Football/Soccer Mode: Details & Screenshots


the Football/Soccer mode is coming in 10 of June and these are the first screenshots available:

Also, there will be a tournament on each server, these are the medals:

Other Details:

  • Players will be driving the T-Sport 62a (WG will borrow a Garage Slot).
  • Who scores more goals wins
  • Battle Duration: 7 minutes
  • There will be 3 Stadiums:
    • Himmelsdorf Arena
    • Eiffel Stadium
    • “Old Tankford”
  • Tanks will have a temporary “Speed Boost” special skill
  • Players are unable to destroy others, however tracking is possible.
  • There will be prizes
  • After the event the Tank and Garage Slot will be removed.
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Football/Soccer Mode: Details & Screenshots

42 thoughts on “Football/Soccer Mode: Details & Screenshots

  1. Matrix says:

    I wish WG would spend their limited developer resources on improving the game and not on developing ephemeral features like this soccer mode and the thing on April 1st.

      1. Can’t go wrong with fun, indeed. But I’d much rather have fun all the time than just in this one event, as much fun as the football event was last time round. You know how we have fun all the time? Removing arty and limiting mm to +/-1. We can move forward from there and get onto rebalancing TD’s (high tier ones have ridiculous alpha and are broken, mid tier suck), rebalancing premium ammo (make HEAT do less damage, make APCR do even less damage, then reduce the cost of them to standard ammo so there’s a high-pen standard round that isn’t flat out better than AP), but first of all let’s remove arty (or at the very least fix, though I’m not sure that’s possible) and limit mm spread to +/-1 (at least on the EU and RU servers as the player bases can deal with it, not sure about NA but even if I played there I’d rather queue times were a little bit longer but have the guarantee of getting into a game where I’m not obsolete).

      2. Klimax says:

        @Vepsilon: Or how about removing idiots (especially whiners about SPGs)? They are whining constantly, cause 2-15 battles and are just noisemakers…

      3. We bitch about artillery because there’s no way to defend yourself from them, how many times was I having a great game that ended when some dipshit decided to click on me? It’s like a kid pulling the plug when you’re playing your favourite game, without warning. And I can pretty much guarantee that a lot of the best players in this game just flat out hate artillery, they’re not the ones that are most likely to cause 2-15 scores

      4. Klimax says:

        Tell us more of tales, please. They are very entertaining. (Even if they have nothing to do with reality) As for those supposedly “best players”, I doubt they are even moderately good, if they are victim of SPG. Sounds like just “unicums” or stat-padders idiots. I can tell you what really good player is: Not a victim of SPG. (Because he knows how to bloody hell drive that he avoids getting shot – and trust me, there are ways to make targeting hell, but camping is not one of them) And it doesn’t matter if your enemy is Crusader SP/G.W. Panther or leFH/Bishop…

      5. Klimax says:

        Hm, maybe you could tell us who those “great players” are, that were driven of by SPGs. Would be interesting to query stat sites…

      6. “Because he knows how to bloody hell drive that he avoids getting shot”




        All that determines if you land a hit or not is RNG, playing artillery takes absolutely ZERO skill and if you somehow think that it’s the other way around, you’re just deluding yourself

      7. Klimax says:

        ricardocarmine : Can’t find much on Quickybaby (EU account is untracked and NA account ahs quite few battles), Circonflexes seems to be still playing on EU and seems to be doing fine. I guess he definitely has more brains then you. No such player as Foch. (And you omitted region they play) Anyway the only player one can find, is still active. So much for your assertions…

        And good old idiotic remark that playing SPG takes zero skill. Right. Says camper who only saw SPG from express train and never even tried to play one. (Or maybe he was very bad at it…) Somebody is deluding themselves, but it ain’t me. You are self-deluding, that it is not your fault, that the EVIL SPG is robbing you of your victories. Time to face the reality, that it is likely your abilities, not Arty which si responsible for your failures.

      8. Foch=Sirfoch, Quickybaby=Quickfingers

        What you actually think that a shell that fell from the sky without warning is somehow a fair game mechanic. Okay brah, it’s cool, we get it, you’re retarded

      9. Klimax says:

        Having to extract basic info from you is idiotic. Anyway, interesting players. They got some number of tanks and looks like they know how to drive. What is more interesting, some of them are driving SPGs too. (Quickybaby for example, quite a lot and he is apparently quite good with them, too – and very recently he drove SPG in 16 battles) Also Circonflexes seems to have quite some SPG experience.

        And irony bursting from your post when you try to call somebody retarded is delicious. Calm down tomato. You are almost ready for tomato soup… Just one more shell… And also you could actually try to paly SPGs. Otherwise you are not only tomato, but also very ignorant one.

        Now, could you please provide evidence they hate SPGs? Well, somehow I don’t think you will be able to do so…


      10. Klimax says:

        More stupid coming from you. Look, it says far more about you then me. Heh, you don’t even know what I play or not. Hint: I play almost everything. (MTs, HTs, TDs and SPGs) Actually primary reasons why I play SPGs now more then everything else, is the hate od idiots! You and co. are primary reason why my arty is getting so much work out. I love collecting all the (hate) tears and making them cry…

        I always love good targets. (But then, you wouldn’t even survive my Churchill GC…)

      11. “Actually primary reasons why I play SPGs now more then everything else, is the fact that I suck at driving tanks and making use of terrain and armour”

        I fixed it for you

    1. Blutschorsch says:

      I was playing AW for one year. It is, all in all, a improved version of WoT.
      Now I play WoT againt because there are this funny events.
      AW is just to serious for me.

    1. SlayerBR says:

      you can fire guns, in RocketLeague you can’t do that =P
      and looks this year the tanks will sprint now

      btw, i am glad they made the new “arena” in a way we don’t get more these 5min “ball stuck in the corner” battles

  2. Mel C says:

    Nah – these modes are fun, and usually have cool rewards. I take the view that fun modes DO improve the game.

    1. Klimax says:

      Pretty sure that’s mistranslation: Should have been lent or given. We will be lent or given a slot in garage and after event slot will be removed. We will not lose our bought preexisting slot.

    2. Obsidian_Rose says:

      I’m gueesing they “lend” you a garage slot then remove it, the borrow part may be a translation error as in english lend/borrow means slightly different things, whilst other languages may have only one word that apply in both cases, for example in my native language swedish, the same word “låna” is used in both instances, it’s exact meaning derived from context-

  3. Lostmymarbles says:

    Players will be driving the T-Sport 62a (WG will borrow a Garage Slot).
    After the event the Tank and Garage Slot will be removed.

    WTF WG you take one of our garage slots with the free tank for Soccer/Football
    then you take our garage slot away from us …… not a smart move WG

    1. Anonymous says:

      It’s a mistranslation.. They’ll give you a spot with the special tank and then remove both the tank and slot it came with after the event ends

  4. Jurrunio says:

    How long the special event will last? My exam wont end until 20 June. Hope I got a chance to try this out, and compare with old football mode.

  5. I don’t understand how people can cry about MM and arty, so WG put in events to take are minds off problems and do something different. So now let’s bitch about how there not putting all the effort it fixing a game, cause there make events. Yes MM can troll hard some nights, and arty is unbalanced, but of WG put in the first arty fix they can find the holy shit fit that we would be epic even though there trying to fix the thing that you whinedible about fixing. Honestly I think WG should put half of there resources into bots and get a good pve part started. Then do national weeks with 15 of one nation vs a team of 15 bots all one other nation.

  6. name says:

    Well, it was fun last time, but magic thing happen since last time called rocket league and tanks don’t have a chance with that.

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