Special Hangars


there are the upcoming special hangars for this year, seems like they are recycling last year’s:


Birthday WoT EU 2015/2016


US May 1st


Birthday WoT SEA


SEA Hangar is so far my favourite, it doesn’t look half-arsely done like the last Christmas hangar.


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Special Hangars

7 thoughts on “Special Hangars

  1. Honestly they have more important things to fix than a special birthday garage, so I do not mind, I do not like these christmas birthday garages anyway, because they just do not fit to a tank battle field theme. I rather would prefer garages which add to the mood like a military field camp, or different types of tank barracks to choose from (e.g. one per nationality for example 🙂 ) this would be much nicer than a christmas tree or a theater stage …

    my 2 cents

  2. Liam Gavaghan says:

    I want a firing range available from the hanger, where you can spawn tanks to shoot through the UI. And a more military theme would be nice.

    Also Rita, is it true that Portuguese can’t pronounce chew? I watched a jingles video recently and just was curious.

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