SPG Rebalance: Changes Overview

Sorry for the lateness but for you that haven’t seen this yet.

About time.

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SPG Rebalance: Changes Overview

36 thoughts on “SPG Rebalance: Changes Overview

  1. Bazil Grimstride says:

    We seen it and the player base is more angry at wargaming for beating a dead horse (the horse being arty which are uaeless) the backlash is quite fearch and oh boy people are angry at WG for nerfing a class to uselessness.. Everyone is hoping its just an April fools prank..just like Diablo immortal..

    Lets be honest here nerfing a class that deals 300 damage every 30 seconds to 50 seconds because 26 to 50 pen at tier 10? Looking at you frenchie can’t hurt anything and can only stun it… Just shows you the absolute dumb fuckerly that is the idiocy that’s going on at WG HQ and they are whining about that when you got type 5s that have more pen and more alpha then a SPG? Don’t get me started on the shitbarn and deathstar.. 230+ pen on that 183mm which its an SPG gun on a TD which will oneshot if he gets lucky…(MOST OF THE TIME!!) and they complain about being farted on..sigh
    Stuiped Pointless Gun.. (SPG) needs a buff and 80% of the community agrees to that.. And are upset at WG for being incompetent just like the directors who directed Feminism into Captain Marvel.. SPGs need a buff not a nerf for the 4th time.. This is why I stopped playing world of tanks as a whole.. Its the fuckerly of the Biest bullshit that is going on with WG….id rather be hit by artillery over being hit with prem ammo…and poor arty has the most worthless prem ammo in the world lol only gives 1 meter splash.. Sigh…

    Rant over and to those that will support this… Get your head out of your ass and smell the flowers please lol im sure you will contain sense on how fucked up wargaming has become..

    This shit here.. Its just plain wrong…

    1. The thing is, arty itself is not the problem, but the maps. Most maps have their main brawl locations for mediums and heavies open for arty fire, and, after one team wins that brawl, they need to push through an open field with little cover, while getting shot from tds and arty. And only now the camping tds get spotted for your own arty to shot at. I see this a lot in maps like malinovka(top of the hill), prokhorovka(mid next to trains and hill) and mines(all the map). This is why Steve, the is7 driver, camps next to the tds, avoiding getting shot by arty(because the tds get all the rocks and bushes) and avoiding getting penned by a shit barn, waiting for the good players to push after the brawl. And let’s not start with all the light tanks being useless in almost every map…

    2. Partybooper says:

      I can’t disagree more. You are comparing shells and penetration from an SPG to a TD? What is wrong with you? If you want to compare them, ok, remove the arch flypath of the SPGs’ shells (so they would actually have to fight instead of being able to deal damage from the end of the map) and give the TDs the stun mechanic as well! Sounds ridiculous? Yes, just like your comparison, because we are talking about entirely different classes here!

      Want to hear my personal opinion? Nerf artillery to oblivion! Why? Because then, maps open up for the players who play classes which actually need to fight properly with direct sight (no shell arch). The gameplay improves dramatically for everyone when there are no SPGs in the match.

      You say that 80% are asking for SPG buffs? I highly doubt that. I believe it is more likely that 50% would ask for a complete removal of SPGs because they are so annoying and game breaking. Good players definitely do. Count me in.

      1. Evidently, the player base tends to blindly agree to anything as long as it bemoans WG for anything they say and do.

        How about this:
        1. Nerf the SPGs to the extent where an increasing amount of players are discouraged to play them.
        2. Wait until the amount of SPG players has diminished.
        3. Reduce the number of SPGs per team to a maximum of 2, preferably 1, as there are fewer SPGs in the queue.
        4. Give SPGs smoke shells, whist dealing damage is nothing short of situational due to its reduced effectiveness.

        Et voila, you have a less annoying, varietal class that suits a niche player base preferring a remote support role.

      2. Rawen says:

        I dread many of your comments here. You seems to be so fixated on the term of line of sight play stile. Like it is superior in any way.
        No you going to say but obstacles hurr durr i can’t shoot trough a rock!!!
        Nor the arty can.
        Your superior Purple line of sight game play consist of sitting in the back in a TD loaded with gold ammo and pinging the map while cursing the scout to do his job. Tah is a glorious stat padding way to live.
        If you shoot someone the travels less then a second if more you complain that this is a shit gun and can’t even snipe.
        For an arty there is 5-6 or more second of shell flight time. If you not sitting in a bush it is not as easy to hit somethings you think.

        I agree with Bazil Grimstride!! This is a straight nerf!! I can’t give a rats ass for the stun that is a gimmick more to annoy the shit out of both side. Because stun is not damage you got nothing out of it. you never spot anything so half of the xp you get from damage goes to the spotter. And the GLORIOUS line of sight elite players rarely utilize stunned enemies so you can’t get decent xp from damage on stunned enemy either.

        Ohh and if there is 3 IS-7 in hulldown and your purple making gold ammo can pen the stalinium armor you intermediately start to whine on chat why the arty not killed them already because you are dining in their line of site.

        Ok remove arty! Then what? Nerf and remove lights? Meds? TD-s? Or bushes from map??
        hwy is the answer is to nerf and remove instead of get good ??
        Ping the map where the enemy arty is (from damage indicator) get your arty to counter kill it.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Noob, better learn to play with normal tanks.FFS orange /red shiters arta players like u destroying this game.Being purple is so fucking annoying these days thx to this shiters.”80% of players wants arty buff”?????????WTF moron u talking???I would say 90-95% players in WOT wants arty removed from the game.I dream about new arty free server,ban for arty,atleast few days in season.Maybe on that days i could rest from these cancer noobs like this retard Bazil Grimstride.Lack of brain causes lack of balls,than these people start playing artas,only class they could do some damage to better players.

      1. heldermartins1 says:

        I guess being purple gives you a set of balls… which kind? Golf? Baseball?
        It’s a lot of fun to read this shit!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I disagree about that “80%…”. Many players hate arty: they dont like to get stunned, they dont like to get splashed, they dont like to get hit by arty, Period. And streamers (most of them) are hadding their “thoughts” to the problem, and the dumb bells watching them are drinking it like milk from a tit. That’s the community ur talking about…
    Dont get me wrong, I have 4.8K battles in SPG’s, and I love my GW Panther!

    Cancer, skypig, nuke, orbital strike…. slang to show the mental inability to deal with a propelled gun without armour, long reload, nerfed stats, which camps the red line because it is a SUPPORT ONLY GUN.

    Dont like it? Too bad, stay mobile and wiggle ur ass.
    Want it gone from the game? Instead of taking ur head out of ur ass… UP YOURS, Shitbarns, 60TP’s, Type’s, OP tier VIII premium tanks (russians, ofc), those are more concerning.

    1. Infernal969 says:

      Thanks for the diarrhea of non arguments.
      I guess that’s what is to be expected from someone that spent approximately a MONTH of straight up game time being a cancerous twat ruining the game for others.
      Your mom must be proud.

      1. heldermartins1 says:


        At least, I know my mother. Do u know yours? I always thought the likes of you were bred in fur farms, Im not wrong…
        Spamming gold with Shitbarns and Type’s ins’t cancerous? Being oneshoted by them isnt cancerous? I bet you have at least one of those and you enjoy playing with them.

        PS: I’m heldermartins1, in case you want to be even more retarded.

  3. Bazil Grimstride says:

    Before the global nerf arty could hit 12k+ damage you can’t reach that anymore so you tell me again how 4k is alot lol

    1. Partybooper says:

      Try to do 4k in a tank which needs to drive into the line of sight of enemies.
      SPGs are just luck machines. No consistency, just luck.

      Even the worst players can have great results in SPGs because they don’t need to understand anything about the game’s mechanics.

      1. NoComment says:

        Rather like spamming gold ammo which I bet you have zero issues with right?…You know lowering skill levels removing the need to understand mechanics and what not…

      2. Partybooper says:

        I don’t know about you, but I can make a profit in my tier 9 and tier 10 tanks without shooting gold shells.
        By the way, people who don’t understand anything about this game can still occasionally deal tons of damage in their SPGs. Because, well, ‘reasons’ nobody understands who are properly playing the game. Money for premium time from SPG players maybe.
        What now? Your argument’s gone.

      3. Nocomment says:

        As that makes little sense and has nothing to do with what I wrote. My argument stands thank you.

        In case you didn’t understand you are whining about arty because takes less skill to get results. Just like gold ammo spamming takes less skill to get results …which you are defending…

  4. he she they binary neutral???? are right though, I spent 2 years grinding the bat tier 10 spg frenchie, and by god its only good for stuns. it can’t hurt anything at tier 10.

    meanwhile oh look at the massive nerf to the russian spg…dayam that thing must have been way OP.

    a normal day in russia.

  5. Paying Customer says:

    1st of all, WHO is those who WG refear to as comunity??? WG says every time that the changes is what Comunity wants?? WHO wants what? I mean, do they refear to the close team of supertesters? or the comunity contributors? WHO, WG, Where do they getting this wanted list of changes? I mean, just logonto any WG related forum that have serious people writing serious textes and are realy contributing to the game and what they wishes the gamedeveloper and WG could change next time, both nerfs and buffs. You will find aprox 5% that having same direction as WG, overall. No more, and if that is what WG consider COMUNITY, it´s equaly closed as Putins bedroom for transparacy. WG will fall and take this game with them just when they IGNORE the facts of the paying customers, i dont CARE shit about thos who DON´T pay to play, they are just hangarounds and should NOT have anything to say, just be greatfull to have something to play.

    Please WG, have all PAYING CUSTOMER a VOTE, make some pulls and let people to VOTE, then you will make more than a shitload of money and those free players could take what ever we vote for and be happy or get the fuck out.

    But for fuck sake make peoples voice to have a meaning, not your closed fucked up braindead team of Yes saying bullshitters.

    Sorry for the flaming, but there is a shitload of money from players, they will allways pay for something they like to play, they are NOT loyal to this Company, and not to this game, if u fuck them over they will most likley find some other game to spend their money on and give you the finger, without any hasitation.

    My english is my 3d language and i write what ever i like, same to my spelling, if u find this to offencive, tuff luck, but deal with it.. hahaha

    To anyone out ther who is good to make manifests and want to start one against/ to WG in this matter, please contact me and i´m with ya on the barricades.

    A customer who pay for the good products, not paying for loyalty to anyone.

    thank you if you come this far. Have a nice day

    1. Partybooper says:

      I am a paying customer myself. Any nerf to SPGs, I welcome them. They could go much further than what they said in this video in my opinion.

      SPGs are a broken mechanic which should not allow a player to have such a gigantic impact (and a fun breaking one) on the game without any knowledge or skill.

      1. Another paying customer says:

        Partybooper – your amount of spreaded Words in almost every comment has decresed your values to a minimum, you aint geting famous by spreading your load here. Therese is clearly a big buncha skilled and intelligent spg-players out there but i guess u aint one of them since your tactics IS just flaming in comments here. Get real and start give some substance or just hold it.

  6. T says:

    I have most of the SPG’s and some 8-9-10s heveys but play the SPG’s all the time. Check the amount and you will see the other option is the same but cost a hell of a lot more WHY????? I get a lot of 3-4 kills in a lot of battles and get killed by one shot from a light tank. And most of the higher tiers get only one shot a min. With the B’s from wot I think I will go to another game. If you do what is said than fuck you I will be gone

  7. Huguenot says:

    If I recall correctly, 06Wallst did a lengthy video about ideas to fix arty a while back. The thing is, there are so many ways to work it, from making arty direct fire derp gun support (like in warthunder) or adding smoke and illumination rounds, all the way to minor things like limiting their range, removing satellite view, removing stun and buffing pen at the expense of splash. Yet time and again, Wargaming twiddles about with changes that don’t fix the problem and just make new ones. (looking at you, introduction of stun damage/pen nerf). Since their last ham handed rework, some mid tier SPGs seem more OP than they ever were back in the day. Bottom line is that while I enjoy one or two Arty, they are a broken class and need something done (apart from the worn out “just remove it”)… But I am skeptical that WG can pull off a rework competently.

    1. Partybooper says:

      They can’t rework it. SPGs shouldn’t be able to do those shots across the whole map and behind cover. Direct fire would solve it, but then you would just have TDs with highly effective HE shells and no armor. SPG players don’t want that, because they would need to start learning the game (spotting / camo mechanics, the terrain of the maps, weakspots of tanks).

      The entire purpose of this class is to keep some bad players in the game and buy some premium time who would otherwise not be able to have any measurable impact in the game in a regular class and get slaughtered immediately.

      In the long run, I can’t see any other option to improve the gameplay for everyone other than removing the class completely instead of making it worse for everyone (stun mechanic, prime example).

      1. heldermartins1 says:

        What is wrong with you? Why do you keep on saying SPG’s are played by numbless players? According to stats, I’m a 55% player. I dont assume to be a pro, nor a very good player. But with almost 80K battles, Im certain I know a thing or two about game mechanics.
        Yes, many SPG players forget what SPG means, where P stands for propelled, and they spend the entire game in the same spot. Drives me crazy, seing that. But good SPG players are also good players, all around. They just like to shit on everybody’s parade, from time to time. Like those playing 183mm guns…

      2. Partybooper says:

        You don’t seem to understand the problem.
        I can play (and was forced to in order to get the first few female crew members from the first campaign) SPGs as well. But very good players won’t play SPGs because they want to as they are just some stupid dice rolling mechanic and being able to shoot indirectly at targets which are covered.

        In other words: The skill required to deal damage in a SPG doesn’t matter, really. The chances that a totally new player can just wreck (in your words: shit on everybody’s parade, e.g. destroy the fun for everybody) havoc are very, very high. Put that same guy in any other class and he will get mauled even by orange players.

        Something like this shouldn’t be in the game. A “class” which, to 95%, depends on luck and “shits on everybody’s parade”.

      3. Anonymous says:

        let Me enlighten you dingbat fucks that say artillery needs to go ….it’s real, as in, a real motherfucking piece of machinery built by factories all over the world, and it’s been used in more wars than you probably have pimples on your shiny ass. it is made for one main thing .. to deal huge amounts of damage from long range. and when I say long range I’m not talking a mile or two .. We’re talking up to 100 miles away if not more …. and here’s the thing instead of other tanks calling in artillery strikes most often it’s a person hidden someplace calling it in. so here you are in a pixel game screaming and crying about something that actually exists in the real world .. but you’ll never see it nor dread that whistling sound of an incoming HE round unless Your ass gets stuck in a real war. or You actually join the military. don’t like arty .. go play something that doesn’t have it in the game.

  8. Maltratatoru says:

    @heldermartins1 you compare 183 mm guns wit arta guns? i don’t remember to shot someone from the opposite corner of the map, over the obstacles, sooo…. i can say only one thing : learn to play noob

    1. Rawen says:

      No it one shot you from a corner. in an instant. For an arty to hit you form the other side of the map the shell has to travel 5-6 seconds. And if it hits it hit less than a tank would in front of you.

      1. Maltratatoru says:

        yea, but the enemy can shoot you back. with HE. and they can rush you and rape you, and if you happen to get in a open map, you will be spotted instantly. not to mention that with arty in half of your games you won’t even get spotted. i rather play against a shitbarn or a deathstar, than getting clicked by some random asshole, from the corner of the map. i can shoot it back, or at least get in cover, you can’t do this against arty

    1. Anonymous says:

      Your Type 4 will be the next one to be nerfed, it is already planned. While I play arty for missions only I can say I don’t understand why so much noise about it. Arty is next to useless and except some rare lucky hits it can’t win a game

  9. Anonymous says:

    What would be the outcome of arty nerf? Happy unicums who rule the game and thousands of pissed arty players not opening WOT anymore. Nothing else is going to happen.

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