Solo Platoon Exploit Fixed

Many readers and stream viewers have asked about this exploit but we said nothing so as not to advertise it. This bug was fixed by a micro patch we announced here . WoT EU didn’t announce it but seen to have implemented the fix.

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Solo Platoon Exploit Fixed

21 thoughts on “Solo Platoon Exploit Fixed

  1. red.storm says:

    So, you knew about this and did not say anything so as not to advertise it???
    In other words, I was the stupid one wondering what the hell was wrong with the MM while everyone else was using it?
    In summary you just told me I have to follow other streamers if I want to have a full view of hat is going on…. not amused.

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      Oh my, are we entitled.

      Also, “while EVERYONE else was using it” is so false. You should look up the meaning of word “everyone” in the dictionary.

      1. red.storm says:

        You are right, my mistake. I thought I was reading a blog in order to be kept up to date with what is going on around me. Obviously I was wrong. No problem, there are alternatives.
        As for “everyone”, I have had hundreds of battles this week, never top tier, wondering what the hell is wrong. So, there must have been everyone except me.
        And true, I had many only Tier10 battles, stupid though, I need to earn credits thus I have to play Tier 8 premiums.

  2. mirotordaji says:

    not cool m8…..every one else did talk about it….and you leave us in dark???……..bug thumbs down from me

  3. No win situation lol.

    They tell everyone and all the people in the comments complain ‘why are you telling everyone how to abuse the game’.

    They don’t mention it and now everyone is complaining about not being told which made them bottom tier constantly since they were not abusing it too.

    Easy fix if you don’t want to abuse and don’t want to be bottom either. Play tier 10.

  4. Anonymous says:

    yeah they corrected the “glitch” but on the NA server it deleted everyone’s contacts and you cannot platoon with anyone right now – the system will not allow it- way to go WG!!

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