Standing by his product


was sent this screenshot of an WG employee raging against gold ammo:


Well at least he is living the game with passion… 😀

*Edit* An Anonymous comment sent this in the comment section too, oh dear:

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Standing by his product

113 thoughts on “Standing by his product

    1. The lord your savior says:

      I tell you a secret……. they are all humans and can have a shit day.
      Being payed didnt bother me to have temper at times

  1. Nobeer_ says:

    Well if they just half the amount of damage done by premium ammo, they would fix a lot of the problems there is in the game.
    People would only use it if really needed, and thereby they would fix the problem with armor being useless as it is now.

      1. Nocomment says:

        About as much sense as balancing a game around standard ammo types. Then introducing ammo to trash that balance…

        If you don’t like half damage how about half XP. (more crutches used = less experience)

      2. Nobeer_ says:

        No, it make perfect sense..
        The prem spammers would stop spamming, and only use when normal shells have absolute no chance of pen, but you would still be able to do damage to those heavys 2 tiers higher, and in that way the armor would start being usefull again.

      3. Nobeer_ says:

        Half XP dont make any sense, because those who spam only do it for the WIN8, and that eould be lower if they use prem shells that only make half damage..
        That would force people actually to start aiming with normal shells instead.

      4. wheeledtank says:

        Actually makes sense from a physics standpoint. APCR doesn’t spit up into shrapnel nearly as much as standard Armor Piercing rounds, which is why APCR goes through armor more efficiently. As for HEAT, you could argue that the HEAT round’s stream is small.

      5. zombietropa says:

        It’s not necessarily shrapnel that causes damage in tanks, rather the shell recocheting about the tank (the ballistic cap in APBC doesn’t always goes off). If WoT introduced the over penetration mechanic seen in WoWs, ie, if the shell has too much penetration, then it will do less damage. I personally think that this will be a more interesting way of balancing prem shells.

        The way APCR, APDS or HVAP work is though either a more dense or smaller projectile, that deliver greater kinetic energy upon impact. The way that a standard AP round splinters or shatters on impact is that it is made of a weaker metal than the armour plate it hits. It is in fact possible, if the armour plate if not made to the right quality, for the armour plate itself to shatter if hit a number of times, as seen in gun tests performed by the US army in northern France after the Battle of Normandy.

        With HEAT, it relies on the chemical energy of the molten copper. While I don’t personally know how much internal damage this causes, I still wouldn’t want to share the inside of a tank with a stream of molten metal!

      6. Dreadnought says:

        I’ve been saying for 2 years – reduce premium damage by 10-15%. Just enough to make using standard rounds more beneficial if you can bother yourself to aim carefully. A 50% cut is too much – especially if you are an un-upgraded Tier 8 trying to deal with an IS-4 or Maus.

    1. The lord your savior says:

      You hit it. I said that one like 3 years ago… do -20~30% dmg on APCR….
      so you got guarantee pen – but NOT as much damage…

      wwaaaiit a second …. dont i know that from somewhere!?

      apcr just goes straight trough… but AP pens almost ever kill your tank + crew…

      huh… so its proven to work!? … thats why we not doing it. WG is cool bro!
      would never ever copy a good ide…. oh wait….

  2. Mad Dane says:

    Personal missions and Marks of Excellence has ruined this game, it turned a team oriented game into 30 teams of egoistical statwhores all playing to complete their own stuff, instead of playing like a team. This needs to be removed from the game and superseded by an experience reward system, which rewards other types of participation other than just damage and hits.

      1. Mad Dane says:

        I can give some examples: Heavy tanks should get an experience modifier for being on the frontline, like offside in soccer, to prevent base camping heavies, penalty more for top tier less for bottom tier. They should also be rewarded for shots that almost hits and for X amount of time the enemy has you in the crosshair.

        Light Tanks / Arty: I would combine these into one class, select 2 vehicles to take into battle as a pair. Would work like this, light tank would get an extra fire mode and when switched too, it would draw the arty’s aim reticle physically on the ground in game and it would be possible to aim it by using the light tanks cannon as a laser pointer, normal map fire will also work, but it will get the the same style of offside rule like the mentioned for heavies above (so harsh penalties for base camping light tanks) plus the normal xp penalty for not doing own spotting.

        Premium ammo: I think it should stay in the game as it has historical origins, but I suggest it should have damage reduced by a factor 0.80 compared to the standard ammo, and the factor of added +penetration given by premium ammo should be normalized over all tanks, so there isn’t these strange tanks with crazy OP prem shells.

        I’m a firm believer the rules and reward system of a game should be tailor made to promote the right kind of behaviour, this IMHO is overlooked in the vast majority of games.

      2. pixywing says:

        The day I care about WN8 in world of tanks which is from a casual game mode (Random Battles) is the day I care about my win rate in Casual Hearthstone and win rate in Team Builder League of Legends. No one cares that you have a 97% win rate with Zed in Team Builder when you can’t get yourself out of Bronze 3. Yet on World of Tanks people seem to think the opposite, where casual game mode stats are the most important thing.

        WN8 is biased towards people who spend money as players playing for free will have to play stock tanks and for a longer period of time with less experienced crews and firing far less premium ammo as they make over 50% less credits.

        I always get a kick out of players going I have a 3k WN8, as it means very little when it comes from not only a casual game mode but spending money has a direct correlation with it.

      3. VladCelTroll says:

        The thing with heavies can be interpreted in many ways. What about a VK 30.01 H which is pretty much a TD? What about bottom tier heavies against top tiers? While the idea is great, I think they should first balance their game, and it seems like the Sandbox just screws it up.

  3. Nobeer_ says:

    If they just made the damage on premium ammo do only half damage, they would fix the problems people are complaining about.
    Armor would start to be usefull again, since people would only use premium ammo when really needed.
    And a bonus for them, they could earn more money. ;0)

  4. Someone says:

    The only stupid thing I see here is why would anyone bother to argue in game chat. It’s pointless, even if you’re right, the person you’re talking to thinks he knows better than you and you’ll never get anywhere, just a huge waste of time.

    And regarding gold ammo, WG created it, it’s their problem. AW doesn’t have this useless and conflicts generating premium ammo, thank you OE for that.

      1. wolvenworks says:

        @ragnarok only because it’s not as big as WoT yet, and you really can’t salt PVE unless you have the scum of the earth as teammates (trust me i had some. i salt because i like salty food)

  5. kilo_india_alpha says:

    And I thought that gold ammo is perfectly balanced and needs no change. You know… part of the game and no pay to win because you can buy it for silver. How can anyone be against it especially when you work for the company that sells in in their games?
    Wait I got one more. Even top clans use it when they defend their strong hold and provinces on the world map. How terrible.

    1. pixywing says:

      Gold ammo is pay2statpad as with a premium account you get to fire over 50% more of them compared to people running a standard account. Premium ammo is a non-issue in Clan Wars and Tourneys as you can save up silver for them to spend on premium ammo. Premium ammo is more of a pay 2 stat pad as only people with premium accounts/buying silver can afford to spam it.

      1. madogthefirst says:

        I don’t always spam gold but when I do I don’t even notice the drop in credits while having only a standard.

        I guess to be fair I do however have a load of premium tanks that I play often, not because I need the credits but because I find them more fun.

  6. baileyhun says:

    I would use heat against the type 5 heavy because I hate that thing but I haven’t played world of tanks for months since my laptop broke and I cant even connect on to my nanas computer

  7. SaltyScrubTears says:

    He needs gold to 3 mark a T95?? How bad a player is that guy?

    Also just usual E5 Heat spam because it’s so hard to play Kappa

    1. Actually the other guy was complaining that the T95 was using Gold rounds, and he was saying “Once you 3 mark the T95, a tank that everyone loads gold for and puts it right through your frontal armour, then you can complain about others using gold.”

      Basically he was saying that to 3 mark the T95 is hard due to it’s slow speed and prevalence of gold rounds essentially negating the strong point (no pun intended) of the T95 being it’s frontal armour as most gold rounds at T9 and 10 have enough pen to go right through it.

      In other words, no one in WoT has a right or place to complain about gold rounds until they 3 mark the Heavy Armour tanks (Maus, E3, T95, E100) as they truly know nothing about what it means to be “gold spammed”.

      1. SaltyScrubTears says:

        Add IS-4, IS-7, JgE100, E5, and any other tank with more than 100mm of armour to the list. These days it isn’t surprising to see people fire gold at anything they don’t pen with the first shot

  8. Arbeitssklave says:

    Lol, why does everyone Crying about GOLD….??? “GOLD Ammo” does NOT exsits, it had NEVER and Will Never, its been always “Premium Ammo” Nothing more, nothing less… NO ONE Fires GOLD, cause GOLD is to weak to build ammo from, Everyone fires Shells. You can Buy Premium Shells and Standart Ammo for Credits, Everyone can USE it so for me its “Normal” ammo…LOL KIDS Cry me a river “GOLD GOLD” muhhahahaha..Pussys

    1. Mad Dane says:

      Once upon a time you could only buy premium ammo for gold coins, later it was changed to both silver and gold coin’s, which is why some dinosaur people can’t keep up with the time and keep calling it gold ammo, because at launch WoT was pay to win.

      1. Arbeitssklave says:

        Sorry i Played WoT since 7.0 it was and is “Premium Ammo” shit on for what you can buy it…it was NEVER “GOLD AMMO”

  9. Well the WG employee is not wrong. If you spam gold rounds, you show lack of skill. Gold rounds are last resort, not for spamming. Takes little or no skill to kill with gold rounds. Learn to aim and learn weak spots. Gold spammers are almost as bad as arty. They are a different kind of cancer in the game.

  10. yurrasickpark says:

    He’s not a WoT dev so he can bitch about whatever the hell he wants.
    Concerning prem ammo -it’s cancerous just as much as arty but you can only bitch about it because WG won’t do anything about it for another year or 2.

    1. Ive seen a game dev bitching about it but the problem is that often the devs are divided to what should be best for the game and one’s good idea means nothing if all the others are thinking the other way.

      1. I talk to a relatively new WG NA employee at a local lan event sometimes. He has said that any talking about downsides within the game while in the office or formally representing WG in some form (in game, at official events, etc) is severely frowned upon. The only thing he can do is talk about how planned changes will help the game, not talk about it’s problems.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if the news of this rage has consequences for the employee in these photos. (also from NA server because of other clan tags in battle shown)

  11. Ok…i don’t care whether it’s called “gold” or “premium” or “unicorn farts” this grade of ammo IS part of the game. Howver, it just does not make tanks just vaporize as it passes nearby, it is not some kind of “magic” bullet. It does NOT assure victory, and it has zero to do with skill or the lack thereof.

    It is a part of the game that…get ready for this…that is used by WG to pay salaries and bills and keep the game afloat. This is part of the “pay to play” concept. If you have a problem with that, you should only purchase a game that you play by yourself at home. Nearly all MMORPG’s have some sort of internal economy, or fee system that financially sustains the company. Sometimes players even benefit financially, thought this is not true in WoT, except for players who sell accounts to others.

    Some people will use this ammo sparingly, some all the time, and some only when the goal…victory…requires it. THAT is their choice and those who CONSTANTLY complain are in fact on the losing edge of that debate. Same as with artillery.

    If this game really causes this much heartache for some folks, they really should consider if this is the game for them.

    For what it’s worth, i use them when i need them…and sometimes in match where my vehicle is, due to matchmaking, hopelessly outclassed i will dump “gold” rounds mercilessly if i can get the kill that way. I has me a VISA card…i can do that 😉

  12. Ano says:

    Now i’ve seen a few WG employees playing before in EU but their clan tag is simply [WG], im not entirely sure if the north american WG branch go by the tag [WGA-A], i did check and this clan does have the WG logo for their emblem but to be honest i think this clan are posers unless someone can actually confirm this is an official WG clan for employees. but i dont think so as ive seen their activity and players have been leaving and joining, dunno if thats ppl getting hired and fired from WG’s employment but….

    rita perhaps you should check your sources and do your research before posting stuff like this which can stir trouble. ive never heard of anything like this before in WOT from WG employees playing the game and raging at other players. rita perhaps you should chase this up and maybe take this page down if these WGA-A guys are just posers

    1. Maybe before accusing me of not checking sources you could actually trust I verified it before posting?
      Also, Its not me that should be concerned about “stirring trouble” if the employee, a grown up, thinks that is right to have that behaviour in chat that’s his own problem.

      1. Maybe ANO needs to check before he gobs off at the mouth. Of course Rita checked idiot. You could have as well before posting and coming across as a complete idiot for being very WRONG!

      2. Ano says:

        hehehe ooooh rita bites back 😛 funny how opinionated you are. give it a break its banter ffs who gives a shit if a WG employee gives some banter during a game, i mean get a grip thats not fucking raging cos he was getting spammed by gold, the guys just annoyed that some stet pedding whore is going easy mode on the poor guy. and youre like “oooh nooooo! such bad behaviour!” “this shouldnt be allowed to happen when its WGs employees” jeez what a joke. you are stirring trouble ffs just let it be and get a life and if a WG employee actually violates the EULA then you guys can start complaining but this guy hasnt done shit to break any rules so get off your high horses and get a reality check

        AND OF COURSE i know this is an official WG clan with that fucking emblem for the clan im not dumb but you idiots are dumb enough to fall for my ploy and show you for who you are, snobbish opinionated douche bags.

        i rest my case

      3. Ano says:

        @robert are you just as dumb? ofc it was a ploy, i said i knew they were official by the fucking emblem, i even have an NA account too and been playing for a few years so i know whos who. i knew if i wrote some silly BS you stupid fools would instantly bite and you have.

        just as i said this is a fucking joke to be whinning about this WG employee for making a little banter in game when hes not even broken the EULA so seriously get a fucking grip you losers. i mean this guy from WGA-A is probably gonna get flak now for this shit, oh noooo WG employee bitches about gold ammo. he probably doesnt even have any say in the gold ammo situation clearly he shares the same views a lot of other ppl here and you morons whine just as much for getting spammed by it. not to mention im sure half of you are just as aggressive and mouthy in game when you get frustrated.

        so i wrote that shit to get ritas attention so she can see how much of a fucking joke this article is. so pls grow some brain cells and pull your heads out your ass. if you ppl are gonna complain about something as petty as this and find some excuse to complain to WG you need to get a fucking grip and play something else you uptight twats

        jesus christ…..

      4. Ano says:

        oh an one more thng, the title of this page is also a fucking, “standing by his product” HIS?! this is probably just some texture render guy ffs and your saying its HIS!!!!! come on rita….. ffs

      5. Ano says:

        me get trolled are you gonna try pull out that card out now you realise what im saying actually makes fucking sense because this whole article is just a piss take? pls get a life you moron, anyone here complaining about this petty issue is probably one of those assholes who will try to con a business into a refund to get a free product

      6. Sure. Whatever. I get a kick out of your kind. Get called out and QQQ… I have had my fun boy. When you grow up and your balls drop, come one back and try again. It was amusing but you were about as much fun as chemo treatment. I will be going now. Going to have an adult discussion with some grown ups now.

    2. Ano says:

      jesus youre an idiot, honestly think youre trolling me, and you think youre ‘grown up’ when you lack the simple common sense to see this whole article is just a joke. yes goodbye and leave these kind of discussions to ppl with some actual common sense

    1. BashirTheTrainMaster says:

      A tier 7 medium tank isn’t meant to go head to head with a Heavy tank that is 2 tiers higher than it. You are supposed to flank and if not, find another tank to engage.

      The “high” credit cost is barley a deterrent to use them and that is why premium rounds need a rebalance. They should have rebalanced them soon after they realized HEAT from the 105 mm derps were too powerful.

      One of the main problems with this game is how the developers didn’t expect the players to know more about their own game than they ever did and now look at the scramble.

      1. zombietropa says:

        While in theory you flank higher tier tanks in meds, not all meds are Cromwells or Comets. Some like the M4A3E2 or the SP are too slow to do this, and so you are forced to dig into your prem shells to fight back effectively.

        And even if you are in a fast tank, you could be in a situation when you by yourself against a trio of higher tier heavy tanks who are sitting in your cap. You’ve got to keep resetting the cap while the rest of your team comes back to help, or cap themselves. Med tanks HE tends to such against heavies. And they’ve got their frontal armour t you. The only chance for you is to ‘load the gold’.

        And I’ve never found 105mil HEAT op. Ever hear of a thing called tracks?

      2. BashirTheTrainMaster says:

        If all you are doing is resetting the cap, shooting HE at the tracks will reset the counter long enough till your team arrives. Premium is not the only solution.

        How long have you been playing?

  13. Laserguided says:

    Here is a solution: you get a credits every time you get hit by gold ammos, like 1000 credits per hit.
    This will make everyone happy. I for one will go collecting money in my KV4.

  14. Anonymous says:

    i dont understand….gold ammo and shits….tanks have different type of shells and values…this is tanks and deal with it…what gold ammo and all this bullshits…if u dont like then dont play..

  15. Flash says:

    Gold, stats whatever etc haxor aren’t ruining the game, the fact that players can be universally bad on a continuous level is whats ruining the game, I as most players will accept you have to carry 5 people each game, when you are having to carry sometimes upto 12 players due to the fact they don’t know or don’t want to know how to play, then you get saturated with bad players, bad practices and bad attitudes towards said bad players, most moba ban continued poor play, we could however take a leaf from AW’s book and have players that are continually bad (not new, I mean the guys with over 10k games and less than 100wn8 etc) and have a pve arena for them, maybe not costing as much as a normal game, maybe the pricing of the game is 1% of usual so people can’t abuse with botting etc.

    If we implimented this style and a more indepth training school for people, it would make the community less toxic to the lower end players whilst not completely cutting them off from the rest of us. if they platooned for instance, if it was a platoon of low end players then pve they go, if a higher end player invites, they go into the normal server, play as we have now or had 2 years ago before the saturation of bad players/bots and when they leave they drop back to the training area pve.. people will learn more from the pve, they wont get abused and wont be a hinderence whilst learning the ropes.

    Just a thought..

    1. Or just get rid if it? My suggestion long ago was a historical load out. Some of that ammo existed but in short supply so some tanks only had 2 or 3 of those rounds to use. Make it so that you can only have 2 or 3. Maybe 5 at the most.

  16. Anonymous says:

    People are missing the point, in their crusade against ‘Gold’ (HA HA HA, losers) ammo that they’re not seeing the fact that a WG employee is berating player in the game while playing in a WG associated account.

  17. Thag O'Mizer says:

    I really don’t understand the problem with gold ammo. Just avoid getting hit!

    Gold ammo is pointless in high tier games anyway, as using gold doesn’t guarantee penetration, so you still have to go for weak spots or flanking.

    I’d rather spam HE, whittle them down, and take out their guns or tracks.

    1. pixywing says:

      Gold Ammo allows you to shoot heavies from the front rather than having to flank which is the whole reason why people hate it.

      1. Thag O'Mizer says:

        Oh, I know that. I just have a simple rule: if I’m getting penned, I change position so I’m not getting penned. If I can’t move (eg tracked), then I’m probably dead anyway so if someone wants to waste their credits, crack on….

  18. Anonymous says:

    Will be interesting to see WG’s response to this; if they do not discipline these people then its confirmation that people can pretty much do and say whatever the hell they like in WG’s games.

    1. TalonNail says:

      Well this is WGNA response: We want everyone to know that we hold employees to an even higher standard that the normal player. The account has been perma chat banned, has been removed from the Wargaming clan, and is no longer eligible to receive employee perks.

  19. SMGJohn says:

    Game was more enjoyable when gold was gold and not available for silver, I did not give a shit facing E-75 in my T-34-85 with the 100mm, we worked together more back then so we could circle that fat bastard and I got on the side of it and unleashed all hell, I bet that guy cursed like crazy.
    But today they curse even more because now they get penetrated frontally anyway from gold spam.

    World of Tanks has become Call of Tanks, armour is meaningless and anyone who has the most rapid firing big gun they can get and a mobile tank will have a field day padding their stat while they stroke the thing they lack the most, their little Willie in the pants, they have to compensate somehow.

    1. heldermartins1 says:

      And another thing that makes me crazy is the lack of judgement about the test server. Everytime I wanna test a tank…. we all know what happens. Cant understand why do I have to game with a bunch of retarded ppl, who can’t even understand me and TK every non RU tag. Not to mention all the gold flying around, rendering armor absolutly useless. If this is the way WG has to call on new players… Yes, russian mentality is still imbibed deeply in all former soviet republic minds.
      They are milking us like Czar Putin with is doping his gaz and oil.

  20. ryanlj says:

    This wg employee is particularly stationed in dealing with player ticket reports, or so I’ve been informed from wot na forums

    1. wolvenworks says:


      naah not really. nowadays for the sake of my mental health, whenever someone gold me i take it that i’m being considered as a Force of Mass Destruction, and that if they didn’t kill me faster with gold, i would outkill them as usual with my filthy peasant credit shells =3

  21. Reno Stefan says:

    It’d be even wackier if he replied with “thank you for your continuing patronage and support, valued customer.” As he get pummeled with the skill shells..

  22. Anonymous says:

    I do think though that the NA server is beginning to express their anger against the big clans. Honestly, they control 90% of the games and to get into one is really hard. It’s based almost solely on WN8 and your W/R, not how well you actually play, can use your tier 8’s and 10’s, and how good your teamwork skills are.

  23. Migsaec says:

    Complaining about gold when you’re driving a heavily armored tank, eh….

    I personally would only type in chat about it if I was getting shot repeatedly with gold in a lightly armored tank, and even then its mostly sarcastic stuff like “Delicious gold shells”.
    Or people firing gold into the 50mm sides of my Centurion/Conqueror, that also is very amusing when it happens.

    Fixing the gold issue just requires a simple rebalancing of gold shells. Lower the damage they can do, and you already ruined what practical usefulness gold shells have. You can tank shells, even if they are penetrating, with your HP, if they do relatively low damage. Lowering gold damage would improve the survivability of heavily armored tanks against gold shells.

  24. Peter says:

    I would have found it way worse if he was telling people to buy gold from the shop since it is so bloody awesome.

    Now he is just a player who speaks his mind about gold ammo. Whats wrong with that ?

    I really can not see the point in making a name and shame topic about that.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Oh sure… a guy having a bad day in wot and you post about it… good job. Seriously, I’d hardly call that raging and a WG employee does not mean he/she is a developer. Imho a gold spamming T95 player braggin’ about his (luck) 3 marks is much worse 🙂

  26. O-HO has no gold ammo, and std ammo has lower pen. from almost every tier 8 heavy tank. and still playable. which means gold ammo is for morons who cannot play with their brains.

  27. Anonymous says:

    everyone knows WGNA staff are assholes.
    Now they came up with the stupid idea to “learn from your mistakes” to screw the players that still play the game.
    Please ask for an ETA on roaming between servers, Rita! I can’t stand them anymore, but I researched too many tanks here and I wouldn’t give them away

    1. GU7 says:

      Didn’t they just started a new system to prevent a toxic community? I guess Wargaming better look at themselves rather than the community. They are as toxic as always, go figure right? With them ignoring about 80% or more of the player base, and showing this crap, i’m starting to think that this game is nothing more than a joke, oh wait… its way beyond that point, its a disgrace.

  28. marc says:

    Wow, what a surprise… NOT. Even WG employees know that gold ammo is a crappy game mechanism and it’s only there because it brings shitload of money from scum who cannot play fair.

    Everobody who shoots me with gold ammo gets an automatic UC report from me. Unhappy? But why, reports are “part of the game”, are they not?

  29. Sad to say the gold commits is not the only think I’ve seen from players with the WGA tag, calling less skilled players out as shitters, telling players to quit the game. Commits like this is the XX crap team I’ve been on today. I really just LMAO seeing that from a WGer.

  30. Anonymous says:

    There are better games out there that have way more hardware than a few unrealistic cartoon/fantasy tanks but is beyond the attention span of most gamers.

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