“Standing by his product” Aftermath


For those curious about what happened to “foodprinter” (now nicknamed 1rony) the WG employee that was caught more than once having inappropriate behaviour in-game chat:

Wargaming did an investigation of the person in matter and consequences were issued. An apology was given and the employee has been kicked from the WGA-A clan, his account has been perma chat banned and is no longer eligible to receive employee perks (employees receive a periodic X sum amount of Gold, this feels very appropriate and ironic as the person was caught raging about “gold” aka premium shell usage).

But the cherry on top of the cake is that from now on, WG NA staff (and I hope the same for all other regions) when representing the company, will have their chat logs overseen to assure this doesn’t happen again and if does, appropriate measures will take place.


I’m very satisfied with how this turned out and for WG NA (thank you NyxWGA) to have been so transparent about this.

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