“Standing by his product” Aftermath


For those curious about what happened to “foodprinter” (now nicknamed 1rony) the WG employee that was caught more than once having inappropriate behaviour in-game chat:

Wargaming did an investigation of the person in matter and consequences were issued. An apology was given and the employee has been kicked from the WGA-A clan, his account has been perma chat banned and is no longer eligible to receive employee perks (employees receive a periodic X sum amount of Gold, this feels very appropriate and ironic as the person was caught raging about “gold” aka premium shell usage).

But the cherry on top of the cake is that from now on, WG NA staff (and I hope the same for all other regions) when representing the company, will have their chat logs overseen to assure this doesn’t happen again and if does, appropriate measures will take place.


I’m very satisfied with how this turned out and for WG NA (thank you NyxWGA) to have been so transparent about this.

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“Standing by his product” Aftermath

58 thoughts on ““Standing by his product” Aftermath

    1. Bob says:

      Good idea. Destroy his income,cause he s mad about a broken mechanic.

      Just don’t care about being human and him might having ppl to support… Just throw him onto the street with feathers and tar…./ sarcasm

      1. AuRon_The_Grey says:

        Well, he intentionally misrepresented his company with his behaviour, he knew the risks very well.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Well I wouldn’t go that far; in terms of chat rage by WoT standards it was very tame. He has been disciplined appropriately imo.

  1. Kyros says:

    Perfectly explained 2016 !
    All this sensetive snowflakes, crying and feelings hurt by merge words. This is what is happening to the world. Insulting the fuck out of clicker scum or gold spamming glue eater is a normal human behaviour, it shows the anger of a human. Punishing someone for beeing a human is wrong. If you little pussys can’t handle some words than it’s your problem. It means you are weak.

    But in times of peace and improved healthcare you weaklings will stay alive and not die due selection, and you will continue to report your mommy about the bad guy insulting you.

    If someone saw the lastest South Park serie with PC Principal and his Asshole PC fuckers, then you know who you are. You are the fuckers that bully people for not beeing like you. You are scum that this society doesn’t need, you are weak.

    Poor WG guy, he was just playing his game…

    1. Must be nice in that little fantasy world of yours, where there are no consequences.

      If you are playing with an official WG account, you bear the accompanying responsibilities. If someone can’t handle that responsibility, like this example here, he deserves the consequences of his actions.

      1. Kyros says:

        There are no consequences for normal human behaviour you fucking twat, no one can be positive for his whole life, he’s not a robot. He might had a bad day, lost money, lost someone, etc. you never know.
        The only punishment he should have get is to say sorry to that special snowflake that goldspammed him, THATS IT.

      2. spodula says:

        If you work for wargaming, Your actions while being identified as such reflect on Wargaming, especially when using their software.

        In the adult world, which appears to be somewhat different from the Kyros inhabits, If you go around insulting your customers, your manager usually comes along and usually tells you to leave and don’t come back. He seems to in some way think this is a social situation. Its not.

        I think he got off easy with merely all his in-game privileges removed after embarrassing his company that much.

      3. EndlessWaves says:

        Sure, everyone has bad days. But if you’re not fit for company then you go and play a singleplayer game or find some other way of relaxing that doesn’t spread your misery around.

        If you can’t make a multiplayer game a mutually enjoyable experience then you don’t log on in the first place.

        Not everyone is going to catch themselves every single time, but if you prove again and again that you don’t have the judgement to tell when your bad mood is spoiling someone else’s game then you get banned. Rita’s post on this guy had two examples and I suspect WG saw more when they looked into the chat logs.

      4. Kyros says:

        Thats exactly what I meant, thx you guys for supporting my opinion !

        Mimimimi he’s emarassing his company and insulting someone, mimimi from all this insults that this WG Player told to SOMEONE ESLE I now feel so weak and offended, mimimi where is my Safe Space QQ

        Rubicon ! THAT’S what is called a embarrasment. 5 Years WoT and still not see what cause camping and frustration in their OWN game, THAT’S an embarrasment !

        Your kind makes me sick, going against some guy that doesn’t even insult as hard as usual in a WoT battle. Giving him a punishment for some stupid human mistake, that happens to everyone. And then even be proud of it, “look at me I’m against this WG guy that insults some special snowflakes, I’m now a hero and will the threated as a god because I did a thing”.

        You are looking at the small things in live, the unimportant, the ones that doesn’t matter and will be forgotten fast. You are not seeing the whole thing. You are not seeing the red string in this story. You are intentionally focusing your hate on one Guy for his natural human behaviour.
        You make me sick.

      5. And the feeling is mutual. If you can’t handle the real world, please take the first exit on your right and leave. Makes it all the better for the rest of us, without your sort in it.

      6. Kyros says:

        I even bet some people still believe the bullshit you’re talking here, straight ignoring facts, form the world around your pitty opinions and trying so hard to insult someone just to get some attention. You’re just a troll, I noticed it in your first post which just slides away from the real world in to your imagination. Your opinion here has no purpose or is worth anything.

    2. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      Kyros, I wholeheartedly support your statement. I do believe our world has become too meek and mild. But having so, I still do think people need to be on their best behavior. If he’s anyway related to Wargaming, whether a sponsored clan or employee, he represents Wargaming. I completely understand getting upset over gold rounds (I believe I’m one of the few to truly see how it ruins the game) but he’s giving WG a bad image. At 19, I’ve already set my sights at becoming a surgeon. While shadowing a neurosurgeon at our local hospital, I found $5 on the floor in the cafetaria. Money is money so I thought about keeping it for myself. I left it because, despite paper money being difficult to trace, it made both me and my hospital look bad just because I wanted a few dollars. Being a physician isn’t about money; rather, it’s about wanting to help others out of sheer desire and willingness. So yes, the world needs to man up but no, 1rony acted out of line and needed to be punished.

    3. I understand what you mean, but this leaves an awful image for the company he’s representing, and I’m pretty sure that the Russians don’t give two shits about PC. That said, Political Correctness is a cancer that needs to die but people can’t just point their fingers at everything and blame PC, this is clearly not the case.


    4. geehinyami says:

      I concour although in a less angered manner, I’m the calmest player you’ll ever find yet sometimes I rage, it’s normal to rage knowing that after 50 games you’ve been trying to get that last mission, the current one is screwed up by someone who decided to play his medium tank as a td (For instance, it’s just an example of the many, many situations). I would’ve given this guy a warning, just to prove him we’re watching, but not remove his perks, not remove anything he had before. It’s true, people are way too sensitive nowadays, myself included.

  2. joris0127 says:

    receiving gold is super ironic cuz some wanker spammed gold ammo at him, which you can buy with normal credits? plus he was probably not spamming gold so how is this ironic? or do you just want to be mean to someone, even though it makes 0 sense? gg wp rita

  3. You know I see the irony here WG supports better and cleaner game play but ignores the problems that causes the anger. Gold spam is enough to anger players and their own employees. So why do they keep the problem in the game if they support this supposed cleaner and funner game play. I play tier 5 – tier 9 all tanks and carry no gold rounds never need em so why have them in the game when they cause anger and outcry from the players of the game?

    One exception to my above statement is the obj 704 nothing better than putting a 700 – 800 alpha shoot threw the turret of a gold spamming Tier X.

    1. Kyros says:

      You my friend can see the whole thing, you are able to follow the red string in a story. You are not distracted or are focusing on the small things in live like most of this people nowadays.

  4. hplu says:

    does that t95 has skill?is it necessary for a skilled t95 player to spam prems to pen e4?why wg rebalance prems in the sandbox?gj wgna!spam more prems and let no skilled ayers kill thegame!

  5. Duno if I should be really happy that WG do something about their stuff members when they finally blow up, or feel sympathy that even their stuff is fed up with gold spaming all over monkeys and broken game mechanics that WG don’t want to deal with for so long XD
    If game would be fixed long time ago by just planning and thinking about future and not just “let’s make it fair F2P and just make gold ammo for more credits then normal” without doing some changes in gameplay mechanics like I don’t now, you have more pen, it is easier to do damage so you earn less exp then standard ammo for example as simple as it can be, this probably would not happen at all now, so best I can say for now is GG WG, shame on you WG, good luck with fixes WG but still well f up WG ;]

  6. wolvenworks says:

    so far no problems in SEA region. rarely see WG staff that plays (even seeing a mod in genchat is a celebrated thing), but if you do, you’d be suprised at how nice they are, even when they have 15 guys wanting to shoot him on the other side cuz WG =v

    1. dieroten says:

      Yeah so sad that no WG staff playing games because most of them already over-burdened with their jobs. And don’t forget about the VN anomaly that really cause pain in the whole server…..

      1. wolvenworks says:

        though nowadays there’s a lot less vietnamese (just like what happened to the previous Thai scourge), i have to agree that WG SEA looks preety oveburdened nowadays due to the influx of Taiwanese and Japanese players

  7. Infernal969 says:

    Yeah, it’s so important to punish some guy because he got tired of window lickers padding their XVM colors. Maybe stick to the game news and not some self-righteous fight for… basically what? Show how sympathetic and feeling for the insulted guy you are? Please.
    All you did was publicly shame some guy and got him kicked from the staff because he did what everyone does in this game on occasion. Rage. And all of it happened because the salty goldspammer noticed his clan tag and has decided to troll him and you just jumped on the wagon, feeling like a whiteknight. GG
    At least it’s motivating to badmouth the cancer that infests this game even more, apparently special snowflakes can’t take their criticism very well. And I just happen to be a random player, so good luck punishing us all, the terrible kids we are, I can’t wait.

    1. Laserguided says:

      I agree with you on public shaming. However, it’s bad for WOT staff to rage on their customers. It’s especially bad to rage on players that spam gold ammo because these players are likely the cash cows that WOT needs to stay afloat.

  8. Fisher says:

    Good for WG for policing their own. I agree with the concept of holding employees to higher standards. I promise … in many, if not most, corporations, he’d have been fired.

    But, this raises another question. Jingles was very clear this morning that WGNA is deficient in many regards in how the community and community contributors are treated. I find it puzzling that they can’t do simple cooperative things with many weeks’ notice, but this was something they could easily handle.

  9. linktoinsanity says:

    Personally, I would be shocked if I saw a WG Employee behaving like that in-game, so I guess they did the right thing. Having said that, calling for him to lose his job is a bit harsh. He was not racist, just calling the other player a gold noob, which if he was SPAMMING gold, is about right.

    Again though, should not say stuff like that on a WG account.

  10. Daripuff says:

    He’s a good… Parallel to what this guy did, and why Kyros absolutely doesn’t get it.

    Imagine if you were at Disney, or Six Flags, or any other amusement park that allowed you to buy specific “Fast Pass” tickets to rides that let you skip the lines.

    Now, imagine if you did do that, and when you showed your “Fast pass” to the attendant, the attendant sneered and said. “What, are you too good to wait in the line like everyone else? You think you’re some big shot because you can afford to waste money when everyone else has to waste time?”

    Now, he’s just saying what everyone in the line is thinking, and if anyone standing in line said that, it would be simply brushed off as “ugh, rude”.

    But the EMPLOYEE said that. He’s the one who’s supposed to be making you feel good about spending money on Fast-Pass. He’s supposed to thank you for spending money, to applaud your good judgement for choosing to spend money on this mechanic. He’s supposed to make you want to use it more!

    For an employee to insult you, a paying customer, for choosing to utilize a premium mechanic that his employer offers?

    Fire on the spot!

  11. psychopatton says:

    People in general are fucking hypocrites and offended by everything. Why even post about this? You really want this guy to suffer? A ton of people needs to step down from their high horse and take a long look in the mirror.. Disgusting!

  12. jobobobo says:

    Employee’s are encouraged to play as players and competition (sometimes combined with alcohol) sometimes brings out unexpected enthusiasm and not everyone can handle it. Maybe this one just flew too close to the sun/special snowflake and feelings were hurt…but that’s besides the point. I’m positive the business was not hurt…for him to get fired…doubt HR is in the house on this. In fact I’d view this as a great marketing testimonial, a wargaming employee (with all the tools and expertise at his disposal) is complaining about getting wrecked by gold. Being a cheap-ass, this might make me think twice about whether or not I spend money on gold. Not sure about you, but I like to win and might just think about buying more if it means I can be more competitive.

    I’m not an employee, but often look to see what it’s like working there, in general is a mixed bag of reviews +/-. You can probably read between the lines and draw your own conclusions. https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Wargaming-net-Reviews-E381713.htm

    Regarding WGNA, last time I checked Europe is on vacation all of August, so perhaps WGEU didn’t check their email because they were off scuba diving in the red sea?

  13. S K says:

    Wait, what? Rita saying something positive about WG NA? Holy crap! Has Heck officially frozen over?

    And what’s this? WG NA doing something positive that WG EU is not already doing? Since WG EU can do no wrong in Rita’s eyes, I am confused.

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