Staight From Supertest: Strv S-1

Swedish Tier VIII Premium TD

Apparently play style is similar to other high tier Swedish TD’s. This is due to it having the same hydropneumatic suspension and a 105mm cannon.

Preliminary statistics:

Tier: VIII TD, premium
Hit Points: 1.000
Max Speed: +50/-45 km/h
Hull Traverse: 26 °/s
View Range: 350 m

Gun: 105mm
Damage per Shot: 390/390/480
Penetration: 288/330/53 mm
Load time: 10,2 s
Accuracy: 0,4
Aim Time: 3,0 s

Sources DoM1n and WOT Express

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Staight From Supertest: Strv S-1

43 thoughts on “Staight From Supertest: Strv S-1

    1. Actually the prototype S-1 is a real prototype tank for the Strv 103 project, and is thus older then the UDES 03.

      Also UDES is not just one or a few tanks, its a project group that seems to have over 50 different tanks/armored combat vehicles. Here is a link to a site showing some of the projects.

      And here are some pictures of the S-1.

    2. apache1990 says:

      Well, slightly different, in that the UDES can aim without being in siege mode. This one has the hard-locked gun like the T9/10 S-Tanks.

    1. Amrael87 says:

      Not entirely worthless. UDES has the same problem (20mm glacis so anything can pen it), but it has ridiculous camo values (26,1 base camo with no crew/equipment/camo paintjob), so it will be the same as Borsig and Skorpion. Aiming with the hull and suspensions though? With maps like these? The uniqueness of the tank makes me want to buy one when it comes out, but if nothing changes it will be a very situational vehicle.

  1. Like I asked in one of the previous supertest posts, is it possible to post a bit more info (if at all possible of course) about the goal or purpose of these vehicles? I see all these interesting (in some cases) vehicles passing by with absolutely no idea why, how or when they might be released.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i will buy this,but i have almost all of same idea above comment`at 1:39`
    WG should change something from UDES`s state for example accuracy,DPM or traverse.

  3. Pangzhu says:

    I still think that the game just really doesn’t need tier 8 tds with 280+ penetration that make every slow heavy tank obsolete. The isu at least has long reload and troll accuracy.

    1. Renarde Martel says:

      The ISU also takes off half your health in a single shot.

      Also, this ammo is /probably/ APCR? IIRC the tech-tree wedge-tanks had APCR as ammunition? So it’s a bit worse than equal penetration AP since it normalises a bit worse.

  4. Keke says:

    If that peneration is worst part you are afraid this tank, then
    it is quite safe to say there is nothing too impressive in those
    stats. If you have played those new swedish tanks in test server
    you know how bad they are overall in most maps we have in rotation.

    if that tank have that 40mm armor with that angle you can use
    that somwhow in hull down but that dpm even in siege mode will be quite
    bad when copined very low alpha wich really doesnt scare
    anyone. So only really usefull what we have is peneration.

  5. Jurrunio says:

    Can’t say that this is bad for a premium, but it is really not at all impressive. Sure its small, fast and punches through a lot of armour, but the aim time and reload time are both long, with low alpha and accuracy. In fact, it’s firepower is less than the M4A1 Revolver, a medium, when shooting at tanks without much protection.

    1. Jurrunio says:

      *less, if not same firepower. Comparing to the Revolver, this has lower accuracy and worse aim time for 2 sec less reload time and insane pen. This is a TD however.

      1. Accuracy and aim time are improved while in seige mode.

        Overall i think it will be an okay sniper premium, but i will have to wait and see how wg changes the overmatch system.

    1. Wesley Byrd says:

      I really don’t see your problem here. Either you buy it or you don’t, it’s not like this tank alone will add or subtract anything that is already going into the game.

      Also, World of Tanks does not exist solely for your entertainment. Wargaming is a company, and companies exist to make money. The model they have gone with is to allow people to play their game for free in hopes that it will reach a larger audience and that some portion of that audience will give them model. Since people won’t get away something for nothing, they need some sort of good to sell. This is were premium time, premium tanks, and gold come from. It used to be that premium ammo could only be bought with gold, but that was too Pay-to-Win, so you can now buy it with silver.

      Wargaming would be foolish not to try and capitalize on an entirely new mechanic coming into the game. “Want to experience the new Siege-Mode without having to work through an entire tech tree? Here, try this!”

      What I want out of this tank is a so-so machine that is better than a stock UDES 3, but not as good as a full upgraded one. What do we have? A tank that has higher DPM than the UDES, but worse aim time and accuracy, is slow, and has a slightly lower hull traverse. So I think it fits the criteria.

      Also, in case you forgot, this is on super test, which means that all stats are subject to change.

  6. Asghaad says:

    autopen armor, no mobility when in only mode that actually allows it to fire and sitting duck for arty, atrocious accuracy and aimtime like a russiam heavy on platform that has no gun traverse … (and looking at siege mode nerfs it wont get any buffs to DPM and accuracy from that mode at all)

    this is even bigger POS than KJPZ because somebody apparently didnt tell balancing team that overmatch rework was scrapped … oh right the balancing team was esponsible for that too right …

    the WHY THE FUCK has this machine stats fitting for heavily armored one and not quick aimtime and great accuracy needed for machine that has to pop out, take quick shot and immediatelly pull back not to be obliterated by any 122+mm gun in range …

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      Because it doesn’t. Take a look at that penetration. That is BL-10 level legendary, meaning you don’t have to hit weak spots. Ever.

  7. so many options that would have been a more interesting premium, like the historical Emil (after making the Emil 1 in game the historical Emil 1) or the proposal for Centurion Mk10 turret on the hull of the Kranvagn

    1. Anonymous says:

      Who says those are off the table? The Swedish have a premium MT and look to be getting a premium TD, as well, so a premium HT is not out of the question. I am sure having a premium in every worthwhile class would be highly appealing to WG, especially if it fits the Tier 8 slot.

    2. Wesley Byrd says:

      There is nothing saying we can’t see something like that. We have a premium MT and are getting a premium TD, so HT seems like a likely candidate to see next.

  8. MBOmnis says:

    Not liking that accuracy or aim time, but 390 damage and 280mm pen sound good. I doubt it’s gonna reach the levels of hate the Rhm Skorpion or the E 25 have, though.

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