Steven Seagal and World Of Warships


there’s a video out of Steven Seagal at Minsk:

I lost it when at 1.28 his ship was on fricking fire!
And they gave him the torpedo dildo… who in marketing thought that would be a good idea? I can’t take this anymore… 😀

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Steven Seagal and World Of Warships

22 thoughts on “Steven Seagal and World Of Warships

  1. and now let us see a good CV captain, who isnt pedo on low tier, but do the same at high tiers!
    cause 6 kills with the houshou is pretty easy, then enemy AA is only the pistol of the captain.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    Jesus wept he got fat and wtf is he wearing two watches for. Ahh yes, two alarms of course. One for mid morning snack and the other for mid afternoon snack. How stupid of me….

    1. If you were not aware, Steven Seagal is a great fan of The Lord of the Rings and J R R Tolkein, and since seeing The Fellowship of the Ring he has always made sure he eats like a Hobbit by setting his alarms for ‘First Breakfast’ and ‘Second Breakfast’, meals he must eat before beginiing his work as a police officer where he gets ‘Elevenses’ in the form of doughnuts provided free for him.

  3. Patata Caliente says:

    Anything advertised by Steven Seagal must be bad by definition. Someone at Wargaming’s marketing division must be suffering from serious brain lag.

  4. Shankmeyster says:

    He’s been fat for a LONG time now. His cop show came out, it seems like 10 years ago now, and didn’t do well because it looked like such a huge pile of BS. I think they must have just seen his old movies at waragming for the first time and think that they are new or something. Does anyone in the current generation even know who he is?

  5. Seagal was always a bit on the “sandwich short of a full picnic” side i’d say, but…i think he found all the sandwiches.

    You know…there’s a reason why Stallone hasn’t invited him to join his aging actions movie stalwarts in the “Expendable” series…now you know why. He’d have been in Sharknado by now but…they won’t bringing a megaladon into the movie to bite him. Maybe one of the new Star Wars movies will bring back Jabba the Hut.

    Lethargic has a new name…Steven Seagal.

    I thought Jean Claude was looking bad..but now…OMG. At least VanDamme got a great fight scene with Stallone.

    Still, watching this did make me think…my wife is right…time to go on a diet.

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