Slava Makarov Q&A

Quick Q&A from one of the games initial creators, Slava Makarov:

  • The stats presented for the KV-5 so far are not final, only the first phase of testing.
  • If the changes made to the KV-5 prove successful, then other PMM tanks will get the same treatment.
  • The two vehicles selected for the Warhammer 40k treatment were chosen do to their resemblance to existing tanks from that franchise. It was great experiment for WG in creating premium camo for regular tanks, though do to a lack of time they were not able to complete all of the features with them they wanted.
  • Initially there weren’t meant to be any changes to maps with 1.0 beyond the graphical enhancements, but the map devs used the opportunity to make some changes. Not all of the planned changes were put in however, as that would have meant pushing the patch release back by half a year.
  • Province is pretty unplayable beyond Tier V, and Slava will be bringing it up with the development team.
  • WG admits there are glaring issues with lower tiers, however the huge amount of tanks at those tiers means a lot of work will need to go into them.
  • Frontlines will see some pretty dramatic changes going into the future. As it stands it is poorly optimized and it is hoped that the issues with it can be worked out and reintroduced on a possibly more permanent basis along side other massive changes to the game that the developers are referring to as “WoT 1.5”.
  • The Battle Royal mode was mostly made by the developers on their own time, they were pretty enthusiastic about it. Players seemed to like it as well, so there may be some more experimentation with it later on.
  • Are SPGs toxic? No, but they can certainly be thought over some more.
  • General chat will not be making a comeback. It had 30-40% of the support team locked up. Things have been much easier since it was switched off.
  • There is an extensive plan for a rework to the crews in-game. Specifics such as perks can’t be revealed at this time, however.
  • Murazor still works for WG as a consultant to the balance team, and as Slava’s subordinate.
  • The proposed changes to the ST-I line haven’t been completely abandoned, just put on hold as other issues have taken priority.
  • The idea of a combined European branch also hasn’t been completely abandoned. So far about three ideas for top tiers have been put up, but not much else. Still, it’d be a nice addition in order to put in machines that belong to nations without major tank development.
  • Slava can’t reveal the trade-in list for the KV-5 atm, but it will include some machines that are rarely put up for sale.
  • The Warhammer skin for the KV-2 can sort of be seen as a prototype for the future (planned) 3D customization that WG wants to introduce.
  • Don’t expect the Czech tree to grow too much, as it’s pretty exhausted in terms of potential content.
  • More opportunities to earn bonds will be introduced in the future, as well as things you can potentially spend them on as a reward for active play.


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