Steelseries Wowp bonus code ( NA only)

Greetings everyone, Steelseries and WG are collaborating to promote Wowp.

Click here to go to the Giveaway (NA only)

The Bonus Code includes following items:

Grab them while you can, at the time of Posting this article only 9229 Codes are left.

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Steelseries Wowp bonus code ( NA only)

18 thoughts on “Steelseries Wowp bonus code ( NA only)

  1. I’d really like to know, who of the 2.0-fanboys/-girls is actually still playing this, or lets say will have WoWp NOT uninstalled within the next month. still feel like WG had to decide between a small but loyal player community on one hand, and a short burst of income and player numbers on the other and have WOWp burn out fast.

    1. Justsaying says:

      Or in other words: let it die vs. at least try to keep it alive. Just get rid of the idea, that WG would have payed the servers for those few players pre 2.0, no matter how loyal they were/are. If the game isnt self-sufficient it will be shut down. 2.0 may suck (or not, dk), but it was the only chance WoWp had to stay online.

    2. orz says:

      I, for one, enjoy 2.0 greatly. WG has been running various promotions and engaging events and the player population has been growing quickly. That said, WOWP is primarily a mechanism for easy farming of free exp for use in WOT.

    3. Anonymous says:

      2.0 fan boy here my friend, and a new player who was mostly done with World of Tanks after 4 years and 29k battles (59% win average – so you know I took the time to learn how to play).

      I really enjoy the game and finding new people play WoWPs all the time.

  2. wolvenworks says:

    pass. my warplanes acc is in EU. since this is NA only it shouldn’t be possible for me to get that treasure chest

  3. Anonymous says:

    X World of Tanker here (4yrs / 29k battles)… that is really enjoying WoWPs!!

    Thanks for the post here, and the gifts WoWPs!

    1. LordofDiscord says:

      Dont be a cunt…you claimed something you didnt need and try and profit from it..fuck off shithead opportunistic fucks like you are the reason a lot of these giveaways are limited.wanker utter wanker.Pretty sure your breaching EULA for all WG products so hope someone see’s this and fucks your accounts off

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