Soviet Cruisers: Early Access


Early Access

Researchable Soviet cruisers VIII Tallinn and IX Riga are arriving in Early Access. To obtain them, you can exchange Soviet Tokens for bundles in the Armory that are opened in sequential order.

Soviet Tokens: a themed temporary resource that can be obtained from Soviet containers or random bundles.

Soviet containers: obtained by completing Directives or received in Daily Shipments.

Bundles that provide Early Access to Soviet cruisers can be obtained in the Armory in exchange for Soviet Tokens. There are a total of six bundles that are opened in sequential order. In these bundles, you’ll find cruisers V Mikoyan, VIII Tallinn, and IX Riga, as well as the Soviet permanent camouflage for cruisers Tallinn, Riga, and X Petropavlovsk.




What are the new Soviet cruisers’ distinctive features?

  • One of the main features of the new sub-branch is their effective armor-piercing shells with good ballistic properties, high penetration, and a short fuse-arming delay time, the latter of which will significantly decrease the number of overpenetrations. Salvos fired from these ships are effective against both battleships and cruisers.
  • An average reloading time and special accuracy settings: the new ships have a larger dispersion ellipse at long distances in comparison to other cruisers.
  • When these ships are positioned wisely, they will demonstrate their decent ability to absorb hits thanks to the good armor protection they enjoy for their type.
  • As with most cruisers, you can choose between Hydroacoustic Search and Defensive AA Fire.
  • Cruisers of Tier IX and above have the Repair Party consumable at their disposal.
  • The combination of their accuracy settings and the Surveillance Radar consumable with a 12 km operating range makes the new cruisers most efficient in medium-range encounters.

Cruisers VIII Tallinn, IX Riga, and X Petropavlovsk will become available to research in Update 0.9.6.



The new game event tasks you with completing 42 missions spread across four Directives. The first Directive will become available with the release of Update 0.9.4, while those that follow will be unlocked on a weekly basis. Completing the event’s missions and Directives will bring you signals, expendable camouflage patterns, credits, and Soviet containers, as well as other rewards.

Reward for completing all Directives: the Soviet permanent camouflage for cruiser V Mikoyan.

The Directives can be completed until Tue. 09 Jun. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Tue. 09 Jun. 06:00
Detailed information on the Directives and Hall of Fame rewards can be found in the game client.

Soviet Сontainers


Players will be able to obtain Soviet containers from Daily Shipments (up to six containers) and by completing Directives (up to 54 containers).

Each Soviet container includes 5, 10, 15, 25, or 300 Soviet Tokens.

Once you’ve obtained all the available containers from Daily Shipments and for completing Directives, you’re guaranteed to have collected enough Tokens to obtain cruiser V Mikoyan.



Rewards for Soviet Tokens

Bundles that provide Early Access

All available rewards will be visible in advance of making an exchange. After making an exchange for one bundle, the contents of the next bundle will become visible to you.


  • All ships are added with a Commander with 3 skill points and a Port slot.
  • If you already have V Mikoyan in your Port, the bundle will provide you with a Commander, Port slot, and compensation for the ship in the form of doubloons.

Other rewards

You can also exchange Soviet Tokens for the following rewards in the Armory:


With the release of Update 0.9.5, Soviet Tokens will only be obtainable from random bundles available for doubloons. After Update 0.9.6 goes live, all Soviet Tokens will be converted into credits at the rate of 1:9,000.

Combat Missions

Cruisers VIII Ochakov and VIII Pyotr Bagration will be available in the Armory in exchange for doubloons. While playing these ships, as well as cruiser V Mikoyan, you can complete special combat missions that will bring you between 15–30 Soviet Tokens for victories in battles, depending on the ship. More details on combat missions are available in the game client.

Random Bundles


The Soviet Cruisers section of the Armory has been stocked with random bundles. Each of them can be obtained for 500 doubloons.

  • All the rewards are visible in advance: the bundles’ contents and their amounts are displayed when viewing the currently available bundle.
  • After each exchange, the contents of the next random bundle will become available to exchange.
  • Having collected all the bundles, you’re guaranteed to have obtained all the available rewards.

Daily Shipments


During Update 0.9.4, enter the game in the period between May 14 and 28, inclusive, to start getting valuable rewards from the Daily Shipments section.

You can get a total of 10 rewards, while the shipments are available for 14 days. Thus, you can skip 4 days out of 2 weeks and still claim all the valuable rewards.

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Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

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