STG Guard

Good day everyone,

A new (hold your breath everyone) Soviet premium tank has been announced. This time a variant of the STG medium tank that’s been floating around, painted in full Red Army regalia. Without further ado, here are the stats:


  • Tier: 8
  • HP: 1,350
  • Engine Power: 400hp
  • Weight: 28t
  • Power to Weight: 14.29
  • Speed: +50/-20 kph
  • Hull Traverse: 45 deg/sec
  • Turret Traverse: 36.5 deg/sec
  • Terrain Resistances: .671/.767/1.534
  • Hull Armor: 100/45/45mm
  • Turret Armor: 210/180/45mm
  • View Range: 370m
  • Signal Range: 730m

  • Gun: 122mm D-25TS
  • Damage: 390/390/530
  • Penetration: 212/248/61mm
  • DPM: 1743.1
  • Rate of Fire: 4.469
  • Reload: 13.425 sec
  • Accuracy: 0.316
  • Aim Time: 2.21 sec
  • Depression: -6 degrees
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STG Guard

46 thoughts on “STG Guard

  1. Backslash says:

    so its a 122 gun with 212 pen, .31 accuracy and 2.21 aim time?! that doesn’t OP at all in your balancing department? thats better gun stats than what the t-34-3, t44, and t32-2 could ever hope to dream of on their 122s. If this doesn’t represent a blatant power-creep then i dont know what is.

  2. Mizutayio says:

    So just checked this tanks on, and it doesn’t seem to be as great as everyone thinks. The armor for exemple, the one thing most people have been pointing at, isn’t all that great the turret while 210mm could still be penned by other tier 8 heavis and the hull can be penned by virtually anything it meets, even frontally it the gun has 135-140mm pen at least. The sides and rear of the hull are very weak at that and even tier 2 tanks could damage it.
    It’s mobility is also lacking with only 14.3 hp/ton ratio. It also has average ground resistance so it won’t be winning any races.
    It also has rather low dpm so it’s not really as competitive as other tanks like the T25 pilot or even the mutz.

    So overall it seems like a decent hulldown medium while not havinh an impenetrable turret, it’s certainly good enough to hold up. It’s low hitpoints make it a difficult tank to survive in and coupled with it’s low dpm makes it bad at one vs. one engagements, this is a pure support tank as it needs teammates to survive and do it’s damage relyably.

    This short preview was made by looking at for 5-10 minutes and comparing it with other tier 8 tanks.

    1. me says:

      and now compare stg with ob416
      -fully traversable turret
      -better dispersion(0,03)
      -better gun depresion(3deg!!!)
      -better armor
      -better alpha(70)
      -more hp(150)
      -more penetration(only 11mm but still)

      ob416 has only better dpm, aiming time(0,19 only) and better accuracy in move and tank traverse, but you haven’t got fully traversable turret so you’ll use that more than in stg
      also ob416 has totally no armor so even t5 can pen you quite easily

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m just waiting for WG to start selling Object 140 as new tier 8 premium tank, with a little buff here and there ofc.

  4. Blackswordsmen says:

    Wow this is sooooo AWESOME!! We definetly need to add for Stronk soviet prem tier 8 in this game and neglect everything else!!!!!!!!

    Just call the game world of soviet tier 8 premium tanks now while you are at it wg….

  5. Pedalpowered says:

    I’m okay with this, gun is weird, a 122 with good precision, aimtime, accuracy, okay pen, terrible DPM.

    looks like a 416 with a 122mm instead of the 330 pen gold spitter. Wonder of it has that awkward limited turret traverse the 416 has?

    I like quirky tanks as premiums, like the box tank, TOG II, Panther M10, E25, CDC, etc.

  6. Tel says:

    WOOOOT a bright new shiny prem tank in RED wooot finally a RED tank

    Just what we needed A red tank

    WG are so fucked in the head its awsome

  7. Anonymous says:

    You could probably make quite a few new tank lines and regular tanks with all the premium tanks being printed out. Probably doesn’t make sense in the short term but in the long term, new lines encourage new and old players to play and thus spend money on the game. Just how play4free games work. More players that eat up content = more income. When you shrink the player base eating up new content by making them premium, you have less income.

  8. If I’m correct with history, the Soviet Union collapsed. Yet this is the 2nd highly praised propaganda paintjob for the SU. I don’t get it, maybe in Russia it’s a cool thing to be proud of the past, but half Europe hated the Soviet Invaders, they were as bad as or maybe even worse than the Nazis…

    1. Augustus_Sohn says:

      That is precisely correct. It is a weird thing to us here in the States, because anyone dressing as a Nazi for fashion is considered loco in the head. But there, things Soviet are looked at as trendy and Patriotic. After all, they call it the “Great Patriotic War”.

      1. Let me tell you an interesting story.

        You might know the game called Company of Heroes 2, which is a WW2 RTS game focusing on the eastern front. The Marketing team decided to give a Soviet patriotic themed T-shirt to the people who pre-ordered.

        Funny about the T-shirt, that it has like 1cm x 5cm (sry, I know you’d like inch more) “Company of Heroes 2” insignia on 1 of it’s shoulders, some Russian black text on the front (quite big) and the hammer and sickle at the back filled with the red hammer and sickle.

        I saw this T-shirt worn by people all around Europe and the States, like interviewers, developers, fans, streamers, you name it, and it’s all right.

        Weirdest thing about it, that even I got one myself, when in Hungary the hammer and sickle symbol is strictly forbidden to use/wear/promote. Same goes for Nazi stuff, before you ask. I have never ever worn this, because as I said either the police stops me, or someone who has history with the puppet regime. Second possibility is also serious, most of the people who did not serve the system had some bad influence against it. Hell… Even my grandpa was almost shot dead, because there was some kind of a little misunderstanding about papers at the border with some Russian guards…

        It’s not really safe to wear anything like this outside your home here, and I’d not even want to wear it because of reasons above…

        By the way man of the street would probably beat me up, wouldn’t care about the CoH2 logo at the shoulder or my explanation, but I wonder what’d police say about it? 😀 (Probably they’d not care either… Rightfully though!)

      2. Propaganda and false histories can change public perception very easily.

        Let me put it this way. The USA are extremely proud and patriotic when it comes to their armed forces however in the past 12 years they have caused more civillian casualties than every single terror group combines over the past 60 years.

        History is written by the victor and as long as people fall for propaganda the companies and governments behind it will use it it to profit.

        Media is such a tool nowadays. If I ever see anything on TV or in a newspaper or a news site I always check the sources and find out for myself what happened. More often than not the truth has been twisted, people misquoted or quoted out of context and a lot of the time just blatant white lies…all to advance an agenda.

        Sorry to get political but it really annoys me when people are hypocritical and condemn some but not other who are guilty of similar if not identical things simply because of the place on the earth where they were born.

        Patriotism is blind and a disease to society.

  9. SquishyStar says:

    Is WG trying to build up a pattern here? o.0

    Defender –> Guard –> ?
    Liberté –> Égalité –> Fraternité
    Patriot –> ? –> ?

  10. Hans_von_Twitchy says:

    It should have no more than 3 degrees of gun depression. That WG is giving it 6 degrees is further evidence of WG’s intent to make this an OP premium.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Guys, let’s be fair to WG this time. At least it’s not a soviet premium t8 heavy, you gotta give them that much. All we need to do now is complaining about OP problem for another few years, who knows maybe they will address the issue.

  12. salty_mike says:

    What is its airspeed and when it flies, is it also invisible? Does it have aimbot automatically installed? Will it guarantee 100% wins or 110%?
    … serious questions for the next premiums being unvailed.

  13. wolvenworks says:

    ok guys you know the drill come get your pitchforks and torches. $10 for a set, buy now and get the tar and feather set at 50% off!

    Disclaimer: FIre not included.

  14. Premium says:

    Anyone remember the time when premiums were supposed to be just a bit worse than their regular counterparts to balance the increase in xp and income?

    1. SirTogII says:

      That was only ever the rule for Pref MM tanks. The T34 was never worse than the T32, the SU144 was not worse than SU152 etc. But…they shouldn’t be impenetrable clown tanks like the Chrysler either. This one looks fairly balanced in comparison tbh

  15. Seth says:

    Before any more Soviet premiums are created, WG needs to add the following premiums as constant/regular shop tanks:
    Tier 6:
    Japanese light & medium
    Chinese medium, heavy, & TD
    German light, medium, & heavy
    Swedish TD & heavy (maybe?)
    British medium, heavy, & TD
    French light, medium, heavy, & TD
    Russian light, medium, & heavy
    US light, medium, heavy, & TD

    Tier 8:
    Japanese light & heavy
    Chinese light, & TD
    German light, & TD
    Swedish TD & heavy
    British medium, heavy, & TD
    French light, & TD
    Russian light, & TD
    US light & TD

    This would allow for even offerings at the most popular tiers. That being said, any new tanks (premium or otherwise) should be put behind fixing MM, maps (especially eliminate the BS boost locations), etc.

  16. nrnstraswa says:

    .31 accuracy for a 122mm gun. No way that is going to get through supertest without nerfs. Is the turret restricted like the 416?

  17. I guess the T-34-3 players will be happy that their gun has a whopping 175 pen with 0.46 dispersion and 3.4 sec aimtime. Well done WG!
    Apart from that, the STG might of course be a fun tank to play….

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