Stalingrad Changes: Video


a video of the changes that will take place over at Stalingrad map:


What do you think?

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Stalingrad Changes: Video

37 thoughts on “Stalingrad Changes: Video

    1. Dreadnought1906 says:

      Ensk and Himmelsdorf are the worst maps in the game – nothing for you to do unless you are heavily armored, pretty much. Every map in the game SHOULD have an effective role to play if you are a scout, an arty, a heavy, a TD or whatever.

      What bugs me in this video is that they seem to have taken out a lot of the cover. More camping and sniping, it looks like.

      1. Fedaykin89 says:

        Himmelsdorf is STILL the best city map in the game, precisely because pretty much every class/tank role has its window of opportunities.

      2. Dreadnought1906 says:

        I would not call it the best map in the game, but one of the better ones might be Siegfried Line. All tank types have an opportunity to shine there.

  1. KCHoB says:

    We had now a historical correct map, where you could maneuvre and go around and flank. Sigh, now there are just corridors left – AGAIN

  2. 1-7 lines are now just simpler corridors with less rubble etc.

    8-0 lines are just an open wasteland with no cover (buildings or terrain) in the middle at all.

    Still no concealment for lights at all -_-

    GG WG.

  3. kilo_india_alpha says:

    The main critique was that this map was too corridorish and instead of creating new passages they removed some. They changed Stalingrad into some kind of chessboard pattern with a death strip in between.
    Maybe they should consider to make a Berlin map with the Berlin Wall in the center where you have to cross the no man’s land in the center and give the campers on both side bushes and hard cover. I mean they were talking about changing maps and giving certain tank classes their role back.

    So WG what is the role of light tanks on this map after you improved it? What is the role of TDs (especially turret-less and those without 300mm of armor) ? What is the role of certain medium tanks (Leopard 1 type)?

    So everything was just a big announcement again…

  4. 1-7 lines are now just wider corridors with no rubble/small buildings.

    8-0 lines are now a barren wasteland with no cover like hills or houses.

    Still no concealment for lights -_-

    GG WG.

  5. EmperorNefarious1 "The Glorious" says:

    So taking a decent map, if a bit confusing for idiots. and ruined it. Only arty will enjoy these changes.

  6. drogo says:

    8-0 lines are where the paper TD’s go. They camp in the bushes next to the houses at either end and anything that moves there dies. The main city is still very corridory which is great for heavies but with the removal of the little lanes it makes this map a horror for paper meds. Lights still have no place on this map, in fact probably have a reduced role now the 8-0 lines are completely open. Some bushes a bit further forward to allow lighting of camping TD’s would have been useful here.

    This map is terrible for anything other than a heavy or heavy TD right now and it looks like non of the issues have been addressed in this remake, you could argue that they have actually made it worse.

  7. Without having played this i feel like it has actually gotten worse. It looks rather dull (imo) and there are many areas that look like it would be an instadeath if you traveled there. The whole 8-0 lines look they will become a camp fest and there was only 3/4 places where you could hull down your tank on the 1-3 lines. It looks like it has become a map where rushing into your enemy is the only way to play it and long engagements in hunkered down spots don’t exist. We shall see once it is playable what its really like but it looks terribad to me atm.

  8. mike t says:

    Thanks WG
    you’ve just proven to the community (or customers of your product?) how you DONT listen how you DONT know what we want, and WG you DONT care at all!

    So its obvious to everyone now the future of WOT Maps are CITY CORRIDOR maps

    Light tanks and TDs and Arty plus Mediums can just go screw themselves
    Give Heavy tanks there role back yeah right in other words WOT is really Heavy tanks in Corridor Cities

  9. I’m usually ok with most map changes but this? This is terrible. There’s like nowhere to hull down and it seems if you’re light armored or anything but a Heaney or td than you are screwed. And don’t get me started on how this is an arty paradise.

    No wargaming this is not ok.

  10. Teobold Tor says:

    The dumb, naive part of me believed they may have been at least part serious when they were talking in Cyprus about removing corridor maps and giving all tanks a role again, lights especially.
    Then they remake Stalingrad to be even more corridors and very heavy tank centred.

  11. Anonymous says:

    No cover along the river makes this area unplayable. Just give up on this map and take it out of the game along with Kharkov.

  12. Ben says:

    Seriously? This is much worst version than existing. Current version is not perfect, but gives you many options at the begging and opportunity to react in the later stage. Bad players will whine of course, but you have some options.
    The proposed new version has 2 corridors and open central part. Great opportunity for mediums or heavies to rush. Imagine 2 platoons (6 meds/heavies) from decent clans in a team? The game will be finished in 3-4 minutes. There is nothing to stop them.
    People who are doing these maps and changes should be fired. Seriously!

  13. Couldn’t just remove the invisible walls and indestructible wooden fences, that would’ve been too easy. No, we just need to make the whole map more corridor-like, I’m sure everyone will appreciate that

  14. aktaf says:

    Pretty much all new maps(overlord, stalingrad) are more fps costly than older ones. Looks like trend to me and makes me wonder how much fps those changes to stalingrad will cost.

  15. Rombat says:

    Old one is better…this one is blockier…with no cover between open spaces…more camp and longway shootouts i fell at this map…bad for lights and mediums…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if it is blockier, than the last version, but it is definitely more symmetrical between the two teams. The north team will no longer have an advantage on the west side of the map.

    I’m seeing less cover and fewer rubble piles large enough to hide lower plates or to go hull-down behind. It looks like this is going to be a sidescraping tank’s dream. Welcome to T29 and E 100 heaven…

    The open spaces definitely disturb me, both in the west and in the east. The west looks like there are large areas that could become impassible with one or two tanks poking from cover, and the east now looks like a killing zone between the two little clusters of buildings that provide cover for TDs. This might have become a very difficult map for LT drivers to play.

  17. areseth says:

    I really liked the old Stalingrad even with Arty or Lights, the only thing that needed to be changed were the fences and rubble piles which got you instablocked from 50 to 0. Now they reduced nearly all corridors or cover to make it even worse for Lights. I’ll wait till I see the final version but i’m not optimistic at all

  18. Anonymous says:

    So WOT made it big when you could choose to play a light/TD / Arty / Med or Heavy. But someone designing maps and working on nerfs/buffs only likes Heavies. Its like they think Heavies are the master race and the rest should not be there. How many times does a moving heavy in the open now disappear before your eyes. So then we get corridor maps. If you could choose a tank for a map or choose your map fair enough the heavies could all come here and have 15 a side. But you can’t so the map developer wallows in the knowledge he has rendered 60% of the tank types useless. Absolute madness and yes I do know players with 28k battles that have un-installed beware WOT you will lose millions of players and you may accept it as inevitable but you cant see you are doing it to us

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