ST: Polish Tech-tree Medium Branch.

The new branch will be starting from the 14TP tank, where it will be useful to accumulate around 13 – 14,000 XP to unlock the first medium tank (Tier V). In addition, the tier VIII premium tank will probably appear before the entire branch and will not be equipped with a unique drive mode.

  • Tier V: DS PZlnz-I
  • Tier VI: B.U.G.I.
  • Tier VII: CS-44
  • Tier VIII: CS-53
  • Tier VIII: CS-52 (premium)
  • Tier IX: CS-59
  • Tier X: CS-63 (only this tank will possess the new mechanics of two drive modes)


From WoT Express and Domin.


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ST: Polish Tech-tree Medium Branch.

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