТ чисто свет, не кастрировав обзор всем остальным, в данный момент просто нереально. Так что я склоняюсь к варианту облегченных ололо-СТ но без таких диких по пробою пушек, хотя машины там весьма разные набираются и различия будут.

    Your version: “The devs want to make Tier 10 light tanks as pure light tanks and not neutered mediums with high pen guns. They hope to make them something completely different.”

    What was actually said: “It would be just impossible to make LT pure spotters without having sliced off the viewrange from every other tank in game. Hence I lean towards the option of kinda “lightweight mediums”, however without the overbuffed penetration. Anyway tier 10 LTs will be quite diversified.”

    You would agree that it is something very different from what was written here.

    BTW same story goes with the “crack in the ass” which caused pain in some asses here ))

  17. GrimmReaperBG says:

    Ritta, your comment about IS-5 being with good stats isn’t justified. As a matter of fact IS-5 is owned by most of the best players on the server. Yes, there are even players, that got the tank as “present” from the clan ( u know other players playing accs) but still the majority who drives that IS-5 are the best players in the cluster. Most of their “bad games” are better than the “good games” of the average Joe in EU. This is why this vehicle has good statistics.

    1. It’s a T-10 with stock turrer and IS-3 gun.
      The hull armor is crazy good if used well, the turret holds well enough, and the gun is good.
      This tank has no downsides. Its an upgraded IS-3 at the same tier. It only loses a bit of mobility which isnt that big of a deal.

      1. comraderenamon says:

        Try to be at least correct. The IS-5 uses a gun that has worse penetration (4 mm less + loss of normalization due to being APCR standard rounds.), Accuracy and bloom values are worse (during turret rotation the IS-5 has double bloom compared to the IS-3). The IS-3 is still far superior to the IS-5.

        If they would make the IS-3’s gun similar to the IS-5’s and weaken the lower plate it would be a much more balanced tank. At the end of the day the IS-5 is good, but no way in hell better than the IS-3 (it is slightly worse).

        PS: it is a myth that IS-5 is driven by the best players, a lot of average players also got their hands on it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    -”Developers are not required to play good, they only need brain.”

    Clearly not enough, How about Devs are required to have a WORKING brain.

    (Sorry for the insult, but iv been hurt by Jap Hts, RNG, artys[Dullards whom no cannons stun], czech IX,X and all the new tanks that are OP for too long.)

  19. Infernal969 says:

    Yeah, Scorpion G is balanced, that’s why it’s the most played tier 8 tank ATM, has insane DPB and insane winrate. AND IT’S A PREMIUM.
    And all of those shitlords outright lying about it here because they own one and don’t want to get their pubstomper nerfed – go to hell, where you can suck on SerB’s dong for eternity.

  20. 2goxd says:

    this translations are garbage, on boths RSR and AP.
    Can’t you 2 get some russian guy who could help you with this crap ?

    Sorry to brag but i see soo many people getting mad and making huge angry topicks about it just because of translaions like “does your ass have a crack ?” and such crap.

    1. heldermartins1 says:

      Fell free to translate.

      Meself, dont give a crap about russians, and any news russian related. From experience, only bad things comes from the land of komrads.
      So, get to work, Sir, there are ppl here interested to know what russians actually do with their asses.

      1. 2goxd says:

        I don’t even know why would you say that.
        You should read my comment before replying anything.
        Why are you even on this forum if you don’t care what Russians say ?!
        And since when is everything Russian related so bad and complete shit ?

        And btw. – i said that the translator makes mistakes that cause huge shitstorms, which is really bad for all of us.

      2. heldermartins1 says:

        And did u really read my post?
        I end up with sarcasm (I know it might be a bit hard for u to realise but ppl actually have sense of humour).

        Pls, pretty pls, lets not argue anymore.

  21. Bricktop says:

    Ahhh so fucking tired of 900 wn8 scrubs complaing they get rekt by Skorpions. I would really like to argue with you but when I read your comments I think I don’t want to argue with an ape.
    -Great camo (whaaaaat?)
    -Great mobility (Ye, going straight line)
    -Gun handling (Ahahahahahahahaha)
    -point & click because of turret (especially with turret traverse)
    Pls get mad more because you got shot for 490, because you don’t when Borsig does the same, right?
    People do think that getting killed by premium tank is some kind of shame (?) i guess. (Loers anyone?)
    I guess these are the same people that got t100e5 as their first tier X and now are happy they finally can do more than 1500 dmg in their idiotproof tank.
    Ok, enough butthurting for today.

  22. Let’s make things clear guys. Seriously… First of all I should say, I am sorry for my vulgar and short-tempered post above, generally I am a calm guy, trying to be cool with everybody.

    About guessing WN8 and battlecount etc.: I think this isn’t really necessary, to discuss someone’s skill or abilities here. Q&A isn’t about it, my posts aren’t about it, so I don’t see, why there is always somebody, starting this pointless talk, which only leads to argue. If you are really interested, here you are, go ahead nibble on it: 2165 WN8, 46378 Battles + (~20k more from closed beta test). The reason I am sharing this, that I always try to post something, making sense, and I truly believe I am doing it right, because I have seen WoT and WG for more than 6 years now, and I always try to look up things, before writing something.
    I don’t care how much you have, and basically why shall I? It’s off topic, and noone cares.

    About Skorpion G: It is OP. It is completely pointless to deny this, or compare it to regular tanks. As I said earlier, I get it. I understand it, that if you own it, you don’t want it to be nerfed in the future, because I wouldn’t like my E-25 to be nerfed either. In my opinion, SG is not a Tier 8 tank, as it is right now. That penetration, alpha damage, and speed (wether straight line or not) is incredible. Think about it… You can penetrate pretty much everything in every tier, you can shoot 490 average rounds, which is awful to receive, in any tier, regardless the tank. You can relocate pretty fast from one flank/bush/sniper spot to another. The camo is good. I’m not saying it is the best one, but most players, who have a little sense, are not in the first lines, getting themselves spotted. The gun handling is also nice, with 0.35 accuracy and 2.3 aiming time, as they beat many same tiered vehicle values. I admit, the DPM is not the best one, but still, it is greatly benefited with it’s gun control in exchange, because there is a higher chance of a successful hit at your opponent.
    I don’t understand why you are all telling me, that this tank is all right, and some comment sounds like they even want to make me convince, that it is a bad tank, when everybody sees, that it is not. I get it, it is bigger than RHM. I get it, it has no armor. I get it, it is fast only in straight line. I get it, DPM isn’t the best. But wait… Why do you want everything? Isn’t it enough, that you just sit behind in a bush, shoot and make damage constantly? Even with these so called weaknesses, I wouldn’t say, that it is well balanced. RHM used to be very similar, when it came out, and after a nerf, it became more or less balanced, with it’s ups and downs. Because of the stats it has, literalyl everybody can play it, and let’s exclude players, who yolo in, or play in second line, and other extreme conditions. Any regular player, who has some experience in TDs can play that tank, which is not good. I even listed you couple of incidents, and I get so frustrated, because literally, Skorpion G became much more annoying to me, than any of the arties, in any circumstances. I don’t care if a premium tank kills me (because someone mentioned that might be the reason for my outcry), but since it came out It is completely pay to win in my opinion, and it is proven by server statistics also.

    Just few examples from server stats. These stats are from all the T8 TDs:

    – Experience earned: 1st place
    – Experience per minute: 1st place
    – Accuracy: 3rd place
    – Penetration rate: 2nd place
    – Damage dealt: 1st place
    – Damage deealt per minute: 1st place
    – Damage per kill: 4th place
    – Damage ratio: 3rd place
    – Kills per deaths: 1st place

    In case you wouldn’t believe me, check for yourselves here:

    See? In the most promising stats it is always in minimum Top 5 from all the other Tier 8 TDs. All the stats and proof are there, it is way better than how it should be. Interestingly – mystery to me – globally it is still holding only the 6th place, which I do not understand how. Maybe it is in top in some negative stats as well like team damage and such.

    Conclusion, yes it is overpowered, and yes I still think it needs a reasonable nerf. Compared to any other (except tier limited ones ofc.) Tier 8 premiums, it has many more advantages, than the rest. The only really harmful and lethal weakness it has in my eyes, is it’s armor, and the second might be the DPM, but other gun stats make it still a decent gun.

    Here you go. Here is a calmly explained post full of details and reasons, why I think, it is brutal, and made the game actually worse. You don’t have to believe me, you can keep posting nonsense, this was my last post about the SG. Probably most owners won’t even read until here, because they are already burying themselves in deep and inbreakable denial, and will start or keep flaming nonsense below.

    Please, think before you type.

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