Steven Seagal New Heroic Battle Advisor for World of Warships


I just will quote the following article from Wargaming, this feels like a second “April Fools”:

“Claiming victory in World of Warships takes more than raw power. You need focused strength, a tactical mind, and a winning strategy. We found a man who has all three.

In August 1998, Wargaming was founded. Then, a little over 18 years later, Steven Seagal visited the Wargaming office. There were several other events in between, one being the release of World of Warships. Now, an epic game about legendary naval warfare has brought into its ranks an equally epic individual.

Wargaming is proud to announce that Steven Seagal is now the World of Warships’ personal Heroic Battle Advisor. His resume speaks for itself: he’s a man who’s hard to kill, always out for justice, and willing to make an executive decision. With numerous victories against the odds under his belt (and as a guy who knows a thing or two about warships), Steven is the only man up to the task.

While finding his sea legs, Steven will be scrutinizing all the vessels on offer to ensure they truly deserve the title of Hero. The World of Warships Development Team will hang on his every command, and will be dedicated to improving the game on a daily basis.”

Also, Aleks B. sent me this photo:



 Oh dear, oh dear.. 😀

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Steven Seagal New Heroic Battle Advisor for World of Warships

33 thoughts on “Steven Seagal New Heroic Battle Advisor for World of Warships

  1. Given some of the mistakes being made in how ships armour or guns work, he may not be doing any worse than the present team, and rather like the Bismarck to H-42 transition in German designs, there is lot more of Steven Seagal than there was at the start of his career.

    Maybe we will get a special mission where we can have a ship to go hunting (land)whale?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Fat old action movie star who used to praise his home country but now lives in Russia. His knowledge of gaming is as limited as the height of his roundhouse.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is this supposed to be impressive? Some has-been 80’s action hero who’s stupid enough to think Putin invading the Crimea was a good idea? Wow. Must be some Belorussian April-fool-equivalent, right? This is like getting Mr-T to promote an American game – just embarrassing.

  3. Kyros says:

    I had to laugh hard at this, i really thought this is a joke. Will he add his voice to the game ? Will he be the marketing gold pig ? Will he be a on a event, destroy the Seagal Seamonster ? What plans do WG has ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    man…..once I loved his movies….when I was twelve……..but: MAN THAT GUY DID NOT AGE WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……I goggled him cos of this video…..that guy is a fake…he claimed he is a great martial art expert…he is a phony…..RIP for my childhood hero…….he is just a punch line now…..400 pound punch line

  5. OrigamiChik3n says:

    Honestly i think this is no more than a tongue-in-cheek marketing stunt. Although i doubt that younger generation knows where Niko’s “knowledge about warships” comes from.

    1. real_toothdecay says:

      He was a cook on a ship, maybe a cruise liner ?
      So, he PLAYED a guy who HAPPENED to be on a ship once, and that’s all they needed.

      1. Anonymous says:

        no man .. he was (played) a cook on USS MISSOURYs last voyage …he even fired its main gun not once but twice….sink a submarine with it….he is the right guy to tell us how to aim and sink DDs…I think WG struck gold with this guy….he is more qualified than half of the muppets in WG

  6. Corvi says:

    Im poretty sure he will only be staring in some Promo videos. In any case, WoWs got a so much better game than WoT is right now. No Siemka noobs, more tactic and team based, much less drustrating to play. Rarely play WoT since i really started out WoWs, and hell, that North Carolina is one hell of a fun ship to play.

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